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Two Decades of Archaeology in Palestine* By Hamdan Taha
The Palestinian Department of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage (DACH) has been in existence now for almost two decades since its re-establishmen

Palestinian Ethnographic Archaeology By Ali Qleibo
Aida and I were driving back to Jerusalem from Al Birj in Dura.

“Whether they are Edomite, Nabataean, Jebusite, or of Canaanite or Crusader ancestry has no b

Toward a Real Archaeology and History of Palestine By Basem L. Ra’ad
Archaeology is a fairly neutral science that involves discovery and interpretation of artefacts and material evidence from the past. Not so in the “Holy Land,” a term for geographic Palestine, now divided into “the West Ba

Community Archaeology A Fitting Approach to Doing Archaeology in Palestine By Iman Saca
The field of community archaeology is considered a new branch of archaeology that aims to engage and involve local communities in protecting, promoting, interpreting, and benefiting from the archaeological and heritage sites wit

The History and Archaeology of Gaza before Islam A Short Account By Moain Sadeq
The important geo-strategic location of Gaza has attracted tribes since the fifth millennium BC to create the earliest human settlements along the ancient land route (Horus Way) between Canaan, later Palestine, and Egypt, on the

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