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Inscribing Bethlehem on the World Heritage List By Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister
The thirty-sixth session of the World Heritage Convention, which was held in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, represented an important milestone in building the State of Palestine. On Friday,  June 29, 2012, Bethlehem,

The Story of Inscribing Bethlehem on the World Heritage List By Dr. Hamdan Taha
The inscription of the Church of the Nativity and the Bethlehem Pilgrimage Route on the World Heritage List on June 29, 2012, during the thirty-sixth session of the World Heritage Committee held in Saint Petersburg, was a signif

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: A Population Facing Racism and Exploitation By Sari Hanafi
Palestinians in Lebanon have been refugees for over sixty years and should be called, more appropriately, protracted refugees. Their unenviable situation is caused by the effects of inaction, both in their country of origin and

Beddawi The Refuge of the North By Mariam Shahin
Days of tension
Lebanon lives in a state full of tension these days, and it’s hard to remember when things have been different. The northern part of the co

Reimagining the Middle East as One By Raja Shehadeh
In the course of researching my book, A Rift In Time Travels with My Ottoman Uncle, I followed the route of my great, great uncle, the writer and newspaper editor, Najib Nassar, during his three-year flight, between 1915

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