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Al Burj restaurant

Palestine's archeological treasures are only beginning to be developed. Now you can dine and admire the vast history of Palestine and its people at the same time. Al Burj restaurant, located in the tiny West Bank village of Jifna, is actually the village's old city, with a history extending back hundreds of years. With international funding, the local youth club has restored the area, adding bright accents to the attractive stone. Before you eat, make sure to ask for an English or Arabic tour of the complex's many rooms, olive presses and ancient ramparts. Climbing up and down the stone-cut stairs will well-prespare you for a Palestinian meal of salads and grilled meats. While the menu is not particularly roginal, the lamb chops are usually tender and the kebabs well-flavored. The salads are the usual fare - leafy Greek, garlicky parsley salad, hummous or french fries. Entrees range from $10 to $12 and arghillas or water pipes are an ideal end of the meal. Often busy, Al Burj could improve its service quite a bit - but waiting for your food will give you a good opportunity to take in the view around you. Location: Jifna village center, first right turn out of Birzeit traveling north Menu: Arabic grill. Alcohol served. Phantom Diner Rating: +++ Rating Scale: ++++ next to heaven +++ a place to come back to ++ if you're hungry you'll eat anywhere + not a ghost of a chance

Note: The views expressed in this section reflect the Phantom Diner's personal experiences in the restaurants featured.

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