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´╗┐Al-Bad Museum For Olive-Oil Production

The history of olive oil production can be traced back to more than 5,000 years in Palestine. Palestine was a major center for olive oil production testified by the great number of presses cut in the rock from the Roman Times. This is why the olive oil production season is one of great festivities and special celebrations since it is an integral part of economic and social activities.

For many centuries "al-Bad" was the only way of producing olive oil in big quantities. With the introduction of modern technologies in producing olive oil in the first half of the twentieth century, traditional "Bad" was widely abandoned.
The "Bad" consists of two parts, the Stone Basin, "al-Qas'ah", and the Threshing Stone, "Hajar al-Bad or Hajar al-Dras", which is more than one ton in weight. The Threshing Stone turns over the basin mashing the olives in the .process, which are taken afterwards to the oil press for olive oil production.

The museum exhibits archeological and ethnographic artifacts featuring the whole process of olive oil production from gathering the olives to the production of oil. The museum also exhibits tools for the various uses of olive oil such as lighting, food, medication and cosmetics as well as its use in industries such as the soap, medicine and others.

The museum also has samples of handicrafts using olivewood.

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