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The village of Sinjel

This Palestinian village lies on top of a high hill overlooking the road between Ramallah and Nablus, about 30 kms away from Jerusalem. Its location separates the north and the south of Palestine, and it overlooks the plain on which lies the village of Turmos Ayya. It was named during the big crusade as St. Gilles and was later transformed into Sinjil according to the Arabic dialect. The French Count Raymond built a castle in the village to protect the passage of travelling caravans. Other historical sites in the village are the old well of Prophet Joseph and a memorial holy site for the Prophet Jacob. It also contains a shrine for a holy man, Abu Ouf, from the time of the Caliph Omar Ibn al Khattab. The residents, as in most Palestinian villages, are primarily farmers, and the village is well known for its grapes, figs and olive produce which is exported to Jordan and other areas. As one of the oldest villages in Palestine, Sinjil is well worth a visit, particularly as its residents are very hospitable and welcome visitors from all parts of the world. Courtesy of Bassem Asfour, Sinjil
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