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Zlikha Ishaq Abdel Qader Al-Shihabi,h Edition No65 - 2003-09-01

Zlikha Al-Shihabi was one of the pioneers and champions of the women's movem

Ziad Anabtawi,h Edition No166 - 2012-02-01
Ziad Anabtawi was born in Saudi Arabia and

Zeina A candlelight in the dark room of cancer,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

I never thought in my wildest nightmares that I would be one day b

Zalatimo Sweets,h Edition No2 - 1998-06-01
In the year 1860, Mohammed Zalatimo opened a small pastry shop in the Old City of Jerusalem to make the pastry called Mutabak. Because the shop wa

Yusuf Daher,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
Yusef Daher sits restlessly in his office

Yummy Yummy,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

8, Ibn Batouta Street
Tel. 02-6289333,

Youth on Al-Nakba,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
This Week i

Youth Media: light at the end of the tunnel,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

Over the past ten years, a real breakthrough has occurred in how the world v

Youth in Jerusalem Realities and Challenges,h Edition No136 - 2009-08-01
In Jerusalem, youth are brought up under ext

Youth in Jerusalem – a personal perspective,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

As I was walking down Salah Eddin Street in East Jerusalem, I ran across an

Young Palestinian Composers,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
Six Palestinian youth, with the audacity to defy expectations, dare to

Year of the Locust,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
A Soldier’s D

Ye Shall Bowl on Grass,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
Unique South African stories portraying the human face of a bygone era<

Yasmine Zahran,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
Yasmine Zahran was born during the early p

Yara Dowani: swimmer and karate player,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

Born in Jerusalem in 1992, Yara was lucky to be raised in a family that prom

Yaffa: the Bride of Frankenstein,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

Monthly, This Week in Palestine folds its perimeters with maps of the

Yabous Cultural Center A New Gate for Al-Quds,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
Yabous Cultural Center - located on Al-Zah,h Edition No143 - 2010-03-01
Review date: 14 February 2010,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Following from this month’s theme discussion of Jerusalem, this review hig,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
Review date: October 20, 2013,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
Review date: 22 Review date: 22 June 2008,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

Al-Ma’mal (Arabic for factory or workshop) is a foundation for conte

Writing as Adventure A Decade with This Week in Palestine,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
I want to write, need to write, have to write. I paint, take photographs,

Writing an Alternative History Hidden Histories: Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
By Basem L. Ra’a

World Heritage in Palestine: From Inventory to Nomination,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
The submission of a Nomination File for Be

World Food Day 2010 A crucial date to promote food security and a healthy society in Palestine,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
On the occasion of World Food Day 2010 and

Women’s Village Voice,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

It is always with trepidation that we get into our car to head out for a fie

Women Pioneers Film Festival 9- 20 March 2006,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

During the past five years, Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque was able to c

Women of Sand and Myrrh ,h Edition No8 - 1998-12-01
Ashtar theatre, Jerusalem and Maralam theatre, Zurich. Director: Peter Braschler Adaptation: Peter Braschler and Iman Aoun Lyrical composition:

Women Are Pivotal in Inspiring Change,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
This piece addresses the most oppressed human being of all: the woman, who

Within Are Precious Books,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
The shade of the Old City is welcome as I wa

Wishah Popular Dance Troupe,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
Wishah Popular Dance Troupe was establishe

Windows Open to the Wind ... A Heritage Deeply Rooted,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

Out of its belief in the richness of diverse and pluralist cultures, Yabous

William Nicodeme,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

A Vibrant Soul and Challenging Artist in Jerusalem

Why Your Streets Are Full of Foreigners,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
Ala’adin from Al-Bireh used to greet new

Why Don’t We Read? Why Don’t We Write?,h Edition No193 - 2014-05-01
Many parents notice the new guests sharing our couch, new technologies lik

Why Be Happy?,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
Al Kamandjati

Who Will Sing for Yasmeen?,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

Tamer Institute for Community Education, Ramallah, 2002, 24 pages, NIS 20

Which Soldiers Do You Like?,h Edition No161 - 2011-09-01
Ahmad Abu Baker is all you would imagine a p

WHERE TO GO? - Al-Nabi Musa,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
Maqam Al-Nabi Musa is located approximately eleven kilometres south of Jer

Where to Go in Palestine?,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
Palestine - the West Bank in particular - is the very spot where human civ

Where to Go in Jerusalem The Satirical Version!,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
So where do you go when you’re alone in Jerusalem? Let’s start our tou

Where to Go for Winter Warmth,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

It is a widely held assumption that social activities during the winter in P

Where to Go Bird Watching in Palestine,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
Most people do not realise that Palestine’s location at the crossroads o

Where Does Our Food Come From?,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
It is safe to say that most Palestinians h

Where Are You From?,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

I live in an apartment building adjoining the Arab American University 

When I Grow Up,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
“I want to become a TV reporter” are the

What the Heck?*,h Edition No167 - 2012-03-01
We live in a wreck

What Are They Saying about This Week in Palestine,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
TWIP’s mission to celebrate rather than mourn Palestine should itself be

What a Journey This Has Been!,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
I’ve never been much of a spotlight person. The fact that I’m personal

What a Beautiful Mourning,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
Fashion designer OmarJoseph Nasser-Khoury

Weekend of bliss in Nablus,h Edition No23 - 2000-03-01

The largest city in the north of the West Bank, and a commercial and busines

We Also Care,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
In 1988 a local committee, with Carol Morton

Water Springs and Divine Apparitions Image, Ritual, and Beliefs in Contemporary Palestine,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
Climbing the Mount of Temptation in the sw

Warming Up in Jericho,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

In winter, Jerusalem projects a sense of forlorn melancholy. The early Septe

Walking Palestine: 25 Journeys into the West Bank,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
By Stefan Szepe

Walid Khalidi: Dean of Palestinian Memory,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Crucial to reversing the Nakba is understanding who the Palestinians

Wake Up Café,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

Azzahra Street

Waiting to Exhale in Amman,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
We never travel light. We travel with excess baggage. Narratives are neces

Wafaa Yasin,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
The young, bright, and highly talented artis

WADI QILT Nature, culture and religion,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

Hiking was presumably invented in Germany in the 19th century. Hiking means

Wadi Qelt and the Monastery of St. George,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
One of the most beautiful landscapes for lovers of the outdoors is Wadi Qe

Wadi Muqlaq Monk caves, eternal silence and a taste of the Grand Canyon,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Telling my Palestinian friends we want to hike in Wadi Muqlaq, Muqleq or Muq

Wadi al-Qilt - St. George Monastery,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01

Wadi (Valley) al-Qilt stretches from the suburbs of Jerusalem in the west

Wadi Al-Nar/Kidron Valley Palestinian Heritage, Green Tourism, and the Production of National Identity,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
Heritage and green tourism may be regarded as among the most significant a

Wadi Al-Nar Checkpoint: The Narrative of a Life Killer / Applied Research Institute-ARIJ,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

Right at the time when Israel began to isolate Jerusalem in

Visit Palestine, the Holy Land Development of 11 Historical Museums: A new joint programme between MoTA and UNDP/PAPP A Historic Opportunity,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
Palestine’s rich heritage encompasses in

Visions and Views of the Faisal Husseini Foundation,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
I was approached last year by my colleague a

Virtual Gallery for a Virtual Nation,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

What is the purpose of a national art gallery? What role does it serve? Why

Via Dolorosa ,h Edition No6 - 1998-10-01
The Via Dolorosa is among the holiest sites in Christendom. It is the path taken by Jesus when, bearing his cross on his back, he made his way to

Vera Tamari ,h Edition No7 - 1998-11-01
Ceramic Sculptress Lecturer at Birzeit University - Islamic Art History Vera Tamari is perhaps the first artist to have started studio cera

Vanishing Landscape, Perishing Ecosystem,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
“When I began hill walking in Palestine a quarter of a century ago, I wa

Utilisation of Green Energy Lighting the Households of Arab Al-Rashayida Village in the West Bank,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
Imagine life without electricity, not just a brief power outage. We all kn

Using TWIP in the Classroom: An Instructors View,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
Lined up neatly on the middle shelf in my of

Urbanisation Outlook for the Metropolitan Area of Bethlehem*,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
Palestine is a small country that is engul

Unsettling Settler Colonialism,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
Many critical theorists of Western modernity

UNRWA Commemorates World Refugee Day,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

In light of the recent deaths of young children on Gaza beach and in the She

UNRWA at 60 Rana Bishara Pays Homage to Palestinian Children,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
Imagine a room covered with mattresses and f

Unleashing the Theatre-of-the-Oppressed Festival,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Encouraging all the oppressed to rebel again

Unity Elections A Voting Voice for Refugees and Diaspora,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Since the unforeseen outbreak of the Arab Spring, I have been watching the

Unidentified Flying Objects Target Jerusalem,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01

UNDP/PAPP Unveils Its Sixth Annual Art Auction,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

“Colours of Hope” is the title of UNDP/PAPP’s sixth annual art auction

UNCTAD Report Review The Palestinian Economy in East Jerusalem,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
In this comprehensively researched and well-written report, the United Nat

UNCHECKED,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

I went to Nablus the other day to visit my mother whom I had not seen aft

UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

November 29th marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestin

Umm al-Rashrash Underwater Photo Exhibition,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

This underwater photo exhibition is the first of its kind in Palestine and c

Um Kamel Al-Kurd … The Resistance of the Oppressed,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01

Um Imad,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

How much is a carton of tomatoes? What? NIS 20? I will pay you only 15.” T

UICC takes a political stand against a Palestinian health organization,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

Patient's Friends Society-Jerusalem (PFS), founded in 1980, is a Palestinian

Two Hours Are Enough in Gaza,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

Having stepped into my fifth year in Gaza, I now realize that nothing remain

Two Decades of Archaeology in Palestine*,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01

TWIP: Building a Palestinian Archive,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
For more than ten years,

Turning Palestine into Earth,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01

Turkish Investment in Palestine,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

In a concrete step to help Palestinians stand on their feet economically, Tu

Turkish Delights,h Edition No136 - 2009-08-01

Tulul Abul Alayiq (Herodion Jericho) - Jericho,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

The excavators identified this site with Herodion Jericho. The settlement re

Tulul Abul Alayiq (Herodion Jericho),h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

The excavators identified this site with Herodion Jericho. The settlement re

Trustworthiness in Palestinian Local Governance,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
Palestinian local authorities, a.k.a munic

Travelling through the Floral-Faunal Habitats of Palestine,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
As a treasure chest of biodiversity, Palesti

Transhumance in Tarkumia An Exploration of Aspects of Palestinian Summer Identity,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
“Exploration is

Trans4m Orchestra,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Trans4m Orchestra, an art exhibition that highlights the environmental woes

Trails and Health: A Promising Partnership,h Edition No185 - 2013-09-01
In the beginning, my interest in trekking and trails was to use them to en

Traditional Palestinian Costume Origins and Evolution,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
By Hanan Karaman Munayyer

Traditional Handicrafts ,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01

Olive wood carving

Trade Facilitation and the Karni Border Crossing,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01


Towards sensible planning and development in Palestine,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

The RAND Corporation is an influential think tank in the United States known

Towards Golgotha,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
By Nora Arsenian Carmi

Towards Closing the Social Security Coverage Gap and Providing Sustainable Benefits to the Palestinian People,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01
Social security is one of the major facets o

Towards a National Tourism Framework Responsible, Sustainable Cultural Tourism as a Key Factor for Development,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

The relationship between Heritage

Towards a Better Ecotourism The Deir Qidees Ecolodge,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
The green mountains in our surroundings faded as we moved inside the forti

Toward a Real Archaeology and History of Palestine,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
Archaeology is a fairly neutral science that involves discovery and interp

Tourism in Nablus A Blend of Authenticity and Modernity,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
The Canaanite city of Nablus was founded b

Tourism and the Bedouins of the West Bank,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
In the West Bank, there are several opportun

Touring Palestine,h Edition No146 - 2010-06-01
Despite their very complex political situa

Tony Blair Visits Ramallah,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

This morning, on my way to Kalandiya II (the new improved checkpoint cont

Tombs of the Kings - Jerusalem,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

Now that the Jerusalem Festival is over, it is time to head again to the Tom

Tombs of the Kings - Jerusalem,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
A visit to the Tombs of the Kings seems appr

Today’s Democracy,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

Jerusalemite DARWISH has just released his new CD “Today’s Democracy.”

Thus We Reached Jerusalem,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
It was a cold, foggy winter afternoon when I heard the tolling bells of a

Throne Villages,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
Plan to visit one or a series of the 15 throne villages that top the West

Three Good Men ,h Edition No23 - 2000-03-01

Three merchants were on a trip when night came with heavy rain and they took

Thoughts on Palestine,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

The following remarks were made by Timothy Rothermel, the former UNDP Re

This Week in Jerusalem,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

This week, and in a span of seven odd days, I have seen how Israels Jehov

This Time, I’m Hopeful,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

A couple of days after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palesti

This Is Palestine Building a Positive National Brand through Art and Design,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
Describing Palestinian artists, Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy once said:

This Is Me!,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

OK, here’s my life, people … On school days, Dad usually wakes me up at

Third day of shooting. Deir Ghasana, Palestine; November 27, 2007. Weather forecast: 12°; mostly cloudy, a few showers.,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

Our acting donkey is busy. Its owner is using it to till the land. He insist

Think Pink, Think Detection ,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
On average one in six women around the wor

There is Life under the Rubble,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Intervention in historic urban areas is quit

There are very few places in Palestine,h Edition No13 - 1999-05-01
There are very few places in Palestine where those who were not born into a Palestinian family can enjoy the delicacies of the legendary village h

The year of elections,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

2005 was a watershed year for Palestinians. The year commenced with the pres

The Yasser Barakat Collection of Palestinian Embroidery Preserving Palestines Heritage and Art,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

It takes non-stop efforts to guard and preserve something that a whole

The Y.M.C.A.,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

When they undertook to reorganize Jerusalem, the British never forgot that i

The Worlds of Women’s Cinema,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

Culture is a catalyst for development. It empowers in societies of sile

The Water Regime in the West Bank,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
For more than 44 years, the Israeli Occupation has violated the Palestinia

The Wall of Jerusalem,h Edition No8 - 1998-12-01
Jerusalem is surrounded by a wall on all four sides, the purpose of which was to protect the city from inva sion. The earliest was built by the Ya

The Wall Museum in Bethlehem,h Edition No193 - 2014-05-01
Oral histories help to bring out and document people’s stories of the pa

The Wall in Palestine: ,h Edition No64 - 2003-07-31

Facts, Testimonies, Analysis and Call to Action Edited by The Pales

The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University: Braving Artistic Isolation,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

What is Palestinian visual art? This question is very difficult to define. I

The village of Sinjel ,h Edition No11 - 1999-03-01
This Palestinian village lies on top of a high hill overlooking the road between Ramallah and Nablus, about 30 kms away from Jerusalem. Its locati

The Village of Battir,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
The serene village of Battir is located about 7 kilometres southwest of Je

The Village and tower of Jifna,h Edition No8 - 1998-12-01
Jifna village lies on a green hill overlooking a fertile valley, 23 kms north of Jerusalem, to the West of the Jerusalem-Nablus-Nazareth road. To

The Use of Social Media in Political Mobilisation in the Palestinian Landscape,h Edition No181 - 2013-05-01
When the Palestine Liberation Organisation headed to New York City to subm

The Triumph of Colour The Evolution of Eighteenth-Century Jerusalem Manor Houses to the Villas of the British Mandate,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Jerusalem floats as a vision of gold. Yellow ochre, crea

The Tradition of Palestinian Cuisine,h Edition No140 - 2009-12-01
The sweet aroma of garlic fried in

The Town of ‘Ezariyeh,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

The present-day town of ‘Ezariyeh is the ancient village of Bethany that d

The Third Intifada,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

The following is an excerpt of a talk given by Sam Bahour at the As

The Tank Became a Dragon Education at home,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Using the term in its broad meaning, there is nothing in education as import

The Sycamores of Gaza,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

In Gaza, there are plenty of trees and many sycamores. Try this: Pronounce t

The Sweet Taste of Palestine,h Edition No183 - 2013-07-01
As we were growing up abroad, my parents constantly tried to keep my sibli

The Storyteller of Jerusalem,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
The Life and Times of Wasif Jawhariyyeh, 1904-1948

The Story of Stories,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
Suad Amiry’s

The Story of Inscribing Bethlehem on the World Heritage List,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
The inscription of the Church of the Nativity and the Bethlehem Pilgrimage

The Stones Cry Out The Story of the Palestinian Christians,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
I stared out my kitchen window one more time and simply saw too many light

The Stone Tradition in Palestine,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

Any visitor to Palestine will be impressed by the vast use of stone in const

The Situation of Children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory An Overview,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
Although there has been some progress towa

The Sharjah Biennial 7 Open Dialogue on the Palestinian Cause,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

The Sharjah Biennial 7, the only international contemporary art event of

The Shahwan Mosaic – Jericho,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
In 1936, a mosaic that dates back to the sixth century was discovered duri

The Semiology of the Palestinian Face The Dichotomy of Private versus Public Space,h Edition No161 - 2011-09-01
Each culture is an empire of verbal and nonv

THE SECOND RIWAQ BIENNALE,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

in partnership with

The Scot’s Coffee Shop & Bistro,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

St. Andrew’s Scottish Guest House
1 David Remez Street

The Scar of David,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

By Susan Abulhawa

The Sanctuary of Nabi Musa,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

Since the Middle Ages, each year in April, the Moslems of Palestine celebrat

The Roots Remain,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01

The ROOTS Club,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

Rimal, Gaza City
Tel. 08-2888666
Open daily for lunc

The Role of Al-Quds Capital of Arab Culture 2009 in Cultural Development New Ideas for Investment in the Arts and Culture Scene,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
This is indeed a good time for governmental

The Road to Journalism,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
 I woke up on the ground with wooden st

The Rights of Palestinian Children,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
Pop quiz: Which human rights treaty is the most widely and rapidly ratifie

The Right to Work and the Reality of Palestinian Labour under Occupation,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01

The Right to Stop the Wall,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
“As with other

The Resonance of Jerusalem,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
And did the Countenance Divine,

The Renovated St. George Landmark Hotel A Luxurious Retreat in the Heart of East Jerusalem,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
St. George Landmark Hotel cordi

The Reality of Radio in Palestine,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
The radio environment in Palestine is unique. A population of 3.9 million

The Ramallah String Quartet,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01

Established in 1999 The Ramallah String Quartet draws its members from the s

The Ramallah Municipality's Centennial Project 2008-2010,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

The birth of the municipality of Ramallah, which is now celebrating its cent

The Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 2013,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
At Sareyyet Ramallah we take pride in being the first to publicise contemp

The Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

Organised by the First Ramallah Group, the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festi

The Qur'an Manuscripts in the Al-Haram Al-Sharif Islamic Museum, Jerusalem,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

By Khader Salameh
Garnet Publishing, UK, and UNESCO P

The Position of the Holy See on East Jerusalem Did Not and Will Not Change!,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
First of all, I would like to express my great appreciation, as well as th

The pool and tunnel of Silwan ,h Edition No14 - 1999-06-01
In the village of Silwan, just outside the walled city from the East, lies the pool and tunnel of Silwan which were probably built by Hezekiah, ki

The Politics of Heritage in Palestine A Conflict between Two Narratives,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
Political dimensions and motives occupy a

The Politics of Culture: A Space for Dialogue,h Edition No181 - 2013-05-01
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

The Pilgrimage of Pope Benedict XVI to the Holy Land: Walking a Tightrope,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Pope Benedict XVI arrives in May for a historic ye

The Peace Process,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
From Breakthrou

The Patio,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Ali Ibn Abu Tal

The Path Home: Qleibos New Paintings,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
Ali Qleibos recent works,

The Palestinian Swimming Federation,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

The Palestinian Swimming Federation was established in 1993 to improve the s

The Palestinian Pharmaceutical Industry,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01


The Palestinian Paralympic Committee,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

The history of the Paralympic movement goes back to the late 1940s when the

The Palestinian Judo Federation,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

The Palestinian Judo Federation (PJF) was established in Beirut in 1975 and

The Palestinian Heritage Foundation A Legacy of Pride,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

The seed for what would become the Palestinian Heritage Foun

The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign –,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall) came

The Palestinian Bedouins,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

During an interview in a goat-hair tent some ten years ago, Sheikh Mohammed

The Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

The Palestinian Art Court - Al Hoash has been a collaboration of though

The Palestinian Agricultural Cycle Fire from Heaven and Rites of Spring,h Edition No145 - 2010-05-01
Th’ inhabitants of old

The Palestine Youth Orchestra,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

The Palestine Youth Orchestra (PYO) met for its fourth season this August in

The Palestine Youth Orchestra Cultural exchange with vision and purpose,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

Cultural exchange is normally considered to be an opportunity for people fro

The Palestine Securities Exchange,h Edition No64 - 2003-07-31

Today, the Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE), which is located in Nablus,

The Palestine National Music Competition 8–20 April 2010 A Manifestation of Talent and Identity,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
An established project of the Edward Said Na

The Other Shadow of the City,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
7-31 October 2009

The Other Face of Gaza: The Gaza Continuum,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

Aphrodite and Gaz

The origin of evil,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
Our great father, Adam, was busy checking out the trees in the wood, while our great mother, Eve, was doing some house work in the cave, when she

The Obedient wife ,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01

Two friends, Ahmad and Said, who got married around the same time met one da

The New Imperial Hotel,h Edition No15 - 1999-07-01
Historical Hotel Monuments in Palestine One of the oldest hotels in Palestine is the New Imperial Hotel which is attractively located in fr

The National Campaign,h Edition No161 - 2011-09-01
The decision of the Palestine Liberation Org

The Nakba: Alonia, Ein Karem, and Deir Yassin Palestinian Cultural Diversity and Ethnocide,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

The spiritual nature of Palestinian geography strikes deep roots in all the

The Nakba – 60 Years of Dignity and Justice Denied,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

At the beginning of the 20th century, most Palestinians lived ins

The Nabi Musa Season 9/4 - 23/4/1999,h Edition No7 - 1998-11-01
The maqam of Nabi Musa is considered a holy place because it houses the grave of Prophet Moses according to local tradition. Moslems recognize Mos

The Mount of Olives ,h Edition No26 - 2000-06-01

The Mount of olives is the mountain that Jesus visited regularly for meditat

The Mount of Olives ,h Edition No19 - 1999-11-01
The Mount of Olives is the mountain that Jesus visited regularly for meditation and worship. Rising about 100 meters above the Old City in the eas

The Moslem Quarter,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

The Moslem Quarter lies on the eastern side of the Old City. It is the la

The Moshe Dayan Carpet and the Beginning of the Nakba in Baq’a,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

I was only six months old when this story happened, but I learned about it a

The Moroccan Community in Palestine,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

Their roots were in the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, but the hills of

The Moon Comes from Jericho,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Nature is a temple in which living pillars

The Monastery of Mar Saba - Bethlehem,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
Halfway between Bethlehem and Jericho, at th

The Monastery of Mar Saba,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

Halfway between Bethlehem and Jericho, at the southern end of the deep Kidro

The Monastery of Mar Saba,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

Halfway between Bethlehem and Jericho, at the southern end of the deep Kidro

The Microfinance Industry in Palestine,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
Founded on the belief that poverty-stricken

The Media’s Interest in Cultural Events,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

There is a colossal number of cultural and artistic events organised every y

The Mauristan ,h Edition No11 - 1999-03-01
Immediately south of the Holy Sepulchre is the area known as the Mauristan . The area gets its name - Mauristan is Persian for hospital or hospice


According to the Gospel of Matthew, the Magi came to Jerusalem from the East

The Magic of Palestinian Scientific Talent,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
It was the beginning of the year 2008, in a small room at the Arab Science

The Long-Awaited Saviour,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
Following the Israeli occupation of the West

The Local, the Universal Palestinian Lieux de Mémoirei and the (re)Creation of the Collective,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
The post-Oslo era allowed for new expressi

The Lions of Lions Gate,h Edition No16 - 1999-08-01
The Eastern gate of the old city of Jerusalem is called (Bab el 'Esbat) or Lions gate because of four sculptures of lions at the entrance. Some ca

The Legend of “Jaber Yassein”,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

“Jaber Yassein” was a name that I heard quite a bit as a

The Legal Status of Jerusalem,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Perhaps no city in the world has been the subject of as many international s

The Legal Framework for Media in Palestine and Under International Law,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

Introduction A free, independent and pluralistic media is key t

The Lebanese Restaurant,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

88 Al-Salam Street
Abu Ghosh
Tel. 02-5702397

The Latroun Abbey: An Oasis of Peace and Spirituality,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
One hardly needs to recall that the Latroun Abbey gate was recently partia

The Last Word .... A Day in Ramallah,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

We were introduced one sunny but cold February morning in Jerusalem by one o

The Last Word - Internal Affairs,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

Immediately after winning the January 9th elections, and in a not-so-common

The Last Word - We Are Ready,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
A new cinema theatre in the northern city

The Last Word - TWIP Turns Eight,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

It was a totally different ball game when we took the decision last year to

The Last Word - Tips for the Checkpoints,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
In Palestine, questions like “How long d

The Last Word - Time Will Tell,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01

The Last Word - This is Palestine,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Before leaving the hotel in Jericho, my tw

The Last Word - This had better be good!,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
For all practical purposes, it is unrealistic for any Palestinian to belie

The Last Word - The Show Did Go On,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
I believe that a word of thanks and apprec

The Last Word - The Power of Culture,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Come August every year, Palestine is over-saturated with cultural events a

The Last Word - The Heat Is On,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

It is March 22, but you’d think that summer were already here. According t

The Last Word - Teenage Politics,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
The setting: three boys and one girl, all

The Last Word - Six Years On,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

It is with a sad heart that we put out this issue of This Week in Palesti

The Last Word - Respect,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

In total, they were fifty-five. Seventeen of them were brought in from Bethl

The Last Word - Resistance Art,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

As we were preparing to put out the current July issue of This Week

The Last Word - Reality,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
By the time you read this column, summer vacation, along with the Eid Al-F

The Last Word - Pressed and Oppressed,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
A few days ago, we received a short but important and timely article by Fa

The Last Word - Perspectives,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

The Last Word - Palestinian Realities,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
It bothers me every time I hear or read th

The Last Word - Palestinian Christians,h Edition No153 - 2011-01-01
Since it is such a wonderful season, Palestini

The Last Word - Palestine: a snapshot,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

A bird's eye view of Palestine, July 2005, reveals anything but a stag

The Last Word - On Palestinian Tourism,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

The first six months of 2006 witnessed a sharp rise in Palestinian tourism.

The Last Word - Oh, What a Night!,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

After a long day’s work, I took the brave decision to drive to Ramallah fo

The Last Word - O Little Town of Bethlehem,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
The town of Bethlehem invokes personal mem

The Last Word - My Facebook Friends!,h Edition No186 - 2013-10-01
Not sure how best to describe Mousa K., my Facebook friend categorised und

The Last Word - Morality vs. Self-Interest,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
In a recent trip to Israel, John R. Bolton

The Last Word - Liberal Palestine,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

This past July, Tunisian pop star Saber Ribai' was denied entry to Palestine

The Last Word - Let us be,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

In his article entitled “The Fallen City,” Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, the dir

The Last Word - Initiatives and Challenges,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

Rock ’n’ caRoll 2007

The Last Word - Hope, Pride, and Self-confidence,h Edition No183 - 2013-07-01
Referring to Ben Gurion’s infamous saying, “The old will die and the y

The Last Word - Dr. Abdallah Khoury,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
In the early hours of 8 March, Jerusalem l

The Last Word - Dignity and Pride,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Although I was born and raised in Jerusalem, I never actually saw an Israeli

The Last Word - December 1998 – December 2011 This Week in Palestine Turns Thirteen,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
Frankly, I would never have imagined that

The Last Word - Cycle of Life,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
As I was sorting out my papers the other d

The Last Word - Cultural Resistance,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

Palestine was culturally alive and kicking this past July. Most warm summer

The Last Word - Cultural Buzz ,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
Fact: Individuals and institutions are investing in Palestinian art. Had y

The Last Word - Crime in Jerusalem,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

Monday, April 16 was that awful day when a senior, English-major student at

The Last Word - Concerted Efforts,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

As we were discussing the huge number of e-mails that an av

The Last Word - Christmas in Palestine,h Edition No189 - 2014-01-01
Muna is a hard-working, feisty mother of six, who works to support her hus

The Last Word - Changing Conditions,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
I do not belong to the school of thought tha

The Last Word - Celebrating Life: Shama and Fawanees,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
The Last Word of the September 2004 issue

The Last Word - Celebrating Life,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
Despite our political circumstances, there

The Last Word - Business Attitude,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
The setting is a small private-sector comp

The Last Word - An Evening at the Austrian Hospice,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
“How long will you be gone?”

The Last Word - A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
Sometime in the late eighties, the

The Last Word,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

Dear Conscientious Journalist,

Firstly, I would like to welcom

The Last Word Oh Jerusalem Lift Up Your Gates and Sing!,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

In the sixties, when I was a kid and Jerusalem was under the Jordanian ma

The Last Bard: Palestinian Folktales, Children’s Stories and Sleeping Rituals,h Edition No193 - 2014-05-01

Kan Yama Kan, once upon a time, when t

The Last Word - In Search of Happiness,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

It was the night that Brazil played against Japan. You could tell from the f

The Lakiya Negev Weaving Project,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

On April 26th, 2007, more than 50 Bedouin women from different fa

The Labour Sector in Palestine,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
The labour sector in Palestine faces many

The Kidron Valley - Jerusalem,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

The Kidron “Jehosaphat” Valley lies between the Old City and the Mount o

The Journey of the Soul,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Many people ask me why a Scottish artist should be interested in creating a

The Jerusalem Wilderness Where nature and culture come together,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

The southern part of the Jerusalem Wilderness (E 3519; N 3142) site extends

The Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook No. 8,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

The publishing of the eighth volume of the Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook is

The Jerusalem Show IV – 2010,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01

The Jerusalem Players,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
It was a casual, unscheduled, and unexpected meeting that brought together

The Jerusalem Municipality Myth of Equality,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
Equality is a watchword of Israel’s Jeru

The Jerusalem District Electricity Company Celebrating 50 years of its Arabization,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

The Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO) is considered one of the

The Jerusalem Bookseller,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01

The Jericho Cable Car - Jaricho,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

Now that we are well into winter, February is a good month in which to make

The Jericho 10,000 Years Project,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
origin of the name

The Israeli Segregation Plan in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

An overview

The Israeli Master Plan Jerusalem 2000,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

The Islamic Museum,h Edition No32 - 2000-12-01

To the west of al-Aqsa Mosque, with the same compound, you will find the old

The Islamic Museum,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

The Islamic museum was founded in 1922 by the Higher Islamic Council in Pale

The Islamic Museum ,h Edition No12 - 1999-04-01
To the west of Al Aqsa mosque, within the same compound, you will find the oldest museum in Jerusalem, the Islamic museum established in 1923. The

The Invisible Authority,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
Visitors and even residents of Jerusalem c

The International Community’s Responsibility and Palestinian Rights,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

The struggle of the Palestinian people has won many supporters around the wo

The impact of the Israeli occupation on the education of Palestinian children – a young Palestinian teacher’s profile,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Education, according to the traditional approach, is the process through whi

The Impact of Poverty on Nutrition and Health Status in the Bethlehem Governorate – A Case Study,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
The total population of the Bethlehem Gove

The IDF and my Daughter's Hamburger,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

Ramallah, 5 January 2007

The Holy Sepulchre - Jerusalem,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

The Holy Sepulchre,h Edition No84 - 2005-04-01

The Holy Sepulchre, called “Al-Qiyame” in Arabic (meaning the Resurre

The Holy Land Welcomes the year 2000,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
" Come to him, a living stone though rejected by mortals yet chosen and precious in God's sight and like living stones, let yourselves be build in

The History and Archaeology of Gaza before Islam A Short Account,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
The important geo-strategic location of Gaza has attracted tribes since th

The Historic Buildings of Palestine,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Riwaq is getting ready to celebrate the publication of Riwaq's Registr

The Hidden Environmental Conflict,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
Palestinians did not start thinking about the concept of environmental pro

The Hebronite Spirit of Enterprise,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
المَالُ وَالبَنُونَ زِي

The Heart of Nablus: Nine Thousand Years and More … A Revitalisation Plan for the Old City,h Edition No107 - 2007-03-01

Nablus, ‘Neopolis’ the Pearl of the North-carrying thousands of years of

The Haram al Sharif (The Holy Mosque) ,h Edition No23 - 2000-03-01

The Haram al Sharif covers an extensive area in the center of the Muslim qua

The Gypsies of Jerusalem: the Forgotten People,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

A band of itinerant musicians and dancers hired by a Persian king? A caste o

The Greek Orthodox Community in the Holy Land,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

The Arabic speaking Greek Orthodox denomination is considered the most an

The Great Book Robbery,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
Arjan El Fassed* - the Dutch-Palestinian M

The Golden Age in Palestine Reality, Reflections, and Aspirations,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

Ageing begins with day one in a person’s life. In the Palestinian areas wh

The Global Intifada,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
The first time an international activist c

The General Union of Palestinian Women,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

The tumultuous events that marked the history of Palestine during the 20th c

The Gates of Jerusalem (part III) - Jerusalem,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

The Gates of Jerusalem (part II) - Jerusalem,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

Bab Jdeed (New Gate)

The Gates of Jerusalem (part I) - Jerusalem,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

The Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by an impressive wall that was built

The Gates of Jerusalem (cont’d),h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01

Bab El-Rahmeh (Golden Gate)
The Golden Gate has

The Garden Tomb - Jerusalem,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

The Future of Palestinian Academics Educated Abroad,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

For Palestinian middle-class families living in Jerusalem, sending their chi

The Fraidees Mountain (Herodion),h Edition No19 - 1999-11-01
Herodion is located 10 kms east of Bethlehem and 15 kms south of Jerusalem. It can be reached via the road that passes Beit Sahur to Takou' villag

The Fourth Funeral,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

No world leader in history has ever had three funerals in three different

The Forum of Music Conservatories in the Arab World,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

The Forum of Music Conservatories in the Arab World was officially establish

The First Palestinian Circus School: The Dream of Shadi Zmorrod,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

The crowd of men, women and children assembling outside Ramallah’s Ashtar

The Fertile Triangle as Part of The Fertile Crescent The Irony of Food Insecurity,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre, the nineteenth-cen

The Fallacy of Area B,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
In the distinct nature of Palestinian life

The Fabric of Our Lives,h Edition No193 - 2014-05-01
Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the

The Experience of the Sublime in Ramadan Light installations, taraweeh and iftar in Al-Aqsa Mosque,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

This year Jerusalem witnessed an unparalleled zeal welcoming the holy month

The Executive Offices of Al-Quds 2009 Celebrations: Challenges under Occupation,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
When you encounter soldiers and police chasi

The End of the Peace Process: Oslo and After,h Edition No34 - 2001-02-01

Pantheon Books, 2000
pp. 345
Available at the Educati

The Emergence of a Palestinian Globalized Elite:,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

Donors, International Organizations and local NGOs
By Sari Hanafi a

The Embroidery of Ramallah,h Edition No78 - 2004-10-01

This is the first article in a series on Palestinian embroidery

The Educational Bookshop: Shelves of Memories, Shelves of Dreams,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Entering the Educational Bookshop at 22 Salaheddin Street, I am embraced by

The Economic Situation in the West Bank and Gaza,h Edition No126 - 2008-10-01

The single most alarming development in the first quarter of 2008 must be th

The Dream of Jerusalem,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

Lewis Larsson and the American Colony Photographers
by Mia Gröndahl

The Dormition Abbey,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

This magnificent Abbey, which is opposite the Coenaculum (the Upper Room), h

The Dormition Abbey ,h Edition No25 - 2000-05-01

This white stone building is the traditional site of Mary's death, in a dark

The Dome of the Rock ,h Edition No9 - 1999-01-01
The walled city of Jerusalem, the so-called Old City, is a tightly woven tissue of narrow, sometimes tortuous streets and buildings, with private

The Devil in Disguise? Secrets of the Narghile,h Edition No153 - 2011-01-01
Who is this princess standing in her palac

The Deterioration of East Jerusalem The final touches of a long process ,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Among the visible results of the Israeli policy after the completion of the

The Cultural Boycott Israel vs. South Africa,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
“Just as we said during apartheid that it

The Culinary Year in Review,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

Considering the deteriorating economic situation, the closures and the re

The Countryside in Palestine Systematic Destruction and Dramatic “Urbanization”,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

The surreal view of the central mountains of Palestine - with the olive

The Cool Old Days,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
“The good old days.” That’s how everybody in my circle of friends re

The City of Palms Celebrates 10,000 Years,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
This year Jericho, the City of Palms, will b

The City of Hebron - Hebron,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

The City of Bethlehem,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
The first historical reference to the city

The Citadel - Jerusalem,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

The only fortification remaining in Jerusalem which was reinforced by the Ma

The Citadel - Jerusalem,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
The only fortification remaining in Jerusale

The Citadel,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

Old Town, Beit Sahour
Tel: 02-277 5725
Open everyday from

The Church of Bethany or Lazarus,h Edition No14 - 1999-06-01
Located 4 kms east of Jerusalem in the Palestinian village of Azaria, along the Jericho road. The Arabic name of the village is a derivation of th

The Church of Bethany or Lazarus,h Edition No35 - 2001-03-01

Located 4kms east of Jerusalem in the Palestinian village of al-'Azariyeh, a

The celebration of the "Light" ,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01

The popular highlight of the Easter celebrations in Palestine takes place on

The Book of Gaza,h Edition No196 - 2014-08-01
A City in Short Fiction

The Birth of An Arab Youth Orchestra,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

Approximately 80 young musicians aged 15 to 25 from Syria, Jordan, Palestine

The Austrian Hospice,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

The Austrian Hospice was founded in 1857 as a pilgrims’ hostel. Until 1918

The Association of International Development Agencies,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01
Founded in 1995, the Association of Internat

The Arnona and I,h Edition No84 - 2005-04-01

During the last month of the outgoing year, almost every other day I was

The Armenian Quarter of the Old City ,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
The Armenian Quarter is the smallest quarter of the Old City. It occupies the southwestern side of the city and is dominated by the great compound

The Armenian Quarter in the Old City - Jerusalem,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

The Old City of Jerusalem is a mosaic of cultures and religions that have be

The Armenian Quarter - Jerusalem,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

The Armenian Quarter - Jerusalem,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
Jaffa Gate is the most direct way to access

The Armenian Quarter,h Edition No30 - 2000-10-01

Within the Old City, the quarter lies to the south of Jaffa Gate. Christ Chu

The Armenian Museum - Jerusalem,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Situated within the Armenian Orthodox Monast

The Armenian Museum,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

Situated within the Armenian Orthodox Monastery of St. James, the Edward and

The Armenian Community in the Holy Land,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

The Armenian presence in the Holy Land predates the life of Jesus Christ, wh

The Ansari Family of the Indian Hospice,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

For nearly seven centuries, the Indian Hospice in Jerusalem has served as a

The Ancient History of Jerusalem: Between Fact and Fiction,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
The ancient history of Jerusalem was writt

The American Colony Hotel,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

A tragedy that befell the family of Horatio Spafford, a Chicago lawyer and c

The Alternative Place is Taybeh,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
During another glorious sunset, I strolled down the road made beautiful by

The African Palestinian Community in the Old City of Jerusalem,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

When we think of Africans and Islam, it always brings to mind the famous Bil

The 5th Annual Olive Harvest Festival,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Bethlehem Municipali

The 11th Annual Couscous Fest: The International Festival of Mediterranean Culture and Food and Wine,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

Every year in the scenic Italian seaside town of San Vito Lo Capo, the Cousc

TETA, MOTHER AND ME,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

An Arab Woman’s Memoir
By Jean Said Makdisi
Saqi Books, London,

Ten Museums for Palestine,h Edition No129 - 2009-01-01
For the last four years, I have been develop

Tell Your Story Today!,h Edition No196 - 2014-08-01
For thousands of years, humans have used narrative and stories to communic

Teaching the Blind A Palestinian Perspective,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Throughout the past seven decades there have been stories told about remarka

Taybeh Reflects Excellence in Palestine,h Edition No126 - 2008-10-01
Everything related to Taybeh is extremely revoluti

Taybeh October Fest in Palestine,h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

The Taybeh October Fest is a first time event to promote not just Taybeh Bee

Taybeh in the New Millennium,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
Trying to be a different face for Palestin

Taybeh Antique Floor Tiles,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
In this new millennium where it has become m

Tawfiq Canaan,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
Tawfiq Canaan was a Palestinian physician and scholar who authored a great

Tawfik Zayyad: Voice of His People,h Edition No129 - 2009-01-01
The British writer Oscar Wilde once said tha

Tamarind, Tomatoes and Dried Yoghurt The Aesthetics of the Palestinian Cuisine,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

The sweet aroma of garlic fried in butter with coriander (il-taglieh) always

Taleb Dweik,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

Taleb Dweik is an Jerusalemite artist with a unique style that is quickly re

Talal Nasereddin,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

Life was miserable in the early 1940s.

Taha Muhammad Ali,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Taha Muhamma

Taghrid,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

I went to see El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe perform at the Rama

Surviving the Wall The Roots of Palestinian Cultural Identity in Ancient Semitic Cultures,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
Emersian Publicati

Sunbula - Jerusalem,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

SUNBULA,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

If you are in search of holiday gifts to impress, or simply want to splur

SUNBULA A Fair Trade Initiative for Artisanship and Livelihood,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
Colourful pieces of fabric and embroidery th

Sumud: Soul of the Palestinian People,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01

Summertime in Palestine Where to Go and What to Do?,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
OK … so Palestine might not be your typical summer destination. In fact,

Summer and Palestinians,h Edition No146 - 2010-06-01
Summer in Palestine is a real-life festival.

Sultan Suleiman and Jerusalem’s Old City Walls,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

People usually tend to take things for granted when they live in such a rich

Suicide in Palestine,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01


Suhail Y. Khoury,h Edition No19 - 1999-11-01
Born in Jerusalem in 1963, Suhail Khoury began his musical career early on as a Clarinet player with the College de la Salle school band, Rainless

Suhail Khoury A Quiet Man of Major Accomplishments ,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

“Bass Shwai" (Just a Bit), a children’s recording produced by the Nat

Sufi Zawaya in the Old City - Jerusalem,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Zawaya are small residential buildings for Sufis, who believe in Sufism or t

Sudden Death ,h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01

A surprise is normally a happy occasion. Parents come back from work with ni

Stolen Rights vs. “Sacred” Truth Who is a Victim? Who is a Victor?*,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
If we were to look for a suitable headline f

Still singing after 50 years The Jerusalem Chorus,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

On May 18th and 19th, the Jerusalem Chorus celebrates its 50th anniversary w

STEALING PALESTINIAN HISTORY,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

While the world’s media has been concentrating on the hardships suffered b

Status of the Environment in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Published by the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ)

St. John Eye Hospital,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

The St. John Eye Hospital, better known locally as ‘Mustashfa Al-Ayoon,’

St John Eye Hospital – 2008 Gaza Emergency Appeal,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

The children of Palestine face many barriers to their future. But we ar

Square Pizza,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

Beit Hanina

Sprinting Gazelle,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Palestinian Songs from the Motherland and the Diaspora

Sports History in Palestine,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

I was almost seven when my uncle started to take me to watch the Palestinian

Speed Sisters Beyond the Headlines,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
It’s 7 a.m. in Jenin and the last of the o

special feature,h Edition No26 - 2000-06-01

Special Feature
The Tawfik Canaan Collection of Palestini

Spain’s Commitment to the Achievement of the MDGs,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
Gender equality, women’s empowerment, and

Souq al-Qattaneen Cotton Merchants' Market,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01

This market in the Old City can be reached through the Qattaneen Gate in the

Souq al Qattanin (The Cotton Merchants' market) ,h Edition No13 - 1999-05-01
This market can be reached through the Qattanin gate in the western wall of the Haram ash Sharif. It was one of several new markets added to Jerus

Solomon’s Quarries - Jerusalem,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
This vast cave is located on Sultan Suleiman

Solomon's Pools,h Edition No34 - 2001-02-01

The pools are three huge rectangular cisterns cut in the rock and masoned lo

Solomon's Pools ,h Edition No8 - 1998-12-01
The pools are three huge rectangular cisterns cut in the rock and masoned locally known as Solomon's pools. They are situated about 3 kms south of

Solomon's Cave,h Edition No34 - 2001-02-01

Solomon's cave is a 200 meter cave under the city wall on Sultan Suleiman's

Solidarity from the South,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

It is clear that Israel, the occupying power, does not care about the intern

Social Security Is a Human Right,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01

Enjoying an adequate social security and safe

Social Media, Cyberspace, and Palestinian Digital Identity,h Edition No196 - 2014-08-01
Throughout Palestine, smart phones are ubiquitous. Here, there, and everyw

Sliman Mansour: Terrains of Belonging Retrospective Exhibition May – June 2011,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
Opening 12 May

Sliman Mansour,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
This month sees a timely re-appraisal for

Siwar Al-Saheb,11: Science,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
The spirit of discovery burns bright in Si

Sites and Shrines in Palestine,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is responsible for an area that cont

Singing, anyone?,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

The Jerusalem Chorus welcomes anybody who is interested in singing to join i

Signs of Life – Cultural Centres in Palestine,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

Yabous Productions was born to ad a touch to what is already existing. Our understanding of culture

Shuruq Harb,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
Although Shuruq Harb often uses other media

Shufhat Camp,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Shufhat Refugee Camp is less than 4 km from the historic Old City of Jerus

Should Palestinians Celebrate the Mysterious Revolutions?,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01
The Libyan revolution is one of the most s

Shift in Holy Land Pilgrimages ,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
Judging from observation of tourism trends as well as tourism statistics,

Shibat, Rocking Christmas,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

Christmas is often associated with the usual Santas, red and gold decoration

Sheikh Jarrah,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

The Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem is the Holy City’s most

Shechem -Mamurta -Mabartha -Neapolis,h Edition No107 - 2007-03-01


Sharing Water A Model of Cooperation Rooted in Traditions and Customs i,h Edition No143 - 2010-03-01
I used to feel very happy when my mother a

Sharif Kanaana,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

Professor Sharif Kanaana is an anthropologist, folklorist, researcher, and e

Shareef Sarhan,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

Born in Gaza city in 1976, Shareef Sarhan started his artistic career at

Shadi Al Zaqzouq,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
Born in Benghazi in 1981, Shadi Al Zaqzouq has had an unusual route, depri

Semiramis: Thunder, Lightning, and Rain The Fall of Jerusalem’s Western Suburbs,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
“‘How can you go out in this stormy weather?’ my husband reprimanded

Seizing the Opportunity through Public Diplomacy,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
The narrative about Palestine has always been dominated by the talk of war

Securing Your Health through Wise Food Choices,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01
The continu

Seasonality: Is It the Ultimate Fate of Tourism in Jerusalem?,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
Jerusalem’s classical tourism has always depended on Christian heritage,

Science Literacy in Palestine Promising Initiatives,h Edition No189 - 2014-01-01
“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which

Saving the Old City of Hebron,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
Hebron (Al-Khalil) is one of the oldest co

Saving Lifta,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
Lifta, a Palestinian village inside Israeli territ

Saturdays in Music A Professional Concert Series in Bethlehem,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
Sixty-six years of Israeli occupation, displacement, and cultural-identity

SARD by Nizar Rohana,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

Oud voices memory. Memories are mirrors.

SARAYA, THE OGRE’S DAUGHTER,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

SAMIA HALABY,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

Samia Halaby was born in Jerusalem, Palestine, in 1936. She studied fine art

Samer Sifri,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

Samer Sifri, aged 13, is one of the up and coming talents on the local mu

Salvador Arnita The Brahms of Palestine:,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

He was sitting on the balcony of his house, which overlooks the sea on one s

Salma Khadra Jayyusi,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

Salma Khadra Jayyusi was born in Jordan to a Palestinian father and a Lebane

Salama Safadi,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
From childhood Salama Safadi was keen on m

Salaheddin Street ,h Edition No27 - 2000-07-01

The busiest shopping street in East Jerusalem, it starts from Az Zahra gate

Sails for Freedom Filistin Ashabab’s Second Exhibition,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Freedom is a “very big and inclusive word,” as Ibn Arabi describes it.

Safe Motherhood Committees A model for PRCS health and community work,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
Community activity has become a prominent

SADDER THAN WATER: NEW & SELECTED POEMS,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

By Samih Al-Qasim

SADA,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

Sada (Resonance), Ahmad Al-Khatib’s first solo oud CD, has just been re

Sabreen Music Ensemble ,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
Sabreen was set up in 1980 in Jerusalem, and was one of the pioneering Palestinian music bands whose repertoire consisted mainly of committed Pale

SABEEL,h Edition No64 - 2003-07-31

In the beginning of the 1990s, a grassroots movement started in Jerusalem br

SABAYA,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) has been implementing

Rural Palestine Land-Based Identification,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
During a field visit for women from various village councils to the planne

Running around with the Palestinian Flag The Palestinian National Team Breaks Old Boundaries,h Edition No136 - 2009-08-01
The Palestine national football team, which

Rula Halawani,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
any of us see the relationship between the p

Ronaldo scores goal against poverty By Zoi Constantine,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01
Brazilian football superstar Ronaldo's recent visit to Ramallah was met with a rapturous response from the Palestinian public. There are not many

Robin Visits EEC for the Fourth Time Talitha Kumi Ringing and Monitoring Station,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

We catch and study many birds at the Environmental Education Center (EEC); s

Rizek Petro,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
A son of Jerusalem, Rizek Michel Petro was born in the Old City and educat

Riwaq’s Registry of Historic Buildings in Palestine,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

After more than ten years of hard work, Riwaq has published the Registry

Ring Around the Borders, Pocket Full of Visas, Until We’re All Allowed In!,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01
The most common topic of conversation amongs

Rimon Najib Salim Zabaneh,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

Known as the initiator of new sports programmes and activities during the go

Rima Nasir Tarazi,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

Rima Nasir Tarazi is a musician, an activist, a community leader and, abo

Rihab Abdel Qader Al-Nammari The Jerusalem artist and educator Rihab Al-Nammari,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

will be remembered long after her death in October 2004, after battling a ma

Reviving a Dying Handicraft The Enrique Jidi Mother-of-Pearl Collection,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
Born in 1960 to Bethlehemite parents in Colo

Revisiting our table…,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

The last five years or so have been an exercise in frustration for eclectic

Research in Progress,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
There is no such thing as “born with talent.” You can always develop t

Rendez-Vous Cafe ,h Edition No65 - 2003-09-01

Azzahra Hotel
13, Azzahra St.
Tel. 02-6282

Reinventing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: The Story of Nigel Kennedy and the Palestine Strings,,h Edition No185 - 2013-09-01
The big moment came when 17 young musicians from the Palestine Strings wal

Rehabilitation: a story of transformation and change,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
When Kareem is able to enrol in his villag

Rehabilitation of Inmates in Palestinian Prisons,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01
Nelson Mandela said that if you want to know

Registration for Elections A Right and a Duty,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

Elections worldwide are considered to be a key element for building and s

REFUGEES,h Edition No34 - 2001-02-01

Visit Life on the Edge - Jerusalem Refugees

Reflections on the Way to an Early-Morning Hike,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
It is still slightly dark when I wake up before the alarm

Reflections on the Palestinian Art Movement before 1948 The Paintings of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
The Palestinian

Reflections on Palestinian Identity Al-Nakba: An Open Wound,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01
Evocative phrases and concrete images bear t

Reflections on Art in Palestine Today,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

Palestine is not the first destination that comes to mind when one thinks

Reflections from Palestine: A Journey of Hope,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
By Samia Nasir Khoury

Reflections after a Bomb Attack,h Edition No166 - 2012-02-01
Everyday life exists, even in Gaza. People

Reflections Exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
Ahmad Dari, artist

Reflecting on Travelling Abroad,h Edition No65 - 2003-09-01

You do not dare get excited about the possibility of taking a vacation abroa

Reem Talhami,h Edition No183 - 2013-07-01
Reem Talhami was born in Shefa Amr, in northern Palestine. At the age of 1

Real-World Obstacles to Supernatural Demand: A Classic Tale of Tragedy,h Edition No153 - 2011-01-01
Writing an informative article about the h

Real Estate Investment in East Jerusalem: Possible, Feasible and Needed,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

Whenever the subject of important world cultural and religious heritage cent

Rayya,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
Rayya’s household of four brothers (Nooh,

Rateb Tawfick Rabi,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
What we see today of Israeli attempts to erase the Arab nature of Jerusale

Ras Karkar - Ramallah,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Situated 12 km to the west of Ramallah, Ras Karkar (or Ras Ibn Samhan) is a

Ras Karkar - Ramallah,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Rania Elias-Khoury,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

Juggling between a husband, three young children, a teenage daughter, and a

Rana Nashashibi,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

Born in Jerusalem in 1962 to a liberal and politically active family and bei

Rana Khoury & Darwish Darwish,h Edition No196 - 2014-08-01
The musical duo, Rana of Haifa and Darwish of Rameh, were joined together

Ramla,h Edition No129 - 2009-01-01
Founded in 716 during the rule of Umayyad Ca

Rami Kashou,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
I was born in the beautiful city of Jerusale

Ramallah: Past and Present,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

Ramallah, built on 19,000 dunums of land and located 16 kilometres north of

Ramallah: Palestine’s Bustling Metropolis,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

“Ramallah is odd. Many cultures, many faces. Never a masculine or a solemn

Ramallah, November 12, 2004,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

Don’t go up there, it is way too crowded,” told us one of the countless

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival Celebrates the 80th Anniversary of Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group 19 April–8 May 2010,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group has

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 2011,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
From 14 April to 5 May, the sixth Ramallah

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF) 2012 Not Just an Annual Cultural Event,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
With the launch of its seventh year, the R

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival Palestinian Interconnection … Arab Depth … International Exchange,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
After one year full of artistic activities r

Ramadan: The Holy Month of Mercy and Forgiveness,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. During this month

Ramadan: Fasting of the Heart,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
“They ask thee

Ramadan is Back,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

During the whole month of Ramadan, Moslems break away from strict social nor

Ramadan in the Old City,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

Now that Ramadan is in full swing, it is worthwhile to head to the Old City

Rajih Ahmad Ghuneim (Al-Salfeety),h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

Zajal is a form of local art whereby at least one person, the zajaal,

Raji Khoury,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

Raji Khoury was born in Jerusalem in 1926. He graduated in 1943 from the Fri

Rajab, Qamar el Zaman, and the Moon: Longing for Ramadan,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
As the night falls and as the pinkish orange light of sunset drowns the da

Raed Saadeh,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
A man with diverse talents and skills; a d

Raed Bawayeh,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

Raed Bawayeh was born at 1971 in Qattana, a Palestinian village in the area

Radical Academics National Education and the Rise of Palestine Studies,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
It is clear that Palestine has a new generat

Rachel Weeping,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

Jews, Christians, and Muslims at the Fortress Tomb

Qattan Centre for the Child - Gaza,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

In times of great change and uncertainty, the Qattan Centre for the Child in

Qattan Centre for the Child,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

In times of great change and uncertainty, the Qattan Centre for the Ch

Qatayef - Ramadan sweets,h Edition No32 - 2000-12-01

This sweet is prepared only during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, whic

Qasr Hisham - Jericho,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

Qasr Hisham (Hisham’s Palace) is just five kilometres north of Jericho. Th

Qasr Hisham - Jericho,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

Qasr Hisham - Jericho,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

Qasr Hisham (Hisham’s Palace) is just five kilometres north of Jericho. Th

Qasr Hisham - Jericho,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
Qasr Hisham (Hisham’s Palace) is just five

Qasr Hisham,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

Qasr Hisham (Hisham’s Palace) is just five kilometres north of Jericho. Th

Qasr el-Yahud - Jericho,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01

Putting the Jericho Equestrian Club on the Map,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01


Public Health and Personal Impressions ,h Edition No166 - 2012-02-01
Since opening my eyes to the world, I rememb

Public Access: You Tell Us,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
We asked you: If you could nominate one si

Public Access: The Presence of Presents,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01

Protect 50 Villages = Protect 50 Percent of Cultural Heritage in Palestine,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

Riwaq’s International Pledge:

Promoting Welfare through Private Enterprise,h Edition No126 - 2008-10-01

“Among our heavy duties and responsibilities, two are prominent: to en

Promoting the Investment Climate in Palestine,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
“Where are you from?”

Promoting the Health of the Palestinian People,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

WHO’s mission in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) is to promote

Promoting Taybeh with God’s Humour,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
I am sitting in the middle of the wilderne

Promoting French Culture and Hope in Gaza,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

The giant eucalyptus tree in front of the spacious yard of the Centre Cultur

Promoting Ecotourism in Palestine,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

Since the beginning of time Palestin

Present and Future: The Urgency of Children’s Rights in Palestine,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
Our children a

Prelude to Catastrophe,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

Some weeks ago a commissioning editor of a UK television network told

Post-Nakba Euphemisms and Humour Al-Hijrah, Salamah, and Wadha,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01

Portrait of an artist ,h Edition No8 - 1998-12-01
Photographer of Jerusalem Hanna Safieh (1910 - 1979) Hanna Safieh, of Armenian origin, was born in Jerusalem and remained there until his d

Popular Traditions and Customs Christian Rituals in Palestine,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01
Nations and societies express their cultur

Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Centre,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

Historical Background
Arising from the experienc

Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
From its inception in 1888, the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame Center in

Plant Biodiversity in the Palestinian Territory,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Biodiversity encompasses all biological entities that occur as an interactin

Pizza House,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

27 Salah Eddin Street
Tel. 02-627 3970

Pilgrims and Politics: Tourism in Palestine,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
Palestine should be a tour operator’s drea

Pilgrimage to Al-Aqsa Mosque The Symbolism of Jerusalem in Islam,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
In Al-Aqsa Mosque legend, myth and ritual meet. In Muslim narratives Jerus

Pilgrimage Is It Still Important for the Palestinian Tourism Industry?,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
Born in Jerusalem, Mr. Sami Abu-Dayyeh is a leading figure in the touri

Picturesque Palestine,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem photo by Steve S

Picturesque Palestine,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
Church of the Holy Sepluchre, the traditional fo

Picturesque Palestine,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
The Offices of the Palestinian Liberation

Picturesque Bethlehem,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
By Khalil Shoke

Peter Brook, the French Cultural Centre and Cardboard Dreams,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

June 10th and 11th brought Sizwe Banzi is Dead

Personal voyage in nine volumes,h Edition No11 - 1999-03-01
Ahlam Shibli Born in the Galilean village of Shibli, Ahlam studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Haifa University in Haifa wher

PCC Receives the Welfare Association Achievement Award,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

During a ceremony organise by the Welfare Association in November 2007 in Am

Patisserie Suisse,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

13 Salah Eddin Street
Tel. 02-6284377

Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
The Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) h

Passing Judgment on International Aid A Palestinian Community Court,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
While the legally enshrined human right to self-determination has long bee

Passages,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre, in cooperation with the Franco-German C

Paradox, Perversity and Promise: A Journey into Palestinian Genealogy,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

If I initially demurred when appro

Papa Andreas Restaurant,h Edition No16 - 1999-08-01
Once you have been swallowed up in Jerusalem's busy Old City, there are a few places to sop and enjoy the splendor of this stunning and historic t

Palestinians Seek Long-Term Solutions to Economic Disparity,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Separated by a checkpoint, encased by a barr

Palestinians Living in the Diaspora,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

Sixty years ago, prior to the establishment of Israel and the Palestinian

Palestinians in the United States: The Untold Success Story,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

The Palestinian-American community is a large, vibrant, and increasingly imp

Palestinians at the Israeli Checkpoint,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01

Palestinians and the Discourse of Humour,h Edition No179 - 2013-03-01
As children, we were constantly admonished against laughing. “For shame,

Palestinian Women Responsibilities… Challenges,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

A survey of the history of the Palestinian women’s movement since the begi

Palestinian Women between the Hammer of Colonialism and the Anvil of Patriarchy Stateless and Invisible,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
“No existing legal system can protect you. Let’s see if we can get

Palestinian Women Artists:,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

the Land = the Body = the

Palestinian Women Bright Stars in a Bleak Night,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
The Palestinian woman has been discursively

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No56 - 2002-12-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No55 - 2002-11-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No54 - 2002-10-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No47 - 2002-03-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No46 - 2002-02-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No45 - 2002-01-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No44 - 2001-12-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No42 - 2001-10-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No40 - 2001-08-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No38 - 2001-06-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No37 - 2001-05-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No35 - 2001-03-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No34 - 2001-02-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No32 - 2000-12-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No30 - 2000-10-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No29 - 2000-09-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No28 - 2000-08-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No27 - 2000-07-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No26 - 2000-06-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No25 - 2000-05-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No23 - 2000-03-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No21 - 2000-01-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No19 - 1999-11-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No18 - 1999-10-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No17 - 1999-09-15
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No16 - 1999-08-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No15 - 1999-07-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No14 - 1999-06-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No13 - 1999-05-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No12 - 1999-04-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No11 - 1999-03-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No10 - 1999-02-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No9 - 1999-01-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No8 - 1998-12-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No7 - 1998-11-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No6 - 1998-10-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No5 - 1998-09-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No4 - 1998-08-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No3 - 1998-07-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No2 - 1998-06-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Websites,h Edition No1 - 1998-05-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestinian Vs. Israeli – An Electronic Political Debate,h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01

The following are excerpts of e-mails that were shared between a g

Palestinian Video Art,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
There are many topics that come to mind when

Palestinian Traditional Sports Shepherds, Grazing Fields, and Recreational Games,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

“Most games took place in the late afternoon, the heat of the day would ha

Palestinian Resistance and Israel’s Apartheid Wall and Settlements,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
Has Palestinian popular resistance become the commonplace concern of Pales

Palestinian Rappers (PR) Muhammad El-Farah,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

Three years ago, shortly after the Al-Aqsa Intifada began and the Gaza

Palestinian Private-Sector Tourism Strategy,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

The tourism industry in Palestine, as in most other parts of the world, is m

Palestinian Olympians Ready to Make History in the Pool,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
The clock is counting down to the greatest

Palestinian Microfinance,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
When Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus and the i

Palestinian Medical Relief Society,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01
The Incredible Resi

Palestinian Media and the New Global Media Context,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01
Images of banned foreign reporters penned in

Palestinian Land Tenure, Picnics, and Volcanoes,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Come live with me and be

Palestinian Judo League,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

Judo is both a physical and spiritual sport. In addition to building stamina

Palestinian Institutions A Story of Perseverance,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
In late August 2009, the Palestinian government introduced a state-buildin

Palestinian General Tour Guides Until When Should They Wait?,h Edition No146 - 2010-06-01
Tourism, in general, and tourism in the Pale

Palestinian Ethos: Pride, Dignity, and Honour,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.

Palestinian Ethnographic Archaeology,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
Aida and I were driving back to Jerusalem from Al Birj in Dura.

Palestinian Entrepreneurs Survive Despite the Challenge,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
It is widely believed that the Lebanese and

Palestinian Embroidery and Textiles A Nation’s Tale,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

Embroidery for Palestinians represents a bridge that connects the current co

Palestinian Education,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

After 1948, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) was annexed to Jordan,

Palestinian Design in the Context of Furniture Production,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
Design is one of the most important elements

Palestinian democracy,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

Democracy has always been an essential part of Palestinian political l

Palestinian Dabke Troupe Tackles a New Challenge in Shakespeare,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
London-based theatrical dabke troupe, Al Zaytouna, is giving Shakes

Palestinian Culinary Revival,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

Culinary culture and history are inextricably linked to our identities, our

Palestinian Christians,h Edition No153 - 2011-01-01
Since it is such a wonderful season, Palestinian

Palestinian Children Lead Advocacy Efforts to Promote their Rights,h Edition No185 - 2013-09-01
Human rights organisations working on child issues typically pursue a poli

Palestinian Charitable Organisations,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

Despite the perception that the role of charitable organisations was restric

Palestinian Cave Dwellers and Holy Shrines: The Passing of Traditional Society,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

Every village is unique.

Palestinian Cave Culture Underground Cities and Cave Dwellings in the Mountains of Hebron,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
Leading a life of dire poverty,

Palestinian at the helm of DCI,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

Defence for Children International (DCI), a major global NGO movement that w

Palestinian Art Court Al-Hoash,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

The Palestinian Art Court - Al-Hoash is an independent non-profit organ

Palestinian Angst Sleepless in Al-Arroub,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01
Hussein, originally from Iraq al-Manshieh, l

Palestine’s Economic Hallucination,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
It’s the end of the year and time to turn

Palestine: the Prize Benefactor of Empire,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

Some weeks ago two journalists from The Guardian visited my family's

Palestine: The Holy Land Guide Book and Video ,h Edition No25 - 2000-05-01

PECDAR and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities 2000

Palestine: People and Land,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
Palestine occupies a strategic location between Eurasia and Africa, a narr

Palestine: Between Creativity and Art Production,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

There are no preconditions for art creativity. An artist can be creative in

Palestine: A Challenging Tourism Destination Endeavors and challenges of promoting sustainable tourism in Palestine,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
Palestine’s comparative advantage-encomp

Palestine: A Bridge between Cultures,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

The people of Palestine have a long tradition of openness to and tolerance o

Palestine: Celebrating the Faithful,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01

Palestine Youth Orchestra,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
When young Palestinian musicians take to the stage, there is a determinati

Palestine Walking Trails,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
Walking trails in Palestine are as old as th

Palestine Takes Third Place in Mediterranean Competition,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
La Prova de

Palestine Post – A Rich Past and a Promising Future,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
As one of the oldest documented public servi

Palestine Photo Marathon 2013,h Edition No181 - 2013-05-01
The Holy Land, as a site of both worship and conflict, is one of the most

Palestine Online,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

At a time when our towns, villages, and people are being besieged, isolated,

Palestine on the World Map,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
On 13 November 1974, I accompanied our lat

Palestine Mozart Festival 2007,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

Two hundred local and international musicians will be performing works by Mo

Palestine International Festival,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
July is the time of the annual Palestine Int

Palestine International Festival for Dance and Music Breaking Blockades,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01
Throughout decades of illegal occupation, co

Palestine in the World of Culture,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
The following

Palestine in Global World Wide Views Alliance,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
Palestine associates in a global alliance of national partners from all ov

Palestine in Fashion,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

When in September 2005 British Vogue carried an article by fashion designer

Palestine for a New Beginning,h Edition No189 - 2014-01-01
The unemployment and under-employment faced in our country does not bode w

Palestine Football Federation,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

One of the oldest Arab sports federations, the Palestine Football Federation

Palestine Fencing Federation,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

Few sports federations in Palestine have managed to achieve their goals. Wit

Palestine and Trentino,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
We are just returning from a week in Palesti

Palestine and the Prospect of Conflict Resolution,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

When Matthew Arnold published Culture and Anarchy in 1869 for the benefit of

Palestine & Palestinians Guidebook,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

English translation by Carol Scheller-Doyle and Walid Shomali

Palestine,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01
Palestine, which is still battling for liberation and international rec­og­nition as an in­de­pendent state, ac­quired autonomy in

Palestine The 194th State versus Legal Warfare,h Edition No161 - 2011-09-01
Israel calls it “legal warfare”; Pales

Paldivers: A Diving Centre in Jerusalem,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
Paldivers Diving Centre started its life in

Oyoun Al Kalaam Dal’Ouna,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

“In the summer of 2003, Al-Fawwar Camp was our destination,” noted Saed

Outside the Gates of Heaven,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

The Jerusalem Show

Our Palestinian Elderly: A Sociological View,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

The other night I saw the movie Le Jardin de Jad, or the Garden of Ja

Our Jerusalem, Despite All,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
“If you want to tell an interesting story, you have to aim at the common

Our Heritage, Our Children,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
As you look through the pages of

Our Gift to Eternity: Securing Protection for Palestine’s Heritage Sites,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
Throughout the millennia, Palestine has be

Our Boats to Gaza,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
In the early morning hours of 31 May 2010,

Ottoman Jerusalem - The Living City: 1517-1917,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Ottoman Gaza,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

The Mamluks had been based in nearby Cairo, so Gaza’s proximity to the sea

Osama Silwadi,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Osama Silwadi is a Palestinian photographer born in Ramallah, Palestine. H

Operation Dove,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

Operation Dove is a nonviolent peace corps that is present in both Palestine

Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the Security Council,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

Dear Secretary-General Annan and Members of the Security Council, On 5 June

Open Bethlehem,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

The offices of Open Bethlehem lie inside the tallest building of Bethlehem U

Ongoing Injustice in the Occupied alestinian Territory The Plight of Children,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
His hands and feet in shackles, Sami* look

One Tune or the Other... Musical Interrelations between Galilee and the West Bank,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

Due to its historical role as a bridge between Egypt and Syria, Palestine gr

Once Upon A Country: A Palestinian Life,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

with Anthony David
Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, New York, 2

On This Week in Palestine,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
I first picked up

On the Questions of Non-violent Resistance, Security, and More,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01
Over the last few years, it has become obvio

On the Popularity of Culture,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
The positive suggestions of refinement and significance that are evoked by

On the Lawful Façade of Israel’s Discriminatory Policies in East Jerusalem*,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
Yesterday morning while crossing the Qalandiya checkpoint on my way to wor

On the Hot Seat: Arab Societies Put All Traditional Players on Notice,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
When I sat down to write this article, I struggled a lot to make it read a

On Our Way to the Olympics! Jowan Qupty: a Palestinian Swimming Champion,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

Jowan Qupty is a young Palestinian swimming champion who already has a coupl

On Journalism and Media,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

Watching Western television or reading newspaper reports of Palestine always

On François,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
Talk to me, white paper. Begin. His name w

Omar Barghouti: Making The World Care ,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
Omar Bargho

Olives, Lemons & Za’atar The Best Middle Eastern Home Cooking,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
By Rawia Bishara

Olive Trees, Oum Kalthoum, and Jasmine Blossoms,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

In my home, sitting in front of a picture window facing an easterly directio

Oktoberfest in Taybeh,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
During the 5th Annual Taybeh Oktoberfest, 3

Of Passover, Exile, and Deliverance,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

The Jewish holiday of Passover is once again upon us. As the Jews of the wor

Of Olive Trees and Family Trees: Badd Jaqaman,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

A casual tourist passing the sign for the Badd Jaqaman Museum on Beth

Odysseus, Al-Nakba, and the Sea,h Edition No146 - 2010-06-01
“The regal nymp

OCCUPIED VOICES,h Edition No65 - 2003-09-01

Stories of Everyday Life from the Second Intifada

Occupation Diaries,h Edition No177 - 2013-01-01
By Raja Shehadeh

O COME YE TO BETHLEHEM,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

Everyone all over the world knows of the 'little town' of Bethlehem, but not

Nutrition and the Elderly,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

There is a joke about an elderly couple who sat down to lunch at a restauran

Nothing to Cheer About The Economics of Disengagement,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

Much of the discussion on Israel's unilateral disengagement plan has natural

NOT Desperate Housewives,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
I do not necessarily find dedicating an issu

Non-formal Education in Palestine,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Schools are not restricted to the achievers. All children have individual ne

Nihad 'Ulayyan Abu Gharbieh ,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

Nihad Abu Gharbieh is considered one of the pillars of education not only in

Nidal Khatib,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
Nidal Khatib started his journey in a pris

New Year’s in a Garden on the Moon,h Edition No179 - 2013-03-01
This is an outtake from Pamela Olson’s book Fast Times in Palesti

New Initiative Promotes Palestinian Hotels, Products, and Professionals,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

A new initiative - the Walking Tour - is under way to promote Pale

New Graduate Placement Program,h Edition No126 - 2008-10-01
Since the year 2000, the social and economic condi

Nebi Rubeen The wedding of sweet water and salt water,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

The celebration of the festival of the prophet Rubeen (Reuven) along the sou

Nazmi Al Ju’beh,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
The middle child in a family of 11 children,

Nawa Group,h Edition No37 - 2001-05-01

Nawa Group

Nature of Mind,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
Solo Exhibition, Bashar Alhroub

Natural Heritage in Palestine,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

In 1972, UNESCO adopted the Convention Concerning the Protection of the Cult

Nasser Soumi,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Nasser Soumi was born in Palestine in 1948. He studied art at the National S

Nasser Rashed Zalloum,h Edition No179 - 2013-03-01
Born to a well-known Palestinian businessman, Nasser was destined to becom

Nassar A. Nassar,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
Success is often achieved when a person is able to go further than most, b

Naqsh,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
Naqsh is carved in the memory.

Nakhleh Esheber,h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01

The Palestinian Children's Character

Nakhleh Eshe

Nakhleh Ash-Shiber,h Edition No146 - 2010-06-01
Nakhleh Ash-Shiber is a children’s charact

Nafoura,h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

Jerusalem Wall Restaurant
18, Latin Patriarchate Road
Jaffa Ga

Nablus: The Uncrowned Queen,h Edition No107 - 2007-03-01

Why the uncrowned Queen? Cynics would say that it has someth

Nablus: The City of Strong Women,h Edition No107 - 2007-03-01

Even though I was born and raised in Nablus, I have never had any homosexual

Nablus Revitalised,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
The city of Nablus, with its surrounding a

Nablus An Authentic Palestinian City,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
Shechem, the Biblical site associated with the present city of Nablus, pro

Nabi Samuel - Jerusalem,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

The skyline farther north of Jerusalem, on the Nablus road, is dominated by

Nabi Samuel ,h Edition No18 - 1999-10-01
The skyline north from Jerusalem on the Nablus road is dominated by a beautiful mosque on the top of the hill of Nabi Samuel, with its high minare

Nabi Musa and the "Saturday of Light" Celebrations Between 31 March & 7 April 2007,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

Despite the tight closure imposed by the Israeli government around Jerusalem

Mystic Karabeej Halab,h Edition No136 - 2009-08-01
Kamel Mohammad Ismael Abu ‘Jway’ed, has

My Vacation in Gaza,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

My summer vacation in Gaza is not the first and will not be the last, but it

My Utopian Jaffa,h Edition No129 - 2009-01-01
“Djaah-Faah” - a long, slowly expired, t

My Trip to a Jerusalem Consulate,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01

I was one of the 300,000 “lucky” i Palestinians fr

My Story,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
I am 26 years old. I was born in San Francisco, California, and raised in

My Silk Road: A Memoir,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

From the sitting room in our family home in Birzeit, I sit to write this per

My Kudüs is Actually Your Jerusalem,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
What a mesmerising experience for any foreigner with a cultural background

My Journey to One Palestine,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

The year was 1998 and the city was Bethlehem. After years of reporting fr

My Jerusalem Essays, Reminiscences, and Poems,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

Edited by Salma Khadra Jayyusi and Zafar Ishaq Ansari

My Heart Is Full of Palestine A Personal Account of Solidarity,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
The year 1984 was a very special time for me. I was appointed by Swedish S

My Friend and My Neighbour,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
My friend and neighbour, Ahmed, is a pious Muslim. He prays daily and goes

My First Christmas in Bethlehem,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
Two weeks after my return to my homeland o

My Big Fat Palestinian Wedding or How I Became a non-Palestinian Bride,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

If someone had told me a year ago today that in the near future I woul

Mustafa al-Kurd Praises His Native City Jerusalem with Song,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
Mustafa al-Kurd dedicates his newly released

Musician Suhail Khoury Receives Excellence Award,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

Suhail Khoury, General Director of the Edward Said National Conservatory of

Music Days Festival,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
Al Kamandjati Association is back to start the summer in Palestine - in th

Musa Sanad 1949 - 2005 A Modern Day Palestinian Folk Hero,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

"With Musa Sanad’s death, the Palestinians have lost a seminal figure in t

Musa Nasir,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Fittingly, this issue’s personality is the prominent educator Musa Nasir (

Murad, Murad,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
By Suad Amiry

Munib R. Masri,h Edition No107 - 2007-03-01

In 1952, Munib R. Masri (MRM) walked down the plank and off the boat that br

Muayad Alayan,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
“It takes a village to make a film.” Thi

Muashahatuna,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
The Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music (PNEAM), which was created

Mount Jerzim and the Samaritan community in Nablus ,h Edition No26 - 2000-06-01

Mount Jerzim is a very important and strategic mountain. It used to command

Mounir Kleibo,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
For the past 27 years Mounir Kleibo has li

Morgantini on TWIP,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
Every time I see This Week in Palestine, even now after 15 years of

Monitoring Report on “Jenin Pilot”,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
The “Jenin Pilot,” begun in mid-2007, wa

Monasticism in the Judean desert ,h Edition No18 - 1999-10-01
The Judean desert rolls eastward from Bethlehem to the Jordan rift valley and the Dead Sea. To the early monks who followed in Jesus' footsteps, t

Monastery of the Cross - Jerusalem,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

This great walled compound looks like a desert monastery and appears complet

Monastery of Saint Theodosius - Bethlehem,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

The monastery of Saint Theodosius lies about 12 km east of Bethlehem, near t

Monastery of Saint Theodosius,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

The monastery of Saint Theodosius lies about 12km east of Bethlehem, near th

Mohammed Juha,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

Mohammed Juha, who recently won the 2004 Hassan Hourani Young Artist Award o

Mohammed Amous,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
Variety has always been the key for Mohamm

Mohammad el-Shanti,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning t

Mohammad Bakri,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Mohammad Bakri is probably the most widely acclaimed Israeli-Arab actor and

Mohamed Harb,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Born in Gaza city in 1979, Mohamed Kamel Harb studied at the Faculty of Fine

Modernity and Authenticity: The Evolution of the Palestinian Kitchen,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

‘Identity’ is a highly elusive, transient, and ephemeral concept. ‘Who

Model United Nations,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
The education we receive in school is never

Min Al-Quds Tahiyeh - Jerusalem,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01

Millennium Celebrations in Palestine ,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
Bethlehem 2000 Calendar of Events December 1999 28 Nov 18:00 First Advent Concert. Inaugural Concert of Bethlehem 2000. The Vienna Boys Cho

Middle East Uprisings What Does It Mean for Palestine?,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
We couldn’t have an Inspirational Storie

Michel Sabbah ,h Edition No54 - 2002-10-01

Paix sur Jerusalem

Message from the Publisher,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Depending on where you sit, the news comin

MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01

Although Palestine is still going through intricate times, life has to go on

Message from the editor,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

The month of Ramadan is well under way and people have already gotten used t

Message from the editor,h Edition No84 - 2005-04-01

I recently took a drive north of my Jerusalem ‘cocoon’ and was dismay

Message from the editor,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

As suggested by the cover, this issue is devoted to children – Palestin

Message from the editor,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

The country is again abuzz with political activity, with major players on th

Message from the editor,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

When we went to press, the Jerusalem Festival was still in full swing, with

Message from the editor,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

The uncertainty looming over the planned January 25 legislative elections is

Message From the Editor,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

Spring this year seems to shy away from blessing us with its long-awaited pr

Message From the Editor,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

It seems everyone is bent on not giving Hamas a chance to prove itself. The

Message From the Editor,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

Efforts have been intensified on all fronts to come to an agreement on the s

Message From the Editor,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

I had probably expected the worst, not being one with a particularly optimis

Message From the Editor,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

The domestic political situation continues to be a matter of grave concern f

Message From the Editor,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

I find it difficult to make any comment on our messy political situation, ap

Message From the Editor,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

Another year has just slipped past us but we seem to be in the same situatio

Message From the Editor,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Bethlehem came to a virtual standstill when Preside

Message From the Editor,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

June witnessed some important developments on the political scene. A cease-f

Message From the Editor,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

I write these words as the Jerusalem Festival is still under way, enchanting

Message From the Editor,h Edition No126 - 2008-10-01
The appearance of this issue of

Message from the Editor,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
The olive-picking season is an important e

Message from the Editor,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01

Message From the Editor,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
A new Palestinian government, made up main

Message from the Editor,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
Yes, Palestine as a holiday destination! T

Message from the Editor,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
It’s official: our presidential and legi

Message from the Editor,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
We have kept our promise and have augmente

Message from the Editor,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
Summertime and the living is easy - well,

Message from the Editor ,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
The most significant event that August 201

Message from the Editor,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
After the initial hoopla surrounding the r

Message from the Editor,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
Happy 2012 everybody. We hope it’s been

Message from the Editor,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
“Moving Around” is not such a simple a

Message from the Editor,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Working on the July’s theme, “Despite All,” caused us to look into P

Message from the Editor,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
The spark of Bouazizi in Tunisia reached residents in Egypt, Bahrain, Liby

Message from the Editor,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
One day while sitting at a friend’s house, I was staggered to see a bird

Message from the Editor,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
Working on the December issue with the theme “Talents” has been extrem

Message from the Editor,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
Spring has sprung, flowers paint the landscape, and the sun sets later and

Message from the Editor,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
In Palestine we have no physical control over our borders, and therefore h

Message from the Editor,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01

You know, choosing themes is never easy. Bac

Mental Health in Palestine,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
The impact of both psychological and social pressures on the daily lives o

Memories…,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

After a half-hour conversation between Frère Bernard and Frederic Hazou (kn

Memoirs Engraved in Stone: Palestinian Urban Mansions,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01

When speaking about the region 's architecture, it is less problematic to

Memoirs Engraved in Stone,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01

When speaking about the region 's architecture, it is less problematic to

Memoirs Engraved in Stone,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
When speaking about the region’s architecture, i

Mehwar Center,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
Since February 27, 2007, Beit Sahour has

Meanwhile, Life Goes on in the Old City,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Entering the Old City from any of its gates whether for the first or the ump

MDGs, Local Authorities, and Good Governance,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
Millennium D

Mazen Qupty,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

Mazameer (Psalms),h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

The pieces were composed in a manner that suits the musical idiom of Arab in

Maurice Michel,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
Most people who have been in the Bethlehem

Mary Frangi,h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01

53 Years of Service at Spafford Children's Centre

Marwan Abado,h Edition No64 - 2003-07-31

Marwan Abado is a Palestinian singer, composer and oud player. Abado’s mus

Marj Ibn Amer,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
Natural setting

Marie Balian,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01
She was riding a bicycle when she heard th

March 11,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01
I always imagined my own version of the book

Mar Saba's Monastery ,h Edition No12 - 1999-04-01
Half way between Bethlehem and Jericho, through the deep valley of Kidron, you will find an old monastery on the southern end of the deep valley,

Mar Saba Monastery,h Edition No32 - 2000-12-01

Half way between Bethlehem and Jericho, through the deep valley of Kidron, y

Mar Saba Monastery A place where culture and nature come together,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

Mar Saba is a Byzantine Monastery that lies within the boundaries of the

Mar Elias Monastery ,h Edition No11 - 1999-03-01
Mar Elias Monastery stands like a fortress on a ridge from which both Jerusalem and Bethlehem can be seen. It was founded in the 6th century BC an

Mar Elias - Bethlehem,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

About 1 km before the entrance to Bethlehem is the silver-domed Greek monast

Mar Elias,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

About one kilometre before the entrance to Bethlehem is the silver-domed Gre

Maqam an Nabi Mousa ,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01

(Tomb of the prophet Moses)

Mansaf Ghazzawi,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
I’m driving to Birzeit (a village north of Ramallah) with six musically

Mamilla Cemetery, Poetry, and Collective Memory Christian and Muslim Heritage in Jerusalem,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01
Beliefs about death define what the concept of the sanctity of the grave e

Mamdouh Aker,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
It won’t be easy to capture in this limited space all that can be said a

Making It Safe on the Road,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
In Palestine, where land ownership rights

Making Discrimination Legal: How the Law Attacks Palestinians in Al Quds,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
Since Israel illegally occupied the Palest

Making a Feature Film in Palestine,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

Having literally just finished shooting my first feature film, Al Mor Wa

Majâz,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

The front cover of the Trio Joubran’s second album, picturing the three br

Mahmud Abu Zalaf A pillar of the Palestinian media,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

Born in the Palestinian coastal city of Yaffa in the mid-1920s, Mahmud Abu Z

Mahira Dajani,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
Mahira Dajani is an educator, author, and social activist. Born and raised

MAHATA – Station,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

The Voice of Inward Necessity

Made In Palestine The First Exhibition of Contemporary Palestinian Art in San Francisco,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

In the summer of 2003, I traveled to Palestine to write some articl

Lorees Matar – An artist in search of the unlimited,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
Her fellow artists say that she is “ten ar

Living with Settlers,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
Interviews with

Living Through Them,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
I did not hesitate when Sani asked me to write an article on the occasion

Living on the Edge in Jerusalem,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Just the other day, I renewed my coveted one-year residency permit for Jer

Live the Memories from the 19th century … in Tal es Safa,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Next to the hustle and bustle of the City of Ramallah - a city that has beco

Little Town of Bethlehem,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

Christmas is fast approaching and with it the joyous celebration of the birt

Lina Haramy,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

"Lina, you are an asset not only to Sareyyet Ramallah but to Ramallah.” Wi

LiLacy Sports Department,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

For a very long time, sports facilities in the city of Jerusalem were somewh

Like Peace Needs a Bicycle…,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

‘Asira Shamilya is five kilometres to the north of Nablus and situated beh

Like A Straw Bird It Follows Me and Other Poems,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
By Ghassan Zaqtan, translated by Fady Joudah

Light at the End of the Tunnel A Play,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01

Lifta,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

Nephto was the name of this village in the Byzantine period, when it was ide

Letters to the Editor,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01

Letters from Palestine,h Edition No186 - 2013-10-01
Palestinians Speak Out about Their Lives, Their Country, and the Power

Letter to theEditor,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
Congratulations on the new September issue

Letter to the Editor:,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

Dear Mr. Khoury,
I was delighted to find out the rich selection of cult

Letter to the Editor,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
To the editor:

Letter from the editing room Paris, December 2007,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

It has been more than five months since I have been away from Palestine. The

Leisure, Love, and Fashion Turkish Soap Operas in Palestine,h Edition No167 - 2012-03-01

Learning Innovation The Palestinian Learning Objects Bank The Result of Thinking Outside the Box,h Edition No189 - 2014-01-01
Have you watched your children do their homework lately? Did you notice

Learning from Leila,h Edition No156 - 2011-04-01
Leila Khaled has led one of the most stori

Latrun,h Edition No65 - 2003-09-01

The highway from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv begins to descend steeply until it re

Last Year in Jerusalem,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
Since Jerusalem was declared the Capital of

Larissa Sansour,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
Born in Jerusalem, Larissa Sansour studied f

Labour in Jerusalem,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
An overview of the state of economic estab

La Douce France: A Tale of Two Cities,h Edition No139 - 2009-11-01
In the Arab street, eyes stare, ogle, observ

Kulthoum Odeh,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

Kulthoum Odeh, the migrant Palestinian author born in Nazareth, died in the

Kudos to the De La Salle Brothers Or… the ‘All-Gifts’ Pandora,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

How many times during the past few years have Western diplom

Konya, Jalal al-Din Rumi, and Turkish Literature A Beacon for Perplexed Souls,h Edition No153 - 2011-01-01

King Solomon Undermines,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
The “City of David” archaeological sit

Khirbet Qumran - Jericho,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Twenty kilometers south of Jericho lies one of the world's oldest monasterie

Khirbet al-Karmil,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
Khirbet al-Karmil is located 18 kilometres s

Khassaki Sultan - Jerusalem,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

The Palace of Lady Tunshuq was incorporated into the large complex built and

Khan Younes,h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

In 1866, a European traveller found the market in Khan Younes plentiful and

Khan Al-Sultan - Jerusalem,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01

Khan Al-Sultan - Jerusalem,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01

Khan Al-Sultan - Jerusalem,h Edition No140 - 2009-12-01

Khan Al-Sultan,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

Khan in Arabic means an inn (hotel). Khan Al-Sultan is located inside the Ol

Khalil Rayyan,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
Absorbed in the search for beauty… driven

Khalil Rabah,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

Khalil Rabah’s work lies somewhere at the demarcation line between t

Khalil Abu Arafeh,h Edition No167 - 2012-03-01
Khalil Abu Arafeh was born in Jerusalem in

Khalid Fahed Qawasmi,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Khalid Qawasmi was born in Hebron, in southern Palestine, in 1964. His fathe

Khaled Osaily,h Edition No181 - 2013-05-01
A Pioneering Business Man and a True Leader

Mr. Khaled O

Kanzaman Restaurant Jerusalem Hotel ,h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01

Nablus Road
Tel. 02-6283282
Open daily fo

Kamel Husseini,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

Kamel Husseini, 40, was born and raised in Jerusalem. Inheriting his father

Kamel Al-Mughani: Resistance Artist,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01
Symbols from Palestinian heritage, the land,

Kairos for Palestine,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01
Published by Baday

Ka’ek wa Ma’moul: a dying art?,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

Ka’ek wa ma’moul is the traditional sweet done at Easter time. It consis

Jumana Manna,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
Jumana Manna was born 1987, in New Jersey, and raised in Shu’fat, Jerusa

Jumana Husseini,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Jumana Husseini is one of the leading, pione

Jumana El-Husseini,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

Jumana El-Husseini is a painter and sculptor who has won many medals and has

Juan (Hanna) Michael Canahuati,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
Although, according to unofficial statisti

Journey in the Palestinian Political Song,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

The Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip

Joha and the stingy Bedouin,h Edition No27 - 2000-07-01

As Joha was traveling along on one of his trips, he passed by a Bedouin r

Job Creation for Palestine Refugees in the West Bank,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
Anan Abdo (Um Khaled) lives in Nablus with

Jerusalem…The east side story (2007) Dispossession, Occupation, and a Challenge to Survive,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

October 2007

Jerusalem’s Water Sources - Jerusalem,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

Where water once gathered now lies a waste ground, unused and

Jerusalem: Traces and Collective Memory A New Museum in the Old City,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
Preserving the Arab identity of Jerusalem is

Jerusalem: The State of Archaeology,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
“[E]arly arch during the time of the second temple, such a bridge con

Jerusalem: childhood truths,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Sometimes when I am asked h

Jerusalem: A World of Culture,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

As I entered Souq al-Qattanine this morning through Lions Gate, I passed Bab

Jerusalem: A Key to Peace in the Middle East,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
Control of every aspect of our lives: ex

Jerusalem, Lexicon of Colours,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
Why Jerusalem? What was the inspiration? How

Jerusalem, Fairuz, and the Moon The Radio and the Discourse of Love in Modern Arabic Song,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

I have always lived my life according to the dictates of the moment. My feel

Jerusalem, a zone of contact,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

I am always amazed at the proximity and inextricability of lives bet

Jerusalem's Lost Horizons,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

A centre of world peace where both peace and justice are blatantly

Jerusalem's Armenians,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01

Jerusalem's Armenians
The reason that there i

Jerusalem Rejoices in the Welcome of Ramadan,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

Ramadan Kareem, yes, but Allahu Akram.

Jerusalem Our Home An exhibit at Birzeit University’s Ethnographic and Art Museum,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
The Ethnographic and Art Museum at Birzeit U

Jerusalem of the Heart,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01

Jerusalem in the Heart,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

My memory goes back in time to almost 25 years ago, when I was a student at

Jerusalem in the Eyes of Palestinian Children,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
They all live less than an hour from Jerusal

Jerusalem in History,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
K. J. Asali (ed

Jerusalem Expat Network New in Jerusalem?,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01

Jerusalem District Electricity Company Getting Smarter,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
Established in 1914, the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO) is

Jerusalem Customs and Traditions,h Edition No143 - 2010-03-01
To be Palestinian is difficult. To be a Je

Jerusalem Calling,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
Whenever I think of Jerusalem, the voice of Fairuz sings softly to her and

Jerusalem between Judaisation and Confrontation,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01

Jerusalem and the Era of “Quiet Diplomacy”,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
The disregard of responsibility for occupi

Jerusalem and Its Artists Inspire a Lifetime Career in Curating Art,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
Jerusalem as portrayed by artists has now be

Jerusalem after Midnight,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Finally Suhail Khoury has released his long-

Jerusalem 1948–1967: La Dolce Vita,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age

Jerusalem 1948,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

The Arab Neighbourhoods and their Fate in the War
Salim Tamar

Jerusalem 0.0km and Picasso in Ramallah New Projects at the International Academy of Art, Palestine,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
The International Academy of Art in Ramallah

JERUSALEM,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01

Jerusalem occupies a unique status in the life of P

Jerusalem,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01

Jerusalem,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
Damascus Gate Jerusalem

Jerusalem,h Edition No143 - 2010-03-01

Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Jerusalem,h Edition No145 - 2010-05-01


Jerusalem The Light, the Air, the Mystique, and the Universality – Lament and Verve,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
The Jerusalem air, to some, is ethereal. To others it is ephemeral.

Jerusalem Reality and Imagination,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
I have always preferred to view myself as

Jerusalem Arab Social Life, Traditions, and Everyday Pleasures in the 20th Century,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
By Subhi S. Ghosheh

Jerusalem A Cultural Phoenix in the Making,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
History is made by people, and people, musicians, dancers and artists are

Jerusalem A Brief History,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

Jerusalem was first built by the Jebusites some 5,000 years ago. The Canaani

Jericho: Oasis Town,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

Jericho is a sleepy agricultural town, which is actually an oasis in the gre

Jericho Winter Festival 24 FEB 02 MAR,h Edition No3 - 1998-07-01
The 1999 Jericho Winter Festival will be the first festival of its kind in Jericho, aiming to encourage local tourism through the organisation of

Jericho in the Bible - Jericho,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Jericho in the Bible,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

Considering its age and location, Jericho is mentioned very little in the Bi

Jericho in the Bible,h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

Considering its age and location, Jericho is mentioned very little in the Bi

Jericho Gate An Interview with Samir Hulileh, CEO PADICO Holding,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
TWIP: Your website mentions that Jericho Gate is a residential and tourism pr

Jericho Forever Preserving the Pastoral Character of the Oasis of Peace,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01

Jericho Food Security and Agriculture Status and Challenges,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
The Jericho and Al-Aghwar area extends fro

Jericho and Its Surroundings - Jericho,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

Jenin ,h Edition No25 - 2000-05-01

The city of Jenin, believed to be ancient Eingannin or Gannim, is 43 kms nor

Janan Abdu,h Edition No176 - 2012-12-01
Some people seem to be born with the ability to rouse the passion of crowd

Jameel Hamad of Al-Safsaf A Weeping Willow,h Edition No193 - 2014-05-01
Al-Safsaf, known during Roman times as Safsofa, the weeping willow, is a s

Jamal Al-Mahamel Resurrected,h Edition No191 - 2014-03-01
What has since become one of the most iconic paintings in the Arab world w

Jafra for Palestinian Arts and Crafts,h Edition No153 - 2011-01-01
Jafra for Palestinian Arts and Crafts (

Jaffa Bakery,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

Shu’fat Main Street, Jerusalem
Tel. 02-582 8444 - Open 24 hours

Jafars Sweets,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Beit Hanina
Jerusalem-Ramallah main road
Tel. 02- 58361

Jad Isaac,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
Jad Isaac was born on 1 August 1947 in Beit

Jacir Palace: Inter-Continental Hotel ,h Edition No27 - 2000-07-01

In the heart of Bethlehem, on the main Jerusalem-Bethlehem-Hebron road, the

Zeit ou Zaater,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

Beit Hanina (behind Ja’afar’s Supermarket)

Youssef Hbeish ,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

Youssef Hbeish was born in the village of Yurqa in the northern Galilee,

Your Stories are My Stories,h Edition No42 - 2001-10-01

A Palestinian Oral History Project published by Saint Joseph School for G

Yossi Thinks the Wall Will Fall,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

“Good fences make good neighbours" is the most preferred explanation of

YABOUS PRODUCTIONS Making a Difference,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

Walking down the streets of Jerusalem in July is not the same as any othe

Wissam Murad Talent and Promise,h Edition No78 - 2004-10-01

When others were still learning to talk, Wissam Murad, at age five, was alre

Windows from Gaza,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

Windows from Gaza is another endeavour by cultural centres i

Where We Come From,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

The first New York City solo exhibition by Palestinian artist Emily

Wasif Jawhariyyeh A Colourful Personality of a Bygone Era,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

The recent publication of the Jawhariyyeh memoirs on Ottoman Jerusalem is

WALKS IN PALESTINE And The Nativity Trail ,h Edition No56 - 2002-12-01

Cicerone, England, 2001, 187 pages

The Nativity

Wadi Qelt & Monastery of St. George,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Wadi Qelt is a natural rift in the hills, with high sheer rock walls, ext

Wadi Qelt & Monastery of St. George,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

Wadi Qelt is a natural rift in the hills, with high sheer rock walls, extend

Villa Vatche,h Edition No40 - 2001-08-01


Villa Salameh ,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

Villa Salameh, as the beautiful edifice at 21 Balfour Street in the

Via Dolorosa,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01

The Via Dolorosa is among the holiest sites in Christendom. It is the path t

Val's Brasserie ,h Edition No45 - 2002-01-01

American Colony Hotel

Until Another Year!,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Yabous Productions’ fourteenth music festival ended the way it began&nb

UNDP/PAPP PRESS STATEMENT,h Edition No49 - 2002-05-01

The United Nations Development Programme/Programme of Assistance to the P

UNDP Celebrates Palestinian Culture in a Sold Out Art Auction,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

In his last speech, the late Edward Said made a plea to the world to supp

Twin Towers Coffee Shop,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

Notre Dame of Jerusalem Centre

Tulul Abul Alayiq (Herodion Jericho),h Edition No73 - 2004-05-01

The excavators identified this site with Herodion Jericho. The settlement

Travelling to the Holiest Land - Palestine To­day ,h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01

Mariam Shahin - TOKTEN Consultant - UNDP/PAPP

Tombs of the Kings,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

Now that the Jerusalem Festival is over, it is time to head again to the Tom

This Week In Palestine ,h Edition No56 - 2002-12-01

It was on a cold December day in 1998 that Ghassan Khatib, then the direc

There is a country…Palestine,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

The French association Conscience et Culture (Conscience and Culture), in

The Y.M.C.A.,h Edition No45 - 2002-01-01

When they undertook to reorganize Jerusalem, the British never forgot that i

The Village of Taybeh ,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

The Christian roots of the village of Taybeh are traced to the times of J

The Village of Silwan ,h Edition No49 - 2002-05-01

Silwan lies to the southeast of the Old City of Jerusalem. In the 16th centu

The Second Marcel Khalife Competition,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

Around 120 students from the three branches of the National Conserv

The Prince's profession ,h Edition No29 - 2000-09-01

Once upon a time there was a king who had an only son. When the prince ca

The Pope in the Holy Land March 2000,h Edition No23 - 2000-03-01

In 1964, Pope Paul VI became the first pope to visit the Holy Land. Durin

The Palestinian Plea for Freedom,h Edition No49 - 2002-05-01

Languishing under the last remaining military occupation in history, the

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

Historical Overview
The Palestinian Central B

The Other Side of Bethlehem,h Edition No49 - 2002-05-01

Yesterday, Thursday April 18th, was the 17th day of the Israeli reoccupat

The Olive Harvest,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

Olive trees have always held a special place in my heart and my memories.

The New Imperial Hotel ,h Edition No55 - 2002-11-01

One of the oldest hotels in Palestine, the New Imperial Hotel is attracti

The Myth of Palestinian Development,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

Political Aid and Sustainable Deceit
by Dr. Khalil Nakhleh

The Mystery of Blue.... End of Days ,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

On the occasion of one hundred years of Swedish diplomatic presence in Je

The Mount of Olives,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

A truly stupendous view over Jerusalem may be seen from the far end of the s

The Moslem Quarter ,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

The Moslem Quarter lies on the eastern side of the Old City. It is the la

The Monastery of Mar Saba,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

Halfway between Bethlehem and Jericho, at the southern end of the deep Ki

The Mapping & G.I.S. Department of the Arab Studies Society,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

The Mapping & G.I.S. Department of the Arab Studies Society The depar

The Look of the Other Qleibo’s new film at The Israel Film Festival ,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

Palestinian anthropologist and artist Dr. Ali Qleibo’s new film, The Lo

The Last Word ... Enough is Enough!,h Edition No84 - 2005-04-01

For one hundred and twenty four years (1872 – 1996), my family ran a so

The Last Word - The Four Lady-Musketeers,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

One exceptionally warm morning last March, four light-spirited East Jerus

The Last Word,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

A few days ago an old friend of mine who has been living abroad told me that

The Last Word,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

This week was more difficult than usual, mentally and emotionally. I atte

The Jerusalem Isolation Plan,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

The Israeli army's ex-Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz approved recommendations

The Jerusalem Festival – Songs of Freedom 2003,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

Once again, this coming July Jerusalem will welcome the 12th “Jerusalem

The Islamic Museum,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

To the west of Al-Aqsa Mosque, within the same compound, is the oldest mu

The Indians in Jerusalem,h Edition No73 - 2004-05-01

The Indian presence in Jerusalem could be traced back to over 700 year

The Holy Sepulchre,h Edition No60 - 2003-04-01

The Holy Sepulchre, called "Al-Qiyame" in Arabic (meaning the Resurrectio

The Higher Institute of Music,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

The Higher Institute of Music

The Higher Institute of Music is

The Helen Keller Centre,h Edition No74 - 2004-06-01

“O beautiful blind stones. Inarticulate and dumb! In the deep gloom

The Hassan Hourani Young Artist Award 2004,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

The A.M. Qattan Foundation's Culture and Science Programme will open the

THE HAFRADA* WALL,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

On June 16, 2002 Israel began unilaterall

The Good Samaritan Inn,h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01

The Good Samaritan Inn, or Al-Khan al-Ahmar, is a 16th century Ottoman Khan

The Geneva Accord: Victim of An Ugly Campaign of Misrepresentation,h Edition No70 - 2004-02-01

I was shocked upon reading the article published in the January issue of

The Gates of Jerusalem (cont'd),h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

Bab El-Khalil
(Jaffa Gate)

This gate was built in

The Gates of Jerusalem ,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01

The Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by an impressive wall that was

The Garden Tomb,h Edition No70 - 2004-02-01

The Garden Tomb is considered an alternative site for the crucifixion and

The City of Bethlehem,h Edition No45 - 2002-01-01

Bethlehem is the place where Jesus was born in 4 BC. The city is nestled

The Cellar Bar ,h Edition No56 - 2002-12-01

The American Colony Hotel

Nablus Road

THE CANDLE,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

Presented by
Majhool Arts and Theatre Production Group

The Armenian Quarter,h Edition No46 - 2002-02-01

The Armenians are one of the oldest Christian communities; they were the

The Apartheid Wall Campaign ,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

Under the coordination of the Palestinian Environmental NGOs Networ

Tell al-Fureidis (Herodion),h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

Herodion is located approx. 5 km. south east of Bethlehem. It can be reached

Tantur Ecumenical Institute,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

The Tantur Ecumenical Institute is located just before the entrance to Be

Swiss Education for Palestinians in the Hotel and Tourism Industry,h Edition No73 - 2004-05-01

Switzerland has set it eyes on the Palestinian market as it looks forward

SUFIAN MUSTAFA,h Edition No70 - 2004-02-01

Intifada in the Palestinian Kitchen Chef Sufian Mustafa is, alm

Suad Amiry,h Edition No78 - 2004-10-01

Suad Amiry received the prestigious Viareggio Literary Award this past Au

Stories from Palestine WADI FUQIN ,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

Most of the original place-names in Palestine are from the Aramaic, and t

STOLEN YOUTH ,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

The Politics of Israel’s Detention of Palestinian Children Cat

Steve Sabella ,h Edition No42 - 2001-10-01

Steve Sabella is a native Jerusalemite, born and raised in the Old

STATELESS NATION An Exhibition on the Frontiers of Citizenship A project by Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Stateless Nation is a long-term research project and an exhibition

Spring in Jerusalem,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

May is an ideal month during which one can - as should - go on hikes

Souq Al-Qattanin,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

(The Cotton Merchants' Market)

Souq Al-Qattanin is a 100m long, t

Solomon’s Quarries,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

This vast cave is located on Sultan Suleiman Street, midway between Damas

Solomon's Pools ,h Edition No46 - 2002-02-01

Solomon's Pools lie about 3 km beyond Bethlehem, in the village of El-Kha

Solomon's Cave ,h Edition No42 - 2001-10-01

Solomon's cave is a 200-meter wide cave under the Old City walls on Sultan S

Soeur Hortense The Iron Lady,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

Soeur Hortense is certainly not a typical sister in the way that th

Social Fabric,h Edition No47 - 2002-03-01

Had someone been monitoring the Palestinian society the past 17 months, h

Sobhi Al-Zobaidi ,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

Sobhi Al-Zobaidi is a Palestinian filmmaker who was born in Jerusalem in

Small Hands Camp July 1-16, 2002,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

The first summer camp at the Princess Basma Centre for Disabled Children

Sizzling Restaurant & Bar,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

20, Azzahra St.
Tel. 02-6263344
Open dail

Sinokrot Bakery,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

Beit Hanina, Jerusalem
Tel. 02- 583 6149/ Open 24 hours

Silent Prayers
Qleibo’s new works on exhibit in Holland
Edition No60 - 2003-04-01

Jerusalem born artist Dr. Ali Qleibo showed his new works in an exhibitio

Shereen Abu-Aqleh ,h Edition No49 - 2002-05-01

Born in Jerusalem, Shereen Abu-Aqleh began her career as a reporter after

Serpentine Horizon,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Serpentine Horizon is the first photography exhibition in Ramallah to fea

Saturday of Light,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01

The popular highlight of Easter in Palestine takes place on the Saturday pre

Sami Hadawi,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

Sami Hadawi passed away peacefully on April 22nd, 2004, in Toronto, Canad

Salwa Tabri,h Edition No56 - 2002-12-01

Salwa Tabri has been the director and conductor of the Jerusalem Chorus f

Salim Aboud Ashqar,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01

Born in Nazareth in 1976, Salim started learning the piano at age six in Hai

Sabreen Association for Artistic Development,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

The Palestinian musical group Sabreen was established in 1980 with the vi

Rosalind Nashashibi,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

The young filmmaker Rosalind Nashashibi has recently won the 2003 Becks

Rocca Restaurant,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

City Hotel

Rim Banna,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

Rim Banna is one of the foremost Palestinian female singers, lyricists an

Restaurant Review by The Phantom Diner ,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

For those readers who will be checking out this section of This Wee

Reinterpreting the Historical Record,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

The Uses of Palestinian Refugee Archives for Social Science Research and

Reform from a Palestinian Point of View,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

The establishment of the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity - AMA

Reflections on Spring in Palestine ,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

Spring: narcissus and iris, anemone and lupine, cyclamen and tulip, daisi

Reem Talhami and Jamiel Alsayeh,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

Reem Talhami and Jamiel Alsayeh, two well-known stage performers in Pales

Realizing Change within Young People's Lives,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

Exploring the society of a conservative town like Beddo was one of the mo

Rawhi Al-Khamash,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

"Music is full of emotions - do not let it a means to cheap ends" M

Ramadan Nights In Jerusalem,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

Since its advent to Khan Tankaz of Souq Al-Qattanine, the Centre for Jeru

Ramadan Kareem, Merry Christmas,h Edition No44 - 2001-12-01

Ramadan Kareem, "Ramadan is generous." For generosity is characteristic o

Raeda Saadeh,h Edition No44 - 2001-12-01

Raeda Saadeh is an up-and-coming Palestinian artist who recently won the

Raed Issa The artist’s first solo exhibition in Jerusalem ,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

The Gaza born Palestinian artist Raed Issa had his first solo exhibition

Rachel's Tomb,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
As the Jerusalem road approaches the northern edge of Bethlehem, it passes the traditional burial place of the Biblical matriarch Rachel, the wife

Qasr Hisham,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

Qasr Hisham (Hisham's Palace) is just five kilometres north of Jericho. T

Qasr Hisham,h Edition No74 - 2004-06-01

Qasr Hisham (Hisham's Palace) is just five kilometres north of Jericho. The

Qasr Hisham,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

Qasr Hisham (Hisham's Palace) is just five kilometres north of Jericho. The

Prisoners of Discourse: Israel’s Classification System,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

Recently, I was forwarded an invitation to speak to members of a self-des

Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center,h Edition No78 - 2004-10-01

The Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center is a unique historic

Political Violence and the Palestinian Family: Implications for Mental Health and Well-Being ,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

The Haworth Maltreatment and Trauma Press, New York, 2000, 144 pages.

Perspectives on the Palestinian NGOs' Network Emergency Role,h Edition No49 - 2002-05-01

Since March 28th, the Israeli government, headed by Prime Minister

Pasha’s of Jerusalem Restaurant,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

Pasha’s of Jerusalem Restaurant
13, Sham’on Al-S

Palestinian Higher Education ,h Edition No46 - 2002-02-01

Prof. Gabi Baramki - Consultant / Ministry of Higher Education<

PALESTINIAN FLOWERS Indigenous Symbols of Strength and Hope,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

Palestine is one of the richest countries in the world for its variety of

Palestinian Cultural Heritage at Risk,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

Demolishing the Jabber neighbourhood in the old city of Hebron<

Palestinian Cities To Visit ,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01

Archaeological evidence indicates that Jerusalem existed 4000 years ag

Palestine Blushes ,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

Johnny is bleeding; I sit through my class.
Spilled on the steps o

Palestine and the Palestinians Samih Farsoun with Christina Zacharia,h Edition No30 - 2000-10-01

1997 Westview Press

PACE Tour Guide of the West Bank and Gaza Strip "Palestine",h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01

A Historical and Archaeological Guide, Published by The Palestinian Assoc

Olympic Efforts ,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

Seventeen-year-old Raed Awisat looks exhausted from his gruelling practic

Occupation and the Palestinian Kitchen,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01

Let me, in this issue, tell you about my plan for the second year of writ

Nasser El-Din Nashashibi,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

Nasser El-Din Nashashibi

Nasser El-Din Nashashibi is not only

Najwa Najjar,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

Filmmaker Najwa Najjar came to Jerusalem with the start of the Oslo Peace

Nails of Knees,h Edition No60 - 2003-04-01

The lentil is a small leguminous plant of the pea family with small, roun

Nadine M. Toukan,h Edition No73 - 2004-05-01

"In early civilizations, art was a method of communication. Then, it

Nabi Samuel,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

The skyline further north from Jerusalem, on the Nablus road, is do

Muhammad Issaf Nashashibi 1885 – 1948,h Edition No60 - 2003-04-01

Muhammad Issaf Nashashibi, more popularly known as Issaf Nashashibi, was

Monastery of Saint Theodosius,h Edition No47 - 2002-03-01

The monastery of Saint Theodosius lies about 12km east of Bethlehem

Mocca Café,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

Mocca Café
Beit Hanina (off Hizma Rd.)
Jerusalem <

Michael Tarazi,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

In the age of television "reality" the 10-second "sound bite" has become

Message from the Editor,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

The recent flurry of political activity is supposed to bring about concre

Message from the Editor,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

The sad but predictable veto of the US against the United Nations

Message from the Editor,h Edition No60 - 2003-04-01

It is with heavy hearts that we come out with the April issue of This Wee

Message from the Editor,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

Looking at the "events" section of this publication, the flurry of activi

Message from the Editor,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

By the time this issue goes into circulation, the outcome of the Israeli

Message from the Editor,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

Just when things seem to start moving again in the right direction, somet

Message from the Editor,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

We are back to business as usual - whatever 'usual' has come to mean give

Message from the Editor,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

Whenever we think that the situation is quite bad and intolerable,

Message from the Editor,h Edition No70 - 2004-02-01

I will not broach the subject of politics in my message, except to say th

Message from the Editor,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

What hectic days I had last week, going to a film screening in Bethlehem,

Message from the editor,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

Flipping through the pages of this issue of This Week in Palestine, one w

Message from the Editor ,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

I had vowed, a few months ago, not to touch on the subject of politics in

Melody of the Rocking chair,h Edition No29 - 2000-09-01

Written by: Farouk Mohammad
Prepared by: Walid Abu Baker

MEALS OF THE DAY,h Edition No47 - 2002-03-01

Traditional cooking is well maintained amongst Palestinians, no matter wh

MAZ'OOJ (Feeling Bothered),h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

The Sabreen Association for Artistic Development, an offshoot of the vete

Mar Elias Monastery,h Edition No37 - 2001-05-01

Mar Elias Monastery stands like a fortress on a ridge from which both Jerusa

Mar Elias,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

About 1 km before the entrance to Bethlehem is the silver-domed Greek mon

Mar Elias ,h Edition No40 - 2001-08-01

About 1 km before the entrance to Bethlehem is the silver-domed Greek monast

Mar Elias ,h Edition No29 - 2000-09-01

About 1 km before entering Bethlehem is the silver-domed Greek monaste

Maqam al-Nabi Musa,h Edition No40 - 2001-08-01

Nabi Musa in Arabic means "the prophet Moses" who is recognized as one of th

Mahdi Abdul Hadi,h Edition No73 - 2004-05-01

Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi can trace his family back to the seventh century. Th

Lotus Bar and Olive Garden Restaurant,h Edition No60 - 2003-04-01

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Street
Tel. 02-6285212

Liana Badr,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

Liana Badr is an accomplished writer and film director who has directed t

Letter to the Editor,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

Dear Editor,
I was greatly disappointed to read in the "Palestinian

Latrun,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

The highway from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv begins to descend steeply until it

Latrun,h Edition No29 - 2000-09-01

On the road from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, twenty kilometers out of Jerusalem,

Latrun ,h Edition No40 - 2001-08-01

The highway from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv begins to descend steeply until it re

La Rotisserie ,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Centre

La Cota Steak House,h Edition No47 - 2002-03-01

Shimon Hazadik Street
Te. 02-5400007

Khirbet Qumran,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

Twenty kilometers south of Jericho lies one of the world's oldest monaste

Khirbet Qumran,h Edition No38 - 2001-06-01

Twenty kilometers south of Jericho lies one of the world’s oldest monaster

Khan Al-Sultan,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Khan in Arabic means an inn (hotel). Khan Al-Sultan is locat

Khan Al-Sultan ,h Edition No47 - 2002-03-01

Khan in Arabic means an inn (hotel). Khan Al-Sultan is located inside the

Khalil Sakakini 1878-1953,h Edition No45 - 2002-01-01

Khalil Sakakini was born in Jerusalem on January 23, 1878. He recei

Kamilya Jubran ,h Edition No40 - 2001-08-01

Kamilya Jubran, the lead vocalist of Sabreen, has established herself as one

Kamel Moghanni ,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

Old World, New Horizons

The paintings of Kamel

Jiries Boullata,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

The Magnificat Institute in Jerusalem held its Fourth Carlo Tavasani Pian

Jerusalem: Population & Urbanization - From 1850-2000,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01

2000, Jerusalem Media & Communication Center
pp 123

Jerusalem in the Heart Ali Qleibo,h Edition No37 - 2001-05-01

Kloreus Publication, 2000

Jerusalem Heritage and Life Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Plan,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

Welfare Association/Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme

Jerusalem ,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

Jerusalem was first built by the Jebusites some 5,000 years ago. The Canaani

Jericho in the Bible,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

Considering its age and location, Jericho is mentioned very little in the

Jericho and its Surroundings,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

Jericho is a green oasis in the Jordan Valley, lying between the River Jo

JERICHO Oasis Town,h Edition No70 - 2004-02-01

Jericho is a sleepy agricultural town, which is actually an oasis in the

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra 1920 – 1994,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra is a Palestinian novelist, poet, short story wr

Israeli Settlements in Beit Jala,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

The largest of these settlements is Gilo, which was established in 1970 o

Intolerable and Inhumane Conduct at the Ministry of the Interior,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

The painful, inhumane scene outside the offices of the Israeli Ministry o

International Volunteer Day,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

“It was so enlightening and moving to learn the realities faced b

Instead of "three partridges on a pear tree",h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

Have you ever lived with a fixed idea? An idée fixe, as the saying goes.

In Search of Fatima A Palestinian Story Verso, London, 2002, 451 pages, $26.00,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

Ghada Karmi's book tells the dramatic story of her search for personal an

Ibrahim Shanti A Journalist’s Passion,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

Born in Jaffa in 1910, the founder of the Al-Difaa (the Defence) Newspape

Ibrahim Nubanni,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Ibrahim Nubanni, born in 1961, belongs to a family of Palestinian refugee

Ibrahim Atari,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01

Ibrahim Atari was born in 1972 in Ramallah, and was one of the first pers

I Am Jerusalem John N. Tleel ,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01

2000, Old City, Jerusalem

HUSSEIN BARGHOUTHI 1954-2002,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01

"He came as a prophet and left as one too, from another world and

Hussam Abu Eisheh,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

Hussam Abu Eisheh, a prominent Palestinian artist, started his theatrical

Hope and the Aesthetic Moment,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

A.M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah 2003, 110 pages, NIS 40

Hisham Sharabi Ph.D. 1927 – 2005,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

On January 13, 2005, Dr. Hisham Sharabi died in Beirut, Lebanon. He

HIND HUSSEINI The Woman Behind Dar Al-Tifl,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

Hind Husseini, a Jerusalem socialite and a dedicated Palestinian so

Henrietta Siksek Farradj,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

Henrietta Siksek Farradj, the Executive Honorary Secretary of the Four Ho

Hebron, a Success Story ,h Edition No73 - 2004-05-01

Some 35 km south of Jerusalem, Hebron, Al-Khalil in Arabic, is a city imb

Hanna Safieh 1910-1979 ,h Edition No44 - 2001-12-01

Hanna Safieh was born in Jerusalem in 1910 to a Palestinian Arab family.

Hanan Ashrawi Portrait of a Palestinian Woman,h Edition No55 - 2002-11-01

Hanan Ashrawi was born to a prominent Palestinian family in 1946 and grew

GUERRA (WAR),h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

By Pippo Delbono
Translated by Akram Telawe
With: Gianluc

Goodies Restaurant,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

Beit Hanina (behind Ja'far's Supermarket)

GEORGE – A PALESTINIAN SAINT,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

One day before the Second Intifada we drove from Bethlehem south along th

Garo Nalbandian ,h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01

Garo Nalbandian was born in the Armenian quarter of the old city of

FRIENDS SCHOOL CENTENNIAL 1901-2001,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01

ElBireh, Friends Boys School - The barefoot students of a century ago in the

Four Seasons Restaurants and Coffee Shop,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

1, Nablus Road
Damascus Gate
Tel. 02-6

For Better or Worse,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01

In spite of all that we are going through, the natural cycle of life goes

FOR BAD OR WORSE,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

In the July issue of This Week in Palestine, Mrs. Samia Khoury wrote in a

First Love,h Edition No78 - 2004-10-01

I can't say for sure when it happened. Nor can I say for sure how it happ

Feature Article .......,h Edition No59 - 2003-03-01

The National Conservatory of Music
Where talents are d

Faissal Husseini, 1940-2001 ,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

Palestinians are mourning the great loss of Jerusalem’s defender and prote

Fadwa Tuqan (1917–2003) ,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

“It would be enough for me to die in my country, to be buried,

Expressive Arts Therapy at Spafford’s,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

Spafford Children's Centre in Jerusalem introduced intermodal Expressive

Emwas ,h Edition No28 - 2000-08-01

Emwas is first mentioned in the historical records in 161 BC during the Macc

Elizabeth Nasir (1909-1987) ,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

The Dynamic Woman Behind the Story of Rawdat El-Zuhur

El-Khader,h Edition No60 - 2003-04-01

El-Khader is an elongated village of some 5,000 inhabitants, stretching f

Eid El-Fitr or the “Feast of Fast-Breaking",h Edition No56 - 2002-12-01

During the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims spend daylight hours in fastin

Edward Said: Out of Place,h Edition No28 - 2000-08-01

1999, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
295 pages
Available from

Easter in Jerusalem ,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

Whereas Bethlehem is the focal point of religious activity during the Chr

East Jerusalem Bonanza ,h Edition No48 - 2002-04-01

In the Land of Jerusalem, history is marked differently nowadays. We have

East – West Dialogue …Against the War Machine ,h Edition No66 - 2003-10-29

I really wanted to write about a very important musical event hosted by A

Dr. Noubar Arsenian The Palestinian-Armenian Sheikh As-Sayadleh ,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

Until his retirement in 1999, following a cerebral stroke, Noubar Arsenia

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

(MD, MSc.) is an active participant in the building of a democratic Pales

Dr. Amin M. Khatib,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Dr. Amin Mohammad Khatib was born in Jerusalem in the family house in Bab

Downtown Ramallah,h Edition No74 - 2004-06-01

The vibrant city of Ramallah is a hub of economic, industrial and cultural a

DOM – The Gypsy Community in Jerusalem,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

The origins of the Gypsy people in Palestine can be traced back to India

Diwan Al-Noor Reem Al-Faisal,h Edition No46 - 2002-02-01

In the first exhibit ever by a Gulf artist in Palestine, Saudi Reem Al-Fa

Deir Rafat,h Edition No73 - 2004-05-01

The importance of the site of the convent of Deir Rafat is attributed to

Dedication of the First Deir Yassin Memorial in the United States,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

On Wednesday, September 24th at 11 a.m. the dedication of a bronze sculpt

Dear This Week in Palestine,,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

In the March 2004 edition of your publication, you included a piece from

Cremisan Monastery,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01

Approximately 2 Km west of Bethlehem is Beit Jala, a town set among olive gr

Cremisan Monastery ,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01

The Cremisan monastery lies on the border between Beit Jala and Jerusalem, w

Consolato Generale d’Italia-Gerusalemme,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

On the occasion of the Italian National Day, the Consulate General of Ita

City Café,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

Beit Hanina, Main Road
Tel. 02-5838044<

Cinemas in Jerusalem,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

Visitors to East Jerusalem will be surprised to learn that there are no c

Children of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music/Birzeit University,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

As one steps into one of the premises of the three branches of the Edward

CHILDREN OF BETHANY,h Edition No57 - 2003-01-01

The Story of a Palestinian Family
Bloomsbury, USA, 1999, 243

Child Abuse in Palestine,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

In many societies, issues of violence – particularly against chil

Checkpoint Love Story,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

Palestinians commuting through the Huwwara checkpoint (the ‘Humiliation

Café Europe,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

11 Azzahra Street
Tel. 0

By Eastern Windows ,h Edition No63 - 2003-07-01

Jerusalem, 2003, 260 pages
There is a hidden meaning in the title of th

Burhan Karkutli,h Edition No71 - 2004-03-01

Burhan Karkutli, the Syrian Arab artist - with a strong Palestinian

BREAKING THE SIEGE,h Edition No52 - 2002-08-01

They spent days and nights under the eyes of Jesus Christ and the Virgin

Borderline Restaurant Café ,h Edition No74 - 2004-06-01

Shimon Al-Sidiq Street Jerusalem Tel. 02-532 8342 Open daily fro

Bitter Harvest: A Modern History of Palestine,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

Interlink Publishers Group, 1990, 352 pages, $24.00

Bethlehem Peace Center Press Release ,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

On April 2nd, 2002, the Israeli army mounted the largest incursion

Bethlehem Besieged: Stories of Hope in Times of Trouble,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

By Mitri Raheb Fortress Press, USA, 2004, 158 pages. Soft cover, $1

Beitin,h Edition No58 - 2003-02-01

Beitin is a small village of no more than 2,000 inhabitants, famous for i

Being in the heart of the Old World,,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

Being in the heart of the Old World, the point where three civilizations mee

Bass Shwai A Must for Every Child,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

In August, four children, Christina Stavridis, Dina Meo, Zeina Khoury and

Bader Zama’rah,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

In a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York on October 17th, 2004, the U

Bab el Amud (Damascus Gate),h Edition No64 - 2003-07-31

Damascus Gate is the largest of the Old City’s seven gates. The name, B

Au­then­tic Pal­es­tinian Em­broi­dery,h Edition No37 - 2001-05-01


Ashraf Fawakhry,h Edition No61 - 2003-05-01

Ashraf Fawakhry’s solo exhibition, “Line 13,"was his way of commemora

Armenian Tavern,h Edition No55 - 2002-11-01

Armenian St.
Jaffa Gate
Tel. 02-6273854

Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem ,h Edition No45 - 2002-01-01

Armenians adopted Christianity in the early fourth century, becoming the

Annemarie Jacir,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

Annemarie Jacir

Palestinian filmmaker, poet and activist Anne

An In­tro­duction to Palestinian Cui­sine,h Edition No39 - 2001-07-01

Attention to detail is one of those aspects of Palestinian cuisine that coul

Ali Qleibo ,h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01

Dr. Ali Qleibo was born and raised in Jerusalem. He studied art and cultu

Al-Urmawi Centre for Mashreq Music,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

About the Centre
Al-Urmawi was a great Arabic music the

Al-Taboon Garden Restaurant ,h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01

1, Ali Ibn Abi Taleb St.
Tel. 02-6282588

Al-Quds Everlasting The new CD for Rim Banna,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

The noted Palestinian artist and singer Rim Banna has come out with

Al-Kamandjati’s Journey in Palestine,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

For the third time in a row, a group of 30 persons (musicians, Al-Kamandj

Al-Aqsa Mosque,h Edition No67 - 2003-11-01

The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which lies at the southern end of the Al-Haram El-Sharif

Al-Aqsa Mosque,h Edition No43 - 2001-11-01

The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which lies at the southern end of the Al-Haram el-Sharif

Ahmad Al-Khatib,h Edition No47 - 2002-03-01

Ahmad Al-Khatib was born in Jordan in 1974 to a father who was a poet and

Abu Ghosh,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

The old Jerusalem - Tel Aviv highway used to pass through this busy

Abu Ahmad ,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

The purpose of shedding some light on our ‘Personality of the

Abdul Hameed Shoman 1890 - 1974,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

The lifetime of Abdul Hameed Shoman witnessed one of the most difficult a

ABDEL MUHSEN QATTAN,h Edition No46 - 2002-02-01

Abdel Muhsen Qattan was born in Jaffa on November 5, 1929, where his fath

A Vision for Cultural Tourism and Natural Heritage in Palestine,h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

The “Vision for Cultural Tourism and Natural Heritage in Palestine" is

A Palestinian Wins Two Gold and Four Silver Medals at the 2004 Israeli Swimming Championship,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

The young Palestinian swimmer Jowan Mazen Qupty has won two gold medals i

A Moral Issue,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

I admire women who care about their appearance and beauty, especial

A Message of Hope and Beauty,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

The opening of the musical, Al-Fawanees (Lanterns), on August 6th,

A MESSAGE FROM THE PUBLISHER,h Edition No38 - 2001-06-01

Another month passes and here we are with yet another issue of This Week in

A Message from the Minister,h Edition No55 - 2002-11-01

The world tourism industry has just started to pull out of the deep

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you t

A Guiding Light Falls on Ramallah,h Edition No74 - 2004-06-01

Ramallah is now usually quiet at night. This has not always been the case

A Close Reality or a Distant Dream?,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

Welcome to the information age where symbols of the Industrial,h Edition No50 - 2002-06-01

This month's review highlights the website of an organization whose role

3 Arches Restaurant,h Edition No78 - 2004-10-01

26 King David Street
Tel. 02-569 2692

100 YEARS OF PALESTINIAN HISTORY,h Edition No51 - 2002-07-01

A 20th Century Chronology


'Emwas',h Edition No37 - 2001-05-01

'Emwas is first mentioned in the historical records in 161BC during the Macc

"Life is Beautiful",h Edition No69 - 2004-01-01

A couple of days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to terrible pa

It’s Not Hard to Please Myself!,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

You can never please all the people in your life. You can, however, please a

iT is Hard to Memorize..easy to Innovate,h Edition No189 - 2014-01-01
Ten years ago, I took one of the easiest decisions of my entire life: I qu

Israeli Settlements in Beit Jala - Bethlehem,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

The largest of these settlements is Gilo, which was established in 1970 on P

Israel's Ultra-Modern Trick & the Politics of Marketing,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

After the recent horror caused by Israeli jets that exploded the wind out of

Ismail Shammout 1930-2006,h Edition No101 - 2006-09-01

Ismail Shammout died July 4. How painful that Palestine was not there around

Ishraq (Reminiscence)Sana Moussa’sInaugural CD,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
When I was four, I used to attentively obs

Is Palestine Included in the Busan Partnership? Or Was the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness Just the Usual Haky Faady?* ,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
I arrived in Busan, Korea, on November 25, a

Investing in Palestinian Culture Heritage, Agriculture, and Ecotourism,h Edition No177 - 2013-01-01
One of the characteristics of a state is the cultural identity of its citi

Investing in Destination Palestine … It’s PalesTIME ,h Edition No177 - 2013-01-01
According to the World Tourism Organization, 2011 international arrivals i

Intimacy and the Other: Privacy and Love in Palestinian Villages,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

The discourse of silence is constitutive of Palestinian individual identity.

International Solidarity from a Palestinian Perspective,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
In 2010, I moved to New York City to study at Columbia University after sp

International Organisations in the Palestinian Arena,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

International non-governmental organisations (INGOs) have been present in Pa

International Labour Organization Over 90 Years of Global Labour Development Interventions,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
The International Labour Organization (ILO

Inscribing Bethlehem on the World Heritage List,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
The thirty-sixth session of the World Heritage Convention, which was held

Indigo Plant, Pomegranate, and Saffron Flowers … A Festival of Colours,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
The traditional Palestinian costume: a compo

Inass Yassin,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
Inass Yassin is one of the most distinguis

In the Wake of Identity: Silencing the Palestinian Voice,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

“One particular Palestinian poet is worth 10,000 fedayeens."

In the Shadows of Contemporary Palestinian Art,h Edition No186 - 2013-10-01
“The ones who can call themselves contemporary are only those who do

In Praise of Thorns and Thistles Summer Walking in Palestine,h Edition No146 - 2010-06-01
Walkers in the lovely Palestinian spring usu

In Memory of Michael Adams,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

Michael Adams, who has recently died aged 84, in middle age became the

In Jerusalem,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
For a performer of such rich and diverse talent-accompli

In Jerusalem Rights Violated by Those Who Are Obliged to Protect,h Edition No161 - 2011-09-01
For many Palestinians in Jerusalem, visiti

In Deep Water: Young Swimmers in Palestine,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

Have you ever watched the Olympics and found yourself in awe of the physique

Impressions of Gaza,h Edition No166 - 2012-02-01
Media has done an excellent job at building

Image, Word, and Text Promoting Palestinian Cultural Identity,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
This Week in Palestine promotes the Palestinian cultural image as a

ILO and Gender Equality in the West Bank and Gaza Strip*,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01

Ila Mata,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

Songs from Palestine

IHDA',h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

Although rap music has been a fixture in the United States since the 1970s,

If Content Is King, Let Palestine Ascend the Throne,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
It is quite funny, yet extremely dolorous that we seek attention only from

Ibrahim’s Bar - Jerusalem,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

Now that the hot season is in full swing, it is the perfect time to head to

Ibrahim Matar,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

Ibrahim Matar was born, grew up and spent his working life in Jerusalem. He

Ibrahim M. Al-Mzain,h Edition No84 - 2005-04-01

Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Mzain is a renowned Palestinian artist born in Rafah i

I’m Palestinian and I’m Going to School Today Madrasati Palestine,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
Hamza is 16 years old; he is in the final

I Will Stop Feeling the Glory!,h Edition No136 - 2009-08-01
“Come and

I Sent the Invitations but I Could Not Attend!,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

It looks paradoxical to call for a meeting when you know that you cannot att

I Come from There and Remember,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Supervising public information for UNRWA, the UN agency which has provided h

I Can Move,h Edition No179 - 2013-03-01
In 2011, Royston Maldoom and I, along with colleagues, launched the I Can

I am Silwan,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
Who are you? Where are you from? What is the local culture, history, and i

I AM JERUSALEM,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01
Jerusalem, 2007, 3

Husni Elias Haddad,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

The late Husni Haddad, Abu Ramzi, is what you would call salt of the earth.

Huda,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

As I sat down to write this article I could not suppress my feelings of ange,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01
Review date: 20 Se,h Edition No181 - 2013-05-01
Review date: April 20, 2013,h Edition No145 - 2010-05-01
Review date: 19 Ap,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
Review date: March,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

“Made in Palestine” is the theme, and the review is of a distinguished s,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
Review date: 21 September 2010,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

Though hard-pressed to find an appropriate site for this month’s theme&nbs,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
Review date: May 18, 2013,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

This month’s focus is on the website of Bil’in village - one of the,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
Review date: August 16, 2012,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
Review date: 19 May 2009,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

The Jerusalem contemporary art scene has had little focus over the years. Bu,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
Review date: 18 Ap

Howling in Am Salamonah Impairment as Metaphor,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
Am Salamonah is a small village south of Bet

How Will I Keep Holding on to My Sanity? The curse of having a Gaza ID in the West Bank,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

This title would probably sound slightly absurd to someone somewhere else in

Hossam Zuheika,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

Hossam Zuheika, born in Jerusalem in 1962, is a widely known puppeteer who h

Hospitality and Tourism Management Education: Swiss Cooperation in Palestine,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
For years, Switzerland has had the worldwide

Honour Crimes and Tribal Laws in Palestine,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01

Hong Kong House,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

Chinese Restaurant
Main Road, Beit Hanina

Honey,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
With recent headlines announcing renewed peace talks between Israel and Pa

Holy Week in Jerusalem,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
This April thousands of pilgrims, tourists, and locals alike will flock to

Holy Sepulchre ,h Edition No6 - 1998-10-01
The Holy Sepulchre or the sacred Tomb, in Arabic called Al-Qiyame, which means the Resurrection. It is no doubt the most important shrine in the C

History Telling, a Favourite Gazan Pastime,h Edition No193 - 2014-05-01
The telling of “history” in Gaza and the peering over its minute detai

Higher Education in the Hebron Governorate,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, and the Merciful

Herodion,h Edition No9 - 1999-01-01
The site of Herodion, the fortress and burial place of the Edomite King Herod, lies 10 km east of Bethlehem. It can be reached via the road that p

Herod, Hisham, and Ein el-Sultan Reflections on the Last One Hundred Centuries in Jericho,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
Spring in Jericho begins as early as mid-Feb

Heritage for Development: Challenging the Comfort Zone,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
In August 1973, the Palestinian National Council threw its support behind

Helping the Palestinians to Reach MDG 5: Improving Maternal Health,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
According to a 2009 MIFTAH/UNFPA report,* th

Hells Journey: Coming Home to Gaza,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

It has often been said that no one goes through more trouble trying to retur

Hebron: Heritage of Palestine,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

Hebron is one of the most important and oldest cities in Palestine’s histo

Hebron Glass A Centuries-old Tradition,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

Just a few meters before the city of Hebron, at the end of the short distanc

Healthy Recipes,h Edition No185 - 2013-09-01
You are what you eat is the most accurate saying.  The food we eat is

Health Reform A summary of the health reform initiatives under way in Palestine,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
The Ministry of Health (MoH) believes that

Health Care in Jerusalem,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

To many Palestinians, accessing Jerusalem is an inalienable political right

Hazem Harb,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

For an artist who is only 26 years old, the most striking thing about Hazem

Harvard Representatives visit Ramallah’s Friends School,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

tudents’ chatter and wild rumours of scholarships fill the air as everyone

Hanny Khoury,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
Hanny Khoury was born in Eilaboun Village, near Tiberias in Galilee, on Ja

Hannan Abu Hussein,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

In her unique works of art, Hannan Abu Hussein examines mainly the imagery o

Hanna Giacaman 1922–2006 Homage to a Heritage Keeper,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

Whenever I sat with the late Hanna Abdullah Giacaman in his

Haneen Omari,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

I often accompany her as we go about our daily routines, the routin

Handala’s World Tour Revisited,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

I am sure this article has been written many times before, both in theme and

Hammam El-Ein: The Jinn, Zumurrud, and the Stolen Child,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
In the na

Haj Abu-Tayseer: A Life, A Story,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Mustafa Odeh Abu Sneineh, known by Haj Abu-Tayseer, was present during the

Haifa Shawa-Masri and the Kirdan project,h Edition No27 - 2000-07-01

Even though the traditional feminine art of Palestinian embroidery has al

Guided Tours ,h Edition No21 - 2000-01-01
Note: Please change their phone number under "Cultural centers - Ramallah" to 2958825.

Friday 14 January: Nablus and Vicinity

Guided Tours ,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
Friday 03 December: Monasteries and Maqams of the Jerusalem wilderness
Highlights: Good Samaritan Inn, Nabi Mousa, St. Goerge's Monastery, Monast

Growing Old in Palestine,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

I was born in Palestine during the British Mandate, and one of my early memo

Green Loan Programme,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
Many householders become confused by the v

GRAVE TIMES NOW AND THEN ,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01

A letter from the editor
Dear reader,


Grand opening of the Palestinian Art Court – Al-Hoash A Retrospective on Hassan Hourani,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

The Palestinian Art Court – Al-Hoash formally launches its gallery space i

Got to be ROCK ’n’ ROLL music,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

The sixties were a time when hardly anything happened in Jerusalem. We slept

Golda Slept Here,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
By Suad Amiry

God is Not an Elephant (but He is in the Room),h Edition No179 - 2013-03-01
At the interfaith conference,

Glimpses on the Metropolis,h Edition No65 - 2003-09-01

Teddy Kollek, the Israeli mayor of Jerusalem from 1965 until 1993, liked to

George Ibrahim,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

36 years of work in the
Palestinian theatre

GENTLY I PRESS THE TRIGGER,h Edition No194 - 2014-06-01
Gallery One | Ramallah, Palestine

Gender and Disabilities: Marginal Issues in Palestinian Development and Rights Initiatives,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
Under the heading “Diseases” in the Pale

Gaza: Contested Crossroads,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

“A city so rich in trees it looks like a cloth of brocade

Gaza Writes Back,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine

Gaza Graffiti A Photo Exhibit,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
The sky is blue and beautiful, the road is l

Gaza Calling: Infiltrators in their own country,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
I am a Palestinian who was born in Bethleh

Garo Demergian,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

Most people know Garo Demergian as ‘the one-man-band entertainer’. For o

Future Movements,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
City States: Je

Future Hope Increasing Universal Access to Prevention, Treatment, and Care in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
Adopted by world leaders in the year 2000 an

From Jerusalem to Beijing,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

Like all other aspects of Palestinian life, sports has been influenced by th

From Humble Beginnings... The East Jerusalem YMCA,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

The East Jerusalem YMCA (EJ-YMCA) is known as the warm and friendly place fo

Frequently Asked Questions prepared by PLO Negotiations Office,h Edition No161 - 2011-09-01

French Cultural Cooperation,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

The largest foreign cultural network in Palestine

Freezing a Memory “Shoot as You Walk in Jerusalem”,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
What would a camera say about a place? How can the photo protect a whole c

François Nicodeme An Unfinished Piano Concerto? Or an Unfinished Composer’s Life…,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

The race with time is as old as the existence of humanity. One can still rem

Forests as Important Bird Areas in Palestine,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Palestine, as a part of the Eastern Mediterranean region in West Asia, consi

Forested Areas in the Hebron Governorate: Status and Challenges,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

Throughout the British Mandate period, forest law was formulated to regulate

Foreign Aid and Development in Palestine ,h Edition No13 - 1999-05-01
Jerusalem Media and Communications Center, March 1999 Written by: Dr. Adel Zagha Research assistants: Manal Jamal and Fadi Harb. This book

For Yara,h Edition No171 - 2012-07-01
Cancer does not ask permission to enter. It does not ask for an appointmen

Food Security in Palestine A Human Rights-Based Approach,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01
Food is one of the most basic needs for huma

Flavors Restaurant & Café,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

42 Salah Eddin Street

Five Guaranteed Ways to Profit from Investment in the Palestinian Community,h Edition No177 - 2013-01-01
Investors want their assets to multiply. They buy shares in companies or f

First Sirriyeh of Ramallah: The Bride of al-Tireh,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

Is the city of Ramallah in need of sports clubs? Or does it have enough club

First Exhibition of Palestinian Youth’s Technological Inventions,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

More than 150 people arrived in Ramallah on 19 January 2006 to witness the e

Finding meaning in the color of the words Ahmad Dari,h Edition No10 - 1999-02-01
Born in 1964 in Eisawiyyeh village, Jerusalem, Ahmad Dari developed a new style in the construction of the Arabic Calligraphy painting, sending le

Film Review,h Edition No55 - 2002-11-01

Egypt, 200

Fighting the Fear Changing Perceptions of Breast Cancer amongst Palestinian Men and Women,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01

Fighting Racism, Building Economic Development,h Edition No129 - 2009-01-01
While Knesset members and even ministers are

Fifty Years of Collecting Palestinian Heritage,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

Prior to 1948, every area of Palestine had a special market day on which vil

Festivals Offer a Beautiful Image of Palestine,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
When organizing an artistic festival one i

Fawzy Jiries Nastas,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
After more than forty years of working and s

Fatenah,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
Fatenah is a 27-year-old young woman who liv

Farmers in Palestine Grow Amazing Products under Adverse Conditions,h Edition No145 - 2010-05-01
The loss of large stretches of Palestinian a

Farid Fakhriddin,h Edition No166 - 2012-02-01

Farewell Mahmoud,h Edition No126 - 2008-10-01

Farashe Yoga Center,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01

Faisal Al-Husseini,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

A few days ago, as I was on my way to Jerusalem back from Ramallah, I drove

Fadia Daibes Murad,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
Dr. Fadia Daibes Murad was one of Palestine’s foremost experts on water

Facts about Jericho,h Edition No144 - 2010-04-01
Jericho is considered to be the oldest continuousl

Experiential Tourism in Palestine,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
“Abu Samer welcomed us warmly and his family prepared a village chicken

EXISTENCE DENIED,h Edition No146 - 2010-06-01

Exhibition,h Edition No24 - 2000-04-01

Artist Youssef Al Rajabi
Born in Jerusalem in 1966, Al Raj

Excerpts from Articles Published in This Week in Palestine,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
Palestine’s Economic Hallucination

Excavation Adventures in Ancient Palestine,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
Archaeology in Palestine today is an increas

Everything you always wanted to know about disengagement,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

When I was first asked to be involved with the Palestinian team wo

Everybody to his cage, quietly,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

Nothing is gripping about the cheerless stories I am about to tell reg

European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

It's not them and us It's you and me

European Union Foreign Policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01
Passia Publication

European Solidarity with Palestine,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of

Ethnic Identity in Al Quds,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
Visitors to Jerusalem’s Old City often e

Environmental Innovation Reviving Environmental Consciousness in Palestine,h Edition No189 - 2014-01-01
Sumud, steadfastness and rootedness on the land, has characterised

Environmental Actors in Palestine,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
The diverse NGO landscape in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) ca

Eng. Ziad Al-Bandak,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
Adviser to the

Endless Tracks in Palestine,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
The Palestinian situation is divided into three components: the geographic

Endangered Cultural Heritage sites in the West Bank Governorates,h Edition No16 - 1999-08-01
Emergency Natural Resources Protection Plan Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation Directorate for Urban and Rural Pl

Encounter in Surif Palestinian Peasant Household Solidarity,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

The summer has come to an end; the guava season is over, and the olives are

Enas Massalha,h Edition No188 - 2013-12-01
A voice like that of Enas Massalha is God-given, a divine, angelic gift to

Emily Jacir’s Material for a Film: Ongoing homage and artistic revenge for Wa’el Zuaiter,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

For the first time in its history, the Venetian Golden Lion Award has been g

Embroidery and Beyond Cultural heritage provides a means for a dignified life,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

A morning at Surif Women’s Cooperative starts early in the pristine villag

Embroidering a Life: Palestinian Women and Embroidery,h Edition No19 - 1999-11-01
Published by: Sunbula in cooperation with the Palestinian Heritage Center Jerusalem 1999 48 pages, pictures and illustrations Once a tradit

Elizabeth Harden,h Edition No36 - 2001-04-01

Elizabeth Harden studied history of art in Edinburgh and worked as a writer,

Elias Mourad Design and Tailoring,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
Originating from the imagination and creativ

Elia Suleiman,h Edition No54 - 2002-10-01

The noted Palestinian film director Elia Suleiman was born in Nazareth in 19

Elia Suleiman,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

Writer-director Elia Suleiman is now referred to as Palestine’s first movi

Electing a President While Hoping for a State,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

On the 9th of January Palestinians in the West Bank (including East

El-Nakbah Re-Visited: Beit Jibrin, The Sublime and Intimations of the Other,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01

El-Khader: A National Palestinian Symbol,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

Saints' shrines and holy men's memorial domes (maqam) dot the Palestinian la

El-Khader - Bethlehem,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

El-Khader is an elongated village of some 5,000 inhabitants, stretching for

El-Khader - Bethlehem,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

El-Khader is an elongated village of some 5,000 inhabitants, stretching for

El-Khader,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

El-Khader is an elongated village of some 5,000 inhabitants, stretching for

El-Funoun: Dance as Resistance,h Edition No83 - 2005-03-01

Celebrating 26 years of Creativity and Rootedness


El Dorado Coffee shop and Internet Café ,h Edition No54 - 2002-10-01

Salah Eddin Street
Tel. 02-6260993
Open d

El Container,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
As I sit at my desk at my day job, the most important agenda item for the

Eid Al-Fitr,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

With the approach of Eid al-Fitr, the end of the holy month of Ramadan

Edward Said: A Mentor Who Mastered Speaking Truth to Power,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
During the spring semester of 1992, I was on

Edward Muallem: Theatre Pioneer, Actor, Trainer, and Director,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

At the age of 17, Edward Muallem went from his village Mi’ilya, in the Nor

Education: the Unifier, the Healer,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
Divided… partitioned… severed.

Education in Palestine Challenges and Ways Forward,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
Under occupation, with a lack of natural res

Education The Last Frontier of Sumud in Jerusalem,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
Jerusalem has been suffocated for the last d

Edmund Shehadeh,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
Life in the occupied Palestinian territories

Eating around Palestine,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
Welcome to Palestine, a lovely and hospitabl

Eastern Christmas Services in Jerusalem and Bethlehem,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01

Monday 01 January Exhibition: Chris

EASTER MESSAGE FROM JERUSALEM,h Edition No6 - 1998-10-01
Easter is major festive event for Eastern Christians. The various historic churches of Palestine are rich in their liturgies, rituals, and ceremon

Easter in Jerusalem - Jerusalem,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

East Jerusalem’s Leadership Vacuum and How to Resolve It,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
Chambers of commerce in various Palestinian cities hold regular elections

East Jerusalem YMCA Receives Economics Creativity Award,h Edition No129 - 2009-01-01
The YMCA of East Jerusalem received the Econ

East Jerusalem Hospitals A Network for Quality ,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
East Jerusalem Hospitals (EJHs) are long-e

E-day: the moment of truth,h Edition No93 - 2006-01-01

I first joined the Central Elections Commission (CEC) during the presidentia

Dr. Umaiyeh Khammash,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
Dr. Umaiyeh Khammash, director of the UNRW

Dr. Naseeb Shaheen,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

Dr. Naseeb Shaheen, the son of the well-known philanthropist Azeez Shaheen,

Dr. Nabeel Kassis,h Edition No147 - 2010-07-01
Undoubtedly, Dr. Nabeel Kassis is one of P

Dr. Ali Khashan,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
From the Camps to

Downtown Ramallah - Ramallah,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

The vibrant city of Ramallah is a hub of economic, industrial and cultural a

Downtown Ramallah - Ramallah,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

Downtown Ramallah,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

The vibrant city of Ramallah is a hub of economic, industrial and cultural a

Doublespeak Rewriting the Map,h Edition No161 - 2011-09-01
What’s in a name? Shakespeare’s Romeo

Don’t Tweet Life, Live It,h Edition No165 - 2012-01-01
This is the Facebook generation. This is t

Doing Well by Doing Good,h Edition No140 - 2009-12-01
The relatively young age of corporate soci

Does the International Aid System Violate Palestinians’ Rights?,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

Self-determination is a fundamental principle of internation

Does memory heal? If it heals, does it erase? Problematics of Representation of Palestine,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

We are embodied in our self - or is our self our body? Does our body ha

Documenting Daily Life in Galilee Villages,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

In 1970 I came with my small family to spend a year in my village - Ram

Do You Know Jesus?,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
It was a lovely Christmas dinner in Grenob

Dishonest Broker,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

The Role of the United States in Palestine and Israel

Disengaging, not disengaging!,h Edition No88 - 2005-08-01

For years on end Palestinians have suffered from the pains of occupation. Th

Disability and Rehabilitation in Palestine,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
People with disabilities in Palestine make u

Dimitri C. Baramki 1909–1984,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
The ancient land of Palestine began to attract Western archaeologists almo

Diaspora Down Under: the Story of Palestinians in Australia,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

Often enough when we visit our families and friends in Palestine, in the Ara

Dhikr, Mawlid, and the Praise of God The Discourse of Arabic Religious Music,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01
“O you who beli

Development and Gender: Can we learn about it?,h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

Yes, we can; but are we equipped to allow this learning to transform our thi

Destination Palestine ... Perceptions vs. Reality,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
The history of global tourism has proved time and again that no tourism de

Designing Palestinian Handicrafts,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01

Denial at a City Scale: How Long is Temporary? ,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
In the past few months, Ramallah has been in the headlines. With threats o

Delivering Development under Duress,h Edition No148 - 2010-08-01
When 189 countries signed the Millennium Dec

Deir Yassin,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Debate between a scientist and a rogue ,h Edition No25 - 2000-05-01

A scientist came to visit the city one day, and met with the city's learned

Dear Hillary,,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

My name is Mike Odetalla. I am a Palestinian/American and a father of three,

Daoud Zalatimo, 1906–2001,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
Daoud Zalatimo is one of the early Palestini

Daniel del Pino: Another Form of Solidarity,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

Among the many ways to express solidarity with the Palestinian people, Danie

Dandanat Palestinian Swedish Cultural Encounter Bethlehem Music Festival,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

The International Center of Bethlehem (Dar Annadwa) and the Swedish Christia

Dandanat A Palestinian-Swedish Cultural Encounter A Bethlehem Youth Music Festival,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

The idea to create Dandanat arose from the need to find a place for Palestin

Damascus Gate (Bab Al-Amoud),h Edition No8 - 1998-12-01
Literally translated as the Door of the pillar, Bab Al Amoud is the most important and the largest gate in Jerusalem. It is also called Damascus g

Culture, Ecology, and Palestinian Identity,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
Palestinian urban centres, villages, and Bedouin communities date back tho

Culture in Ramallah: An Overview,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

In spite of the emotional and physical distance that stands between my life

Cultural Heritage Protection in Palestine: The Need for a National Policy,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

In accordance with internationally accepted definitions, the

Cultural Heritage A Vehicle for Socio-economic Development,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Our cultural heritage assets, in spite of destruction and neglect, are treme

Cultural Exchanges in Hebron,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

“I would like to study French because it is the language of love and cultu

Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites in Palestine,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Following the events of April 2002 in Palestine, especially the prolonged si

CSR in Palestine A New Concept for Investment,h Edition No140 - 2009-12-01


Critiquing the Industry and Telling a Story,h Edition No183 - 2013-07-01
Restaurant reviews are meant to promote some restaurants and sometimes rai

Cremisan Monastery,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
Cremisan monastery is on the border between Beit Jala and Jerusalem, with the main building officially in Jerusalem and the storeroom on the other

Credible Concerns in the Holy Land over a Planned Agreement Between Israel and the Holy See,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
Palestinian public outrage, after news came out of an alleged agreement to

Creating New Memories for Beit Hanina’s Children,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

Cosmopolitan Jerusalem: Missionary Presence and the Modernisation of Palestine,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

For the past century Jerusalem has stood apart from the rest of Palestine wi

Corporate Social Responsibility Does Money Matter Most?,h Edition No140 - 2009-12-01
What really matters to a corporation is th

Contemplations,h Edition No166 - 2012-02-01
Al Hoash is organising the Fourth Collecti

Construction in Jerusalem – Mission Impossible!,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
As in every city that has existed for decade

Collège des Frères Alumni Come Back to School,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

Two hundred graduates of the Collège des Frères gathered at the campus in

Coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Let me introduce myself. I am an Arab Palestinian Christian Evangelical Luth

Climate and the Bible,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Syria is the name given to the tract of fertile land that lies between the A

Churches in the Old City ,h Edition No17 - 1999-09-15
Jerusalem has dozens of churches within its walls, the most important site here is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which is the most venerated sh

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE,h Edition No32 - 2000-12-01

During this Christmas season, as the political and economic situation of our

Christina Stavridis / Zeina Amr,h Edition No77 - 2004-09-01

Two young girls played the role of the princess in the Al-Fawanees musica

Children of Palestine, UNITE!,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
As we move forward in our quest to end occ

Childhood, Parenting, and Poetry The Scars of Love,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
There was a time when

Chefs from Palestine,h Edition No183 - 2013-07-01
Since the theme of this current issue of This Week in Palestine is

Chef Ya’coub Salbis,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

Chef Ya’coub Boutros Salbis is a renowned Palestinian chef who has been ac

Checkpoint 300,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
What time do you get up to go to work in the

Chams & Co - Hafleh 'ala Ghafleh,h Edition No35 - 2001-03-01

Surprising Evening

Im Tha'er and the French Cultural Center are h

Challenging Empire God, Faithfulness, and Resistance,h Edition No164 - 2011-12-01

Challenging Christian Zionism,h Edition No97 - 2006-05-01

Theology, Politics and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Chaldean Street,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

So narrow is Chaldean Street that most passers-by, preoccupied with their bu

Centre for Jerusalem Studies at Al-Quds University,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

Located in the Old City’s 12th century Mamluk site of Souk Al-Qattanin, wh

Centre Culturel Français - Gaza,h Edition No117 - 2008-01-01

Celebrating Palestinian Wildlife,h Edition No158 - 2011-06-01
Nature in Palestine has a special diversity.

Celebrating Al-Quds/Jerusalem as Capital of Arab Culture Upholding Values of Diversity and Tolerance against Oppression and Denial of the Other,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
By choosing to celebrate Al-Quds/Jerusalem a

Casino Candidate Lights Up Gaza,h Edition No159 - 2011-07-01
“…met the needs of the city’s 20,000 p

Carob, Fennel, and the Red Soil of Gimzo: Crafting Palestinian Identity,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

“It is spring, and the fennel grows in abundance in the valley of Gimzo,

Cancer Didn’t Kill My Mother, the Occupation Did,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Canaanite Jerusalem - Jerusalem,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

The Canaanites were a Semitic people from the inner-Arabian Peninsula;

Can We Protect Our Environment?,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

We often ask ourselves many questions: Is it our role to protect the environ

Call to Action,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
On my way back from Brussels to Amman, my he

Call of the Wild,h Edition No154 - 2011-02-01
The happiest day of your life. No, not the

Calendar of Events of Al-Quds Capital of Arab Culture 2009 Unifying Palestinians through a Cultural Agenda,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
Despite all the difficulties and obstacles t

But Still, They Continue to Live Bethlehem and the Segregation Wall,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

It is not easy to talk about the Segregation Wall, as its implications durin

Bus Number 23,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

I was 13 years old standing next to my father in Bethlehem one sunny and win

Burqin Church ,h Edition No12 - 1999-04-01
The Fifth holiest Christian place and the third oldest church in the world Located in the village of Burqin, 3 kms west of Jenin lies the B

Building From Below Zero, Again,h Edition No54 - 2002-10-01

One of the most widespread Israeli myths of the last two years is that Pales

Building for Hope The Ramallah Sports & Recreational Centre,h Edition No75 - 2004-07-01

The East Jerusalem YMCA (EJ-YMCA) is embarking on a five million dollar p

Building a Legacy of Art in Palestine,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
If you’re an art enthusiast, you probabl

Budding Young Artists,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
The International Academy of Art, Palestine (IAAP) was established in 2006

Budding Gaza,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
As it was his neighbourhood’s turn for an eight-hour shift of blackout,

Brokers of Deceit: How The US has Undermined Peace in the Middle East,h Edition No185 - 2013-09-01
By Rashid Khalidi

Broadcast Media in Palestine,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
Although print media in Palestine has been i

Bravado, Impetuousness, and Swashbuckling in Palestinian Culture,h Edition No181 - 2013-05-01
There was a land of Cavaliers and Cotton Fields called the Old South. H

Born on Which Side of the Wall?,h Edition No181 - 2013-05-01
The journals of two teenagers from different sides of the Wall.<

Born in Jerusalem, Palestine,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

I was born in Jerusalem on November 3, 1929. It is not easy to forget my bir

Blossoming Spring in Palestine,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
Spring this year in Palestine is unique; manifesting a colourful appearanc

Bird Watching and Ringing in 2014,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
Although Palestine has a relatively small land area in comparison to other

Biodiversity and Human Rights from a Palestinian Perspective,h Edition No190 - 2014-02-01
The concept of environment as a basic human right encompasses a respect fo

Beyond Pilgrimages,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

Palestine has been receiving tourist

Between Here and Somewhere Else,h Edition No145 - 2010-05-01
Between Her

Betty Majaj,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

Betty Majaj has been the director of the Princess Basma Centre for Disabled

Bethlehem’s Refugee Camps,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

Bethlehem’s Refugee Camps,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Bethlehem: The Heart of Christmas,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
The celebration of Christmas is a time of

Bethlehem: A Bright Future in Music,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
The importance each society gives to music

Bethlehem University - Bethlehem,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Bethlehem University of the Holy Land is a Catholic Christian co-educational

Bethlehem University Inspiring Innovation and Creating the Future,h Edition No91 - 2005-11-01

Bethlehem University of the Holy Land is the first university established in

Bethlehem THE CRADLE OF KINGS,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

Sansur Books, Bethlehem, 2005, 219 pages, $30.

The book traces

Bethlehem City Quarters - Bethlehem,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

Bethlehem A Potential World Heritage Site,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
When I first started to work at the Centre f

Bet Suriq/Bet Shinneh: Love and Life in a Palestinian Village,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

Three huge ancient oak trees huddle closely together, and two younger ones,

Beitin An Open Archaeological Park ,h Edition No187 - 2013-11-01
Beitin is located approximately 14 kilometres north of Jerusalem and 5 kil

Beitin ,h Edition No17 - 1999-09-15
Human settlement in Beitin dates back to the pre-historic period. Archaeological excavations in the 1950s discovered flint tools, pottery, and ani

Beit Ummar: Where Dreams Come True Aging with Dignity in Palestinian Villages,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

As the road meanders among the grape vineyards of the Hebron Mountains, and

Beit Jala and Learning the Meaning of Homeland,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
When I walked the streets of Beit Jala for

Beit Jala,h Edition No35 - 2001-03-01

Two kilometers west of Bethlehem is another Palestinian town worth visiting-

Beit Jala ,h Edition No13 - 1999-05-01
Two kilometers west of Bethlehem is another Palestinian village worth visiting. Beit Jala enjoys a reputation as a summer resort and it is also fa

Beit Ibrahim Guesthouse - Bethlehem,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

Beit Ibrahim Guesthouse,h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

Beit Ibrahim, also known as Abrahams Herberge is an ultra-modern guesthouse/

Being Rural,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
One of the unforgettable memories that seems to accompany my few morning m

Being Palestinian,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

To be a Palestinian in this world is a truly unique experience. You begin

Bedouin: From Eviction to Drought Crisis,h Edition No129 - 2009-01-01
Zinc barracks line the highway from Jerusale

Beauty and the Sublime: Photography Exhibit by Ali Qleibo ,h Edition No179 - 2013-03-01
This photography exhibition captures the early morning light on the al-Aqs

Beautiful Resistance,h Edition No169 - 2012-05-01
I was born Palest

Be a Witness to Our Heritage,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
‘Al’a Dal’ona…A’la Dalo’na… I

BDS for Palestinian Rights Celebrating Our Successes, Reflecting on Our Challenges,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
Days before he departed, Gabi Baramki asked his life companion, Mrs. Haifa

Battir Cultural Landscape wins the Melina Mercouri International Prize for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural Landscapes,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
On 31 January, an international jury chair

Basilica of the Nativity - Bethlehem,h Edition No1 - 1998-05-01
The magnificent Basilica of the Nativity is situated on Manger Square in the south-eastern part of the of the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, eight

Basel Zayed,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

Basel Zayed is a distinguished young man, unique in the Palestinian landscap

Barbra,h Edition No122 - 2008-06-01

Arab Society Street

Balloons restaurant,h Edition No19 - 1999-11-01
The turn of the millenium is near and the town of Bethlehem is holding it's breathe for the wave of visitors it hopes to see this Christmas season

Ballet in Palestine,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

Does classical ballet have a future in Palestine? Whilst dabkeh is the undis Palestinian Perspectives Released by the Net,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
British comedian Mark Steele famously said

Badrans: A Century of Tradition and Innovation,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

In the early 1900s one could name several Palestinian families known for the

Badrans – A Century of Tradition and Innovation October 25, 2007,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

The Palestinian Art Court - Al Hoash is proud to present an exhibition

Back Street Stories ,h Edition No12 - 1999-04-01
Theatre Day Productions, Gaza, 1999 Director: Jan Williams Written by: Jackie Lubeck Actors: Rami Salmeh, Mohammad Abu Kweik, Mohammad Hamdan,

Bach in Palestine,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

Forty young professional musicians from Europe are coming to Palest

Bab El-Amud (Damascus Gate),h Edition No95 - 2006-03-01

Damascus Gate is the largest of the Old City’s seven gates. The name, Bal

Bab El-Amud (Damascus Gate),h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

Damascus Gate is the largest of the Old City's seven gates. The name, Bab El

Bab Al-Shams,h Edition No179 - 2013-03-01
When we think of Al-Nakba, images of displaced Palestinians come to mind,

Baal, al-Khader, and the Apotheosis of Saint George,h Edition No163 - 2011-11-01
To Him who rides upon the highest heavens,

The Village of Taybeh ,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
Taybeh is a small all-Christian village with a population of about 1200 residents located 20 miles north of Jerusalem on the very slope of m

The Jerusalem Festival for Religious Music "Amen",h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
December 15th, 1999 - January 5th, 2000 Organized & produced by Yabous Productions * In December 1997 the First Sufi Music Festival org

The Glass industry in Hebron,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
Exquisite dark blue and dark green glassware adorn many Palestinian homes, particularly in the Hebron area, the most famous site for the tra

Solomon's Cave,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
Solomon's cave is a 200 m cave under the city wall on Sultan Suleiman's street between Damascus and Herod's Gates. Just outside the walled city, o

Discovering Palestine: A program for culture and tourism,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
November 1999 - October 2000
The Arab Educational Institute - Bethlehem
Boulos VI street, Bethlehem, P.O.Box 681
Tel: (02) 2744030, Fax:

Discovering Palestine: A program for culture and tourism,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
November 1999 - October 2000
The Arab Educational Institute - Bethlehem
Boulos VI street, Bethlehem, P.O.Box 681
Tel: (02) 2744030, Fax:

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No22 - 2000-02-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even though

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No21 - 2000-01-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even though

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No20 - 1999-12-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even though

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No19 - 1999-11-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even though

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No18 - 1999-10-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even though

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The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

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The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

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The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

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The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

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The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No7 - 1998-11-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No6 - 1998-10-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No5 - 1998-09-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No4 - 1998-08-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No3 - 1998-07-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No2 - 1998-06-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No1 - 1998-05-01
The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you the twenty ninth edition of This Week in Palestine. Even t

“Stranger in My Home – Jerusalem” By Sahera Dirbas, Palestine, 2007, 37 minutes,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

Stranger in My Home - Jerusalem

“Our sufferings in this land”,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

Two weeks in Palestine as a Peace Activist for

“Green-Schools” in the Palestinian Territory A Proposal by the Italian Cooperation,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
In a constantly changing world, and in a soc

‘Meet Math’ Museum at Al-Quds University - Jerusalem,h Edition No107 - 2007-03-01

The ‘Meet Math’ Museum at Al-Quds University promises something unique f

‘Ali Wazwaz,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
In an antiquated traditional tile factory seven kilometres north of Jerusa

Ayesha ya Quds – Sustaining Life in Jerusalem,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
Palestinian Jerusalemites struggle daily to maintain their identity and pr

Authentic Palestine: Solidarity Tourism in the Hebron District,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
Hebron is one of the most significant cities

Australia Remembers al-Nakba,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

This year in Australia, with a new government in office, everything seemed r

Augustine Lama Palestine’s Abu El-Musiqa (Father of Music),h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

August 2009 The Palestine Youth Orchestra at the Beiteddine Festival and in Amman,h Edition No136 - 2009-08-01
A flagship of the Edward Said National Music

At the Beit Hanina Checkpoint,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

I want to share with you what happened to me at the Beit Hanina checkpoint o

ASKADINYA Restaurant,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

Celebrating 12 Years of Good Fo

Ashtar Theatre group,h Edition No23 - 2000-03-01

Ashtar was founded in 1991 in Jerusalem at the initiative of Palestinian art

Ashtar,h Edition No72 - 2004-04-01

Ashtar for Theatre Productions and Training is a non-profit organization

Aseela and Haneen: Refugee Women’s Enterprises,h Edition No133 - 2009-05-01
Turquoise, fuchsia, mustard - colourful thre

As Egyptian as it Gets (Part 2) Tom and Jerry and the Slippery Banana,h Edition No104 - 2006-12-01

Having been provoked a year ago by two Egyptian friends who spoke of the "in

As Egyptian as it Gets,h Edition No99 - 2006-07-01

During my last visit to Cairo, my friend and I were mocked for our “poor"

ArtSchool Palestine,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

ArtSchool Palestine is a structure and place for the exchange and developmen

Arts Calligrapher Talal Siam,h Edition No172 - 2012-08-01
“Through wording letters, the various colours and tones that have passed

Artas, Hilma Granqvist, and the Lettuce Festival Portrait of a Palestinian Village,h Edition No192 - 2014-04-01
History, legend, myth, and folklore fuse to impart vigorous vitality to Ar

Art Saves Lives,h Edition No116 - 2007-12-01

The Artistic Survival Kit exhibition that was held for the third time in Pal

Art Festivals: An Approach to Dialogue and Cultural Interaction,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

The Palestinian people face extreme hardship every day due to the Israeli mi

Art Education in Palestine and the Arab World,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

As a lecturer, having taught in the art and visual communication programmes

Art as Therapy,h Edition No102 - 2006-10-01

Spafford Children’s Centre in Jerusalem introduced intermodal expressive a

Armenian Pottery and the Karakashians,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
When you take a walk through the market alle

Aref Husseini,h Edition No180 - 2013-04-01
When he was in first grade, his teacher asked the class: “What are the b

Aref el-Aref (1891-1972),h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
Historian, journalist, and politician, el-

Architecture Workshop,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

Architecture in Ramallah,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

If any of us remember the city of Ramallah in the 1970s and 1980s, we can se

Architecture as a Tool of Occupation to Serve a Military Agenda,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
Israel’s horrific onslaught on Gaza from D

Arab Workshop for the Blind,h Edition No137 - 2009-09-01
Navigating through the labyrinthine street

Arab Hotel Association,h Edition No152 - 2010-12-01
The Arab Hotel Association (AHA) was estab

Another Miracle in Palestine,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
Every time I arrive in Palestine and go to my hote

Annual Cultural Events,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01
Palestine is the destination for those seeki

And Did Those Feet,h Edition No170 - 2012-06-01
The Belgian conceptual artist Tom Bogaert wi

Analysis of Climatic Variability across the Occupied Palestinian Territory,h Edition No184 - 2013-08-01

An Unfinished Symphony,h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

Catharsis, whilst liberating, is also terribly humbling. I admit to being a

An Overview of the Educational System in Palestine Achievements and Challenges,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
Since the Palestinian Authority took over re

An Innovative Approach to Improving Education in the West Bank,h Edition No142 - 2010-02-01
In a survey conducted in May 2008, it was fo

An Event to Watch For: UNDP Art Auction,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

An Event to Watch For: UNDP Art Auction
Following what has become a tra

An Atlas of Palestine (The West Bank and Gaza),h Edition No26 - 2000-06-01

Applied Research Institute- Jerusalem 2000
210 pages, Hard

An Artist from Palestine: Sliman Mansour: Steadfastness and Creativity,h Edition No123 - 2008-07-01

Michael Imhof Verlag Publishing Company, Germany 2008, 112 pages,

An absurd story which will not hit the media,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

Since the illegal occupation and unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem by

Amulets, Blue Beads and Olive Oil: The Palestinian Fear of the Cold,h Edition No185 - 2013-09-01
When asked by his dentist, “Where does it hurt?”philosopher Bertran

Amoun Sleem,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

Amoun Sleem is a proud community organizer and a leader within the Gypsy com

Amir Da’na - Abu Salaam,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
Few people in East Jerusalem are unfamiliar

Amigo Emil Restaurant,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

Christian Quarter
Old City, Jerusalem
Tel. 02-628 8090<

American Fast Food in Palestine: Commentary from a Concerned Palestinian,h Edition No185 - 2013-09-01
I just read an article explaining how McDonald’s could not survive in Bo

Ambassadors for Palestine: Young Musicians Take to the World Stage,h Edition No108 - 2007-04-01

As the world buries its head in the sand and Palestinians continue to be vil

Amal Masri: Earning a Place in Society,h Edition No131 - 2009-03-01
That Palestinian women are integrating into

Alternatives to Partition: A New Grammar in Palestine and Israel,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
It is often believed that an effective solution to intractable ethnic and

Alternative Tours:,h Edition No34 - 2001-02-01

Alternative Tours: regular tours to the West Bank

Alternative Tours:,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01

Alternative Tours: regular tours to the West Bank

Alternative Tours:,h Edition No32 - 2000-12-01

Alternative Tours: regular tours to the West Bank

Alternative Media in an Alternative World,h Edition No173 - 2012-09-01
The constant pursuit of convenient alternatives is a human instinct. This

Almost a Century without Our Rights The Significance of November in the Palestinian Struggle for Freedom,h Edition No175 - 2012-11-01
Ninety-five years ago, November 2, the British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Arth

Alkhayyam Pastries,h Edition No124 - 2008-08-01

Old Ramallah, Deir Alroum Street
Tel: 297-4048<

Aliyyeh Nuseibeh,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

Miss Aliyyeh Nuseibeh is one of the key personalities who shaped the cultura

Alive From Palestine: Stories Under Occupation ,h Edition No53 - 2002-09-01

Designed and Directed by: Nizar Zua'bi
Cast: Mahmoud Awad, Hu

Alice Sahhar,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
In What Language D

Ali Qleibo’s new photography exhibit at the Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem Beauty and the Sublime: Jerusalem’s Noble Sanctuary,h Edition No162 - 2011-10-01

Ali Qleibo Opens New Art Show at the Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem,h Edition No114 - 2007-10-01

On the occasion of the A

Al-Quds’s Economic Dimensions,h Edition No100 - 2006-08-01

Al-Quds, East Jerusalem, Arab Palestinian Jerusalem, the future capital of P

Al-Quds University: The leading University in health,h Edition No94 - 2006-02-01

Al-Quds University’s Health and Medical Centre of Excellence (QUHMC) is a

Al-Pasha Palace,h Edition No87 - 2005-07-01

At the entrance of Gaza's old city and at the edge of Al-Daraj neighbourhood

Al-Nakba: Bequeathal of Rights,h Edition No121 - 2008-05-01

Two images are engraved in my mind in spite of the several images that shock

Al-Mihbash Restaurant,h Edition No112 - 2007-08-01

21 Nablus Road, Jerusalem
Tel. 02-628 9185, open ev

Al-Mathaf a Proud Tribute to Gaza’s Past and Future,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

As he strolled with some friends through the spacious halls of his new

Al-Mat’haf,h Edition No160 - 2011-08-01
Al-Mat’haf, Arabic for museum, is the firs

Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
The Jerusalem Show

Al-Kasaba: June 5,h Edition No62 - 2003-06-01

Abu Jabber Al-Khalili
A Palestinian National Theatre produ

Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque International Film Festival, 12–25 November 2008,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
Al-Kasaba Film Festival will open with Annem

Al-Kasaba International Film Festival From Ramallah to the World, without Checkpoints,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

Al-Kasaba Theatre & Cinematheque in Ramallah will host the first Al-Kasaba International Film F

Al-Kasaba International Film Festival 2009 The Stork Delivers 60 Films to Palestine,h Edition No138 - 2009-10-01
The year 2009 has been lively and filled wit

Al-Kamandjâti Wins Prince Claus Grant,h Edition No106 - 2007-02-01

On 14 December 2006 in Ramallah, Al-Kamandjâti Association for Music was aw

Al-Jidar,h Edition No85 - 2005-05-01

Directed by George Ibrahim
Starring Ahmad Abu Sal'um,

Al-Jib Village,h Edition No54 - 2002-10-01

A Canaanite city, Al-Jib village is located approximately 10 km northwest of

Al-Jedariya (Mural / Alone in Whiteness),h Edition No84 - 2005-04-01

By Mahmoud Darwish
Adapted by Kalifa Natour

Al-Hoash - Jerusalem,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

Al-Haram ash-Sharif,h Edition No2 - 1998-06-01
The 14.4-hectare (35-acre) Haram ash-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary, the third holiest site in Islam, encloses nearly one-sixth of the Old City of Jeru

Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

Historical back

Al-Halal and al-Haraam Food as Metaphor for Righteousness in Palestinian Society,h Edition No183 - 2013-07-01
Food as metaphor for love is a dominant theme in Palestinian society. Cult

Al-Fawanees,h Edition No135 - 2009-07-01
The Edward Said National Conservatory of Mus

Al-Fawanees Musical Play,h Edition No76 - 2004-08-01

Based on Ghassan Kanafanis book, Al-Qandeel Al-Saghir, Al-Fawanees is a m

Al-Eizariya - Jerusalem,h Edition No110 - 2007-06-01

The Al-Eizariya of today is the ancient, biblical village of Bethany of the

Al-Eizariya - Jerusalem,h Edition No126 - 2008-10-01

The Al-Eizariya of today is the ancient, biblical village of Bethany of the

Al-Aqsa Mosque - Jerusalem,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which lies at the southe

Al-Aqsa Mosque - Jerusalem,h Edition No136 - 2009-08-01
The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which lies at the southe

Al-Aqsa Mosque,h Edition No90 - 2005-10-01

The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which lies at the southern end of the Al-Haram El-Sharif

Al Tatreez al Filisteeni, Ghurzat al Fallahi al Taqleedia,h Edition No143 - 2010-03-01
Fourth edition,

Al Quds Tours A Palestinian Perspective,h Edition No118 - 2008-02-01

Do you remember the pleasure you savoured as a child when you read an exciti

Al Qattanin Market ,h Edition No10 - 1999-02-01
Al-Qattanin market is a fifteen meter long commercial center containing 50 shops on each side. It originally had all kinds of cloth in the market,

Al Mirsat for Arts and Crafts,h Edition No153 - 2011-01-01
On 9 April 2003, the Israeli Registrar of

Al Jib village ,h Edition No16 - 1999-08-01
A Canaanite city, Al Jib village is located approximately 10 kms north west of Jerusalem. Canaanite Gibeon, Al Jib is a historically important vil

Al - Quds Capital of Arab Culture 2009,h Edition No127 - 2008-11-01
Drawing on its rich and vibrant cultural exp

Air Pollution in Palestine,h Edition No174 - 2012-10-01
Air pollution is a concentration of foreign matter in the air that adverse

Ahmad Canaan: The Dreamer Knight,h Edition No132 - 2009-04-01
The Dreamer

Ahed Izhiman,h Edition No145 - 2010-05-01
Ahed Izhiman was born to a Jerusalemite fami

Against All Odds,h Edition No128 - 2008-12-01
Top priority for Palestinians has always bee

Afif Safieh A diplomat who has it all,h Edition No92 - 2005-12-01

To be a good diplomat, one has to be a lawyer, a journalist, an intelligence

Advocating for Your Right to Enter. And to Return. And to Stay. Courtesy of the Right to Enter Campaign,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01

Adopting Hydroponic and Wicking Agro Food Production Models in Palestine,h Edition No189 - 2014-01-01
Numerous factors affect food security in Palestine, including a prevalence

Across the West Bank on Foot,h Edition No195 - 2014-07-01
There are few places in the world where a good walk can be as stimulating

Access to Worship in Jerusalem,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
Jerusalem, the spiritual city for the three monotheistic religions, Judais

Access to Health in East Jerusalem in Jeopardy,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
“Each time I’m anxious,” admits Noor

Abu Shanab (Uncle Mustache) Falafel,h Edition No1 - 1998-05-01
Although falafel has become the international symbol for healthy fast-food, it has been the Palestinian equivalent to the American hamburger for c

Abu Ghosh - Jerusalem,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

Barely a ten-minute drive west of Jerusalem, this Arab village makes for a g

Abu Ghosh - Jerusalem,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

The old Jerusalem - Tel Aviv highway used to pass through this busy Ara

Abu Ghosh - Jerusalem,h Edition No134 - 2009-06-01
The old Jerusalem - Tel Aviv highway used to

Abu Ghosh,h Edition No81 - 2005-01-01

Barely a ten-minute drive west of Jerusalem, this Arab village makes for

Abu El Walid Dajani,h Edition No183 - 2013-07-01
Abu El Walid Dajani was born in Jerusalem in 1944 and studied at De La Sal

Abu Ali's Restaurant,h Edition No86 - 2005-06-01

Salah Eddin St., Jerusalem
Tel. 02-628 4569
Open daily from 06:

Abu Ali,h Edition No96 - 2006-04-01

As Israeli bulldozers destroy more homes, trees, orchards, fields, and lives

Abraham: A Dynasty of Prophets Saints, Shrines, and Sufism in the Mountains of Hebron,h Edition No120 - 2008-04-01

Despite sparse rainfall, the spring has covered the mountains of Hebron with

Abdul Jawad Saleh,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

Born in Al-Bireh on December 3, 1931, Abdul Jawad Saleh grew up in a farming

Abdelaziz Hasan Abu Hadba,h Edition No105 - 2007-01-01

Abdelaziz Hasan Abu Hadba was thirteen years old when his village, Deir Aban

Abdel-Muhdi Ajloun ,h Edition No143 - 2010-03-01
Born in 1923, Abdel-Muhdi Ajloun, "Abu Zei

Abdel Mohsin Al-Qattan,h Edition No119 - 2008-03-01

Abdel Mohsin Al-Qattan was born in Jaffa on November 5, 1929. His father Has

A Whole-istic Perspective on Holistic Health Stories of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Palestine,h Edition No150 - 2010-10-01
A few years ago, while scanning the pages

A Trip through the Palestinian Road Network,h Edition No168 - 2012-04-01
A trip through the road network between the

A Taybeh Village Tradition,h Edition No111 - 2007-07-01

I left the cosmopolitan city of Boston and a university job to follow Daoud

A Swallow Sings,h Edition No178 - 2013-02-01
If you enter one of the UNRWA schools in the West Bank, follow the sound o

A stroll in the Old City - Jerusalem,h Edition No109 - 2007-05-01

The Old City of Jerusalem is a shopper’s paradise. Its streets and alleys

A Stroll along Ramallah’s Main Street,h Edition No113 - 2007-09-01

When people look back on what they remember from a particular place they gre

A Stranger in My Own Country,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

I am a foreigner in my own land. This is the distinct feeling I get walki

A Sparrowhawk’s view of Palestine!,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
What is Palestine? Every time I hear this

A Social Media Battleground,h Edition No196 - 2014-08-01
The story of the hashtag, #BringBackOurBoys summarizes the media battle of

A Snapshot of Jerusalem,h Edition No149 - 2010-09-01
A quick look at the history of Jerusalem r

A Shepherd from Bethlehem ,h Edition No68 - 2003-12-01

Stories From Palestine

I have attended many weddings

A Salute to Abu Ammar,h Edition No80 - 2004-12-01

As the solemn funeral processions took place in Paris, Cairo and Ramallah

A Rift in Time Travels with my Ottoman Uncle,h Edition No151 - 2010-11-01
By Raja Shehade

A Quick Journey into Palestinian Journalism,h Edition No98 - 2006-06-01

Edward Said once wrote that appeals to the past are amongst the commonest wa

A Professional Palestinian Journalist in America,h Edition No79 - 2004-11-01

Ray Hanania writes an award-winning syndicated column analyzing Middle East

A Portrait of Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Jerusalem: The Legendary al-Sheikh Mohammed ben Mohammad al-Khalyly,h Edition No157 - 2011-05-01
During the first decade of the eighteenth

A Portrait of Gaza as an Old Poet,h Edition No125 - 2008-09-01

The spirit, aspiration and dreams of nations are sometimes difficult to read

A Pilgrimage to Bethlehem Birthplace of Jesus Christ,h Edition No155 - 2011-03-01
The birth of Jesus Christ changed the iden

A Perspective towards a Better Tourism Industry,h Edition No103 - 2006-11-01

Palestine has great opportunity and vast potential to be a prime tourist des

A Palestinian Elder Addresses the Annapolis Conference,h Edition No115 - 2007-11-01

As an elder within the Palestinian community, I am proud to address you toda

A Palestinian Biography,h Edition No130 - 2009-02-01
If you call yourself a Frenchman or a French

A Page in the Life of a Galilean in Jerusalem ,h Edition No182 - 2013-06-01
I still remember that autumn day in 1974. Like a bird that has lost its fl

A Note on Palestine: A Note for the Foreign Eye,h Edition No84 - 2005-04-01

I have been asking myself for some time now, that if I were to write down

A New/Old Story from Palestine,h Edition No54 - 2002-10-01

The year is 1984. A very little lady is run over by a huge lorry at the top

A New Era in Palestinian Political Life,h Edition No82 - 2005-02-01

The 9th of January 2005 marked a new era in Palestinian political life wh

A New Dawn?,h Edition No89 - 2005-09-01

Every day I buy an NIS7 Palestinian flag and hang it from the window of my c

A Multi-Coloured Dress for Jerusalem A Fashion Show of Sorts,h Edition No141 - 2010-01-01
The Arab League decided that in 2009, Jerusa

A MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR,h Edition No35 - 2001-03-01

Although Palestine is still going through intricate times, life has to go

A MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR ,h Edition No34 - 2001-02-01

Although Palestine is still going through intricate times, life has to go

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No33 - 2001-01-01

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No32 - 2000-12-01

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No31 - 2000-11-01

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No29 - 2000-09-01

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you t

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR,h Edition No27 - 2000-07-01

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) is proud to bring you t