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GloPal The Palestine Global IT Network
Courtesy of Pita
GloPal, the Palestinian communications and networking platform is in place, and we invite Palestinian IT professionals, the Palestinian diaspora, and friends of Palestine to join. As the Palestinian IT industry is growing, GloPal provides an opportunity for you to be part of this growth and change. We would like to hear from you, discuss technology with you, and tap into your IT experience.

GloPal is a private social network that connects the IT industry in Palestine with worldwide opportunities. From now on, Palestinians and friends of Palestine across the world can engage with each other on one centralised platform: GloPal.

The network includes IT and marketing professionals, students, ambitious entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and emerging IT market enthusiasts in Palestine. Hanan Khaldi, the Diaspora Program Manager at PITA (Palestinian IT Association of Companies) stated: “Whether you are a Palestinian who lives in Palestine, a Palestinian living abroad, or just a scout of new business and investment opportunities, GloPal gives you access to a whole new state of mind in IT.”

Since Palestine is part of the MENA Region, players in Arab IT markets are encouraged to join the network and interact with other members. GloPal is a non-profit initiative and is considered to be one of the unique initiatives that brings Arabs and Arab diaspora together on one interactive platform.

Launching the network comes as part of the Diaspora Program initiated by PITA. The programme aims to involve Palestinian diaspora strategically and operationally in the IT sector in Palestine. Consequently, members of GloPal can now share their expertise, join running conversations, consult with professionals, and follow trendy news in technology.

The platform is a Palestinian initiative to connect the Palestinian IT industry with global opportunities. GloPal aims to create win-win opportunities between companies and individuals in Palestine with companies across the globe. A Web-based communications and network platform was put in place to facilitate the interaction between the network’s members.

The platform provides easy interaction between network users, fosters the innovation and start-up community, allows knowledge sharing, and assists professionals in building new business relationships. The network is designed to act as a channel for technology news from various blogs and news sources and also has the technical capability to host round-table discussions to drive further interaction and empower learning. “GloPal is there to help you achieve all your business goals by finding the right connections for the right job!” said Abeer Hazboun, the executive director at PITA.

In addition to general networking opportunities, GloPal supports four Experts’ Groups designed to:
•    Bring business opportunities to Palestine
•    Be a force charged with promoting the Palestinian IT sector
•    Support the development of the IT sector

The four Experts’ Groups are: Advocacy and Policy, Enterprise and Start-up Development, Sector Branding, and Human Capital Development. Since PITA is dedicated to the enhancement of the IT sector through these groups, GloPal has been designed accordingly to accommodate the needs of the sector and support PITA’s strategies.

Join GloPal
To join GloPal network, please go to and click on “Join,” which will direct you to an online form. Fill out your contact details and professional bio, and within 48 hours the system will send your activation link with a demo video to your inbox.

Hashtag us with #glopal.

PITA is the Palestinian IT Association of Companies and the one and only representative of more than 150 companies operating in the ICT sector in Palestine. PITA members are elite enterprises that include the largest telecommunications, software, hardware, communication, and training companies in the sector.
As the representative body and the global voice of the Palestinian ICT sector, PITA harnesses all its capabilities and resources to develop and lead Palestinian technology and entrepreneurial innovation.
PITA is a non-profit association that was established by a group of Palestinian entrepreneurs in 1999. The association is headquartered in Ramallah and has an office in Gaza.

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