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Al Zeir Salem

Written by: George Ibrahim
Director: Mohammad Khomais
Adapted from the original text by Alfred Faraj
3 hours
Al Kasaba 2000

A modern interpretation of the historic epic of Al Zeir Salem and the famous "Basous" war in Islamic history, the world of prophesy is intertwined with war, chivalry, conspiracy and buffoonery, exposing that element of human nature that aspires to power and control. The weaving of the original historic story and the epics written about it, the Alfred Faraj text, the poem of Egyptian poet Amal Dunqul, and the Palestinian setting conjure up a variety of images and concepts that are ironic at times, sad at others, yet exceptionally relevant on both the personal and communal levels. Seventeen Palestinian actors, many of them young with varied theatrical experiences, combined with the expertise and creativity of Moroccan director Mohammad Khomais, and exceptional music, sound and light effects, make this play a landmark in the development of Palestinian theatre.

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