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East Jerusalem’s Leadership Vacuum and How to Resolve It By Daoud Kuttab
Chambers of commerce in various Palestinian cities hold regular elections for each city’s local business community. Municipal elections are also held periodically, as are parliamentary and presidential elections, although the

Semiramis: Thunder, Lightning, and Rain The Fall of Jerusalem’s Western Suburbs By Ali Qleibo
“‘How can you go out in this stormy weather?’ my husband reprimanded me. ‘You have a child barely two months old! How can you even consider carrying him out in this freezing wet weather?’”

My Friend and My Neighbour By Bernard Sabella
My friend and neighbour, Ahmed, is a pious Muslim. He prays daily and goes regularly to the Aqsa Mosque for Friday prayers to be with the thousands of others who come from all over Jerusalem and Palestine. With this neighbour an

Access to Worship in Jerusalem By Yusef Daher
Jerusalem, the spiritual city for the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is also the centre of Palestinian identity and the source of its cultural, historical, economic, and social life.

Jerusalem between Judaisation and Confrontation By Ahmad Rwaidy
The Nakba resulted in the partition of Jerusalem into East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem. East Jerusalem included the Old City and surround

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