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´╗┐Melody of the Rocking chair

´╗┐Written by: Farouk Mohammad
Prepared by: Walid Abu Baker
Directed by: Awni Kroumi
Asst. director: Sameh Hijazi
Actors: Areen Omari,
Sandra Madi

Produced by: the Palestinian National Theatre, 2000
More than just a play, it is an experience for both the two actresses and the audience who are narrated and moved through the intertwining lives of two women in waiting. Since 1987, this play was directed in more than 30 productions and spaces in Baghdad, Iraq, and later in Amman, Germany, France, Norway, and Sweden where it celebrated its 100th performance.

In Palestine, it was produced at the Palestinian National Theatre - Jerusalem and the al Matall - Ramallah. Using the same text which was prepared by Palestinian playwright and critic, Walid Abu Baker, the two productions differ in their use of the space which is the key to the play as a whole. The play revolves around the stories of Rajiha and Mariam, each one waiting for someone-something, sharing the same space and one dream: to regain the past in its full glory. Their relationship oscillates between extreme love to cruel attacks, whenever one of them believes that "he will come" the other one screams back "he will not come!". The exceptional performance of the two actresses, the smells evoked through the use of traditional Palestinian herbs, the creative use of the space, and the movement of the audience between three different spaces creates an intimacy that makes the play more of an intense life-experience than a performance.

For more information contact the Palestinian National Theatre, 02- 6280957

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