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The Nakba – 60 Years of Dignity and Justice Denied By Ingrid Jaradat Gassner and Hazem Jamjoum

At the beginning of the 20th century, most Palestinians lived inside the borders of Palestine, which is now divided into Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. At that time, Palestine was one of several Arab

I Come from There and Remember By Gina Benevento, with Issam Nasser

Supervising public information for UNRWA, the UN agency which has provided humanitarian assistance to Palestine refugees since 1950, means that my office is the port of call for anyone tracking down photographs of Palestinian refu

UNRWA Commemorates 1948: My Father’s Lost Paradise By Najwa Sheikh Ahmed

I am a Palestine refugee who was born in Khan Younis Refugee Camp in the southern Gaza Strip. To me Khan Younis is home. It’s the place of my childhood friends and my memories. For a long time, I never thought or cared about my

The Nakba: Alonia, Ein Karem, and Deir Yassin Palestinian Cultural Diversity and Ethnocide By Dr. Ali Qleibo

The spiritual nature of Palestinian geography strikes deep roots in all the peoples who have settled the country throughout the past five millennia. The land itself exudes a prescient sense of the holy. Intimations of the Other, t

The Moshe Dayan Carpet and the Beginning of the Nakba in Baq’a By David Halaby

I was only six months old when this story happened, but I learned about it a generation later. I was moving house in Berkeley, California, and my father was helping in the effort. As I carried a small - by then almost antique

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