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The Last Word - Gentlemanly Manners

I would like to have seen the faces of the soldiers who smashed open our multi-lock door and marched triumphantly into our company on June 22 at 4:00 a.m. What went through the young soldiers’ minds when they first saw a slightly run down, yet dignified office with large Palestinian posters hung in dark-green steel frames, glass-and-steel desks, Apple iMacs with huge screens, and old yet elegant furniture? I would like to think that the victorious military unit saw the glass display table with samples of our threatening work, such as a profile on the national conservatory of music, the Lutheran World Federation’s annual report, Welfare Association’s book on the Old City of Nablus, a folder for the British Council, a book on the architecture of the Throne Villages by RIWAQ, and many more. I am certain that they saw the Ministry of Tourism’s imposing book, Palestine - The Holy Land, with the leather-and-gold embossed cover, the first copy of which was given to Pope Francis on his recent visit to Palestine. It surely was not a typical battlefield. Finally, I bet the three large portraits of European-looking gentlemen - who happen to be my father (born 1911), my grandfather, and my great-grandfather - caught them off guard.

Contrary to some of the news that circulated about the raid on our offices, the premises were not ransacked. As a matter of fact, nothing was touched, short of all our computers and servers, of course. Even the un-cabling of the CPUs was done in gentlemanly manner; how grand!

Dear reader (friend or foe), in a couple of months we will have been in business for 29 years. Needless to say, nothing remotely close to this has ever happened to us. We are a private-sector design firm that publishes two magazines - one that promotes and documents Palestine, and another that promotes the writing, photography, and artistic skills of Palestinian youth. We position ourselves as a national, liberal, and secular company. In the final analysis, if we are judged by our work, it is evident that the few political articles that we have published throughout the past fifteen years, indeed all of our narrative and images, can’t hold a candle to the political treatises that Israeli journalists and politicians have published. If we’re dealing with double standards, however, then this is simply proof of the injustice that we are attempting to rectify.

Sani P. Meo

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