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Palestinian Women in Resistance By Cairo Arafat
Hana rises early each morning. She lovingly, but hurriedly awakens her young children. She prepares breakfast and sandwiches for them. She makes sure that they have properly washed up and dressed

Impressions of Gaza By Yasmeen El Khoudary
Media has done an excellent job at building a terrible image of Gaza. I can probably safely argue that the vast majority of the world has the same image of Gaza in mind: death-stricken, doomed to mi

Peripeteia By Iman Hamayel
I’m a Palestinian who currently lives in Palestine. I haven’t always lived here; I actually moved here from the United States when I was ten years old. The age of ten may seem rather young to

A Café for All Nations By Marco Espvall
A shattering loudspeaker voice greets me as I step out of the car at the historical site of Al Walajehi village. It echoes from an Israeli checkpoint some hundred meters below, on the road between

A Foreigner in Palestine By Kris Justice
My first visit to Palestine was in 2005 at the invitation of some Israeli anarchists whom I had met in Amsterdam. At that time I wasn’t very well informed about Palestinian history or the curren

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