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Future looks Via Wishing Stars Photography Series. Photo by Nabil Darwish © 2012.

By Nabil Darwish
to some, and with eyes wide open, a sight is made, from the eyes of one, to the mind of one, to a dawn that’s come, and with it, a simple tomorrow...

to some, and with eyes closed shut, fear slips through with the sun, creating an envy of what can be done, to a tomorrow that one fears...

tomorrow, that’s the day to come…

from what it brings and what can be summed…

from what is said of  that “it’ll come,” to what is created from a life that changes some…

tomorrow is what we make and create, what some even fake…

tomorrow is what the I in me can be, the strength, the weakness, the smile or weeping…

tomorrow is what the I in us can be, the strength of desires and the rush of what heart beats can see…

tomorrow is what I talked about from the days my eyes began to see and I promised myself to be, and then be, and then be

tomorrow is the day I breathe to live and yet see … breaths that created every yesterdays & go on for another destiny, to those tomorrows I haven’t seen yet, I breathe strongly, to see, to hear, to feel, and be…

tomorrow is my destiny, the I in me strives to be…

tomorrow… is what is me…

we, as Palestinians, have one thing that compounds us to be a one, that genetically, culturally, and even socially has moved us to what we are, it is our pride in the hunger for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where we compose our own notes in life, play them with no fear from what is to come.
we, as Palestinians, even with all of what we see, have seen, and are to see, have it in us to make a better tomorrow, as an I, a One, we are the Strength of what we can Be. And so with it, with that tomorrow, we can create what is right for us to just be.

Nabil Darwish is a Marketing Communications and Branding Specialist, Certified Adobe Partner and Designer, and arts and commercial photographer.

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