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The Rainbow between Ramallah and Rafah

The Friends’ School in Ramallah invited the parents of children in the pre-school section for the end-of-year party. The children were going to perform on the 20th of May, the same day that Rafah came under air strikes that l

A Guiding Light Falls on Ramallah By Sam Bahour

Ramallah is now usually quiet at night. This has not always been the case for this summer town located in the centre of the West Bank. As a matter of fact, before the latest Israeli military aggression and subsequent re-oc


Throughout the rise and fall of civilizations, each has contributed certain characteristics that have molded the historic development of the present. History can be a learning tool, educating us not only of our achievements but

The Situation of Palestinian Children in the Midst of the Current Conflict Photo credit: UNICEF-OPT/2001/Steve Sabell

distress and changes in behaviour among children, ranging from nightmares and bedwetting, to increased aggressiveness and hyperactivity.

For Palestinian children, there is also the economic dislocation, the restrict

Against All Odds: The Palestinian Pharmaceutical Industry By Bassem Khoury

The continued decline in the Palestinian economy, though encompassing many economic sectors, is not universal. After a slowdown in 2001, the Palestinian Pharmaceutical Industry (PPI) grew substantially in the following years. I

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