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The Renovated St. George Landmark Hotel A Luxurious Retreat in the Heart of East Jerusalem

St. George Landmark Hotel cordially invites you to experience the pulsating heart of Jerusalem. The hotel’s unique position north of Damascus and Herod’s gates offers easy access to the major sights of the Holy City.

St. George Landmark Hotel is centrally located in the commercial and nineteenth-century suburban city centre on top of the second defence Roman wall ramparts, traces of which are visible west of the hotel. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Via Dolorosa, the Dome of the Rock, St Anne’s Church, Gethsemane, and the Valley of Kidron are within walking distance.

Close to historic Jerusalem where the alleys, labyrinthine passageways, cafés, and shops swarm with people, and where sounds, aromas, and sights assail one’s senses, St. George Landmark Hotel becomes an oasis of peace and tranquillity where one retires for peaceful relaxation in between bouts of exploration in the exciting bazaars and a special evening out in its gourmet Lebanese restaurant.

 St. George Landmark Hotel was originally inaugurated by King Hussein and built in 1965, following the pilgrimage of Pope Paul VI to Jerusalem. The visit produced a revival of interest in Jerusalem following the slump in the aftermath of Al-Nakba. Tourism flourished once again; the Intercontinental Hotel (Seven Arches) on the Mount of Olives and other smaller scale hotels and restaurants were built. During this time extensive restoration of the Dome of the Rock was initiated. At the same time the northern walls of the city, the stretch between Herod’s and Damascus gates, were cleared and landscaped. New red soil replaced the centuries-old grey debris. Roses and flowers of all kinds decorated the new park. The lighting of the walls added a special glow that invited evening walks.

In this thriving context, and in emulation of the prestigious St. George Hotel in Beirut, King Hussein commissioned the building of a grandiose hotel similar in glamour to its Lebanese counterpart. The enterprise was financed in partnership with three local families and was initially under Swiss management until the Six Day War in 1967.

The renovated hotel with its relaxing piano bar, Zone Bar, is a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, or a snack either in the elegant lounge or in the refreshing garden Mint Lounge and Terrace. The only rooftop pool in Jerusalem, Zest Pool, offers guests a private sun deck. The Breath Terrace commands spectacular vistas of the rooftops, domes, and walls of the city. The panoramic sunsets are truly magnificent.

Dinner guests are welcome to savour gourmet Lebanese specialties at the rooftop restaurant Turquoise with its magnificent view of the old city. A full range of international and local dishes are served at lunch and dinner at the hotel’s first-floor elegant restaurant Colours.

The hotel has 129 fully equipped rooms with panoramic views and balconies plus large executive suites. The rooms feature luxury amenities, including free Wi-Fi Internet access, espresso machines, and tea- and coffee-making facilities. Plus a luxury suite, the King Hussein royal suite: an opulent bedroom apartment fitted with a spacious walk-in closet, an elegant living room, dining space, and airy kitchen, all furnished in impeccable taste. The hotel offers three fully equipped meeting rooms with separate coffee break areas ideal for workshops and seminars.

Signs of the early joint Jordanian-Palestinian enterprise abound. The mural in the meeting room depicts Petra, Sebastya, Jerusalem, Jerash, Qusayr ‘Amra, and Bethlehem, the major historic sights on the two sides of the Jordan River, without frontiers as one country; a perspective which Palestinians of a certain generation were born into. The theme is reiterated in the stunning olive tree, almost bonsai, which stands inside the lobby, a testimony to the unity of both peoples whose history, like the olive tree, strikes deep roots in the Land of the Bible.

The Jerusalem International Investment Company (JIT), a subsidiary of PADICO, has joined forces with Landmark hotels in Jordan to return St. George to its rightful place as one of the city’s premium hotels. St. George Landmark Hotel is one of the major economic interventions in East Jerusalem; a conscientious effort to develop the economic sector of East Jerusalem and provide employment for our youth. In the same spirit local artists are encouraged to put their works on display for sale on the walls. It ranks as a five-star hotel, but the management is keen on providing five-star super-luxury-style services. The elegant lobby, the charming reception hall, the gracious services, and convenient valet parking make the hotel and its restaurants a prime location for a special evening out and a unique experience for tourists as well as local clientele.

The renovated St. George Landmark Hotel offers guests a contemporary and luxurious retreat in the centre of historical Jerusalem and a distinctive perspective of the Holy Land.

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