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Jerusalem, a zone of contact By Jack Persekian

I am always amazed at the proximity and inextricability of lives between Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem. The rub off effect is incredible and the acquaintanceship between the two sides would only lead (as common se

Jerusalem: childhood truths By Dr. Sari Nusseibeh

Sometimes when I am asked how my family - a Muslim family named after “Nusseibeh,” a female warrior-companion of the Prophet from Medina - ever came to hold the keys t

Born in Jerusalem, Palestine By Gabi Baramki

I was born in Jerusalem on November 3, 1929. It is not easy to forget my birth date, since the 2nd of November is a sad occasion for the Palestinians when we commemorate annually the Balfour Declaration made by Lord Bal

The Deterioration of East Jerusalem The final touches of a long process By Nazmi Al-Ju’beh

Among the visible results of the Israeli policy after the completion of the Wall and the major settlement activities in East Jerusalem is that Arab Jerusalem will lose all possibilities for development and its residents will not h

Al-Quds’s Economic Dimensions By Yusef Daher

Al-Quds, East Jerusalem, Arab Palestinian Jerusalem, the future capital of Palestine; all are names for one political, economic and demographic entity that is part of a city, a city itself, and more.

Jerusalem is politi

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