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Finding the Lion Workers among Us
By Sam Husseini
I have been told by many pessimists, locally and internationally, that Palestine does not have any honest, hard-working individuals. I have been informed that service in this country is very poor compared to international standards. These are messages that I hear constantly. What has driven us to think and act in this manner? Has the occupation really destroyed our common decency? Do we no longer care about each other? I have yet to believe this.

At LionHeart we set out to answer the million-dollar question - Are there any Lion Workers among us?

To be able to answer this question LionHeart undertook a new project that we called was born from the premise that people have opinions about who is good and who is not. Through we asked the people living in Palestine to express their opinions about the craftspeople and restaurants they know. The project started with this in mind and opinions started to flow. We opened Pandora’s box and people just went wild in expressing their opinions about the various businesses and workers that are present in the system, knowing they would not be judged.

As the popularity of the site grew, more and more opinions were added and there seemed to be a trend forming. Several hundred businesses/people got great reviews; very few businesses/people received poor reviews. One thing was clear: people in Palestine are willing to talk about the businesses/people they like, but they are not willing to talk about others that they do not like. The new data from the website helped us tremendously in answering our question - Are there any Lion Workers among us? The answer was clear: See what the people have said. In every category, you will find the best mechanic, the best tailor, the best Italian restaurant, the best Hummus place, and the best electrician. These are regular people like you and me. The only difference is that they choose to go to work every day with a big smile, an open heart, and dedication to their professions. They choose to be exceptionally kind and respectful to everyone who enters their workplaces. These are the Lion Workers in Palestine. We really have an incredible number of these people spread throughout the land. You just have to look around or go to to find them.

If you look at roses and only see the thorns, God will give you more of what you focus on. If you see the beauty in the roses, God will also give you what you seek. We have beauty in our land, but do not take my word for it; see what the people have said on The Lion Workers live among us. If you meet one, please do not forget to smile back.

For more information, go to, or visit us on Facebook at

Sam N. Husseini is a Palestinian entrepreneur who owns and Sam moved back to Palestine in 2004 to help change the circumstances of his people through business coaching and job creation. He can be reached at

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