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Message from the Editor

The month of February is the shortest of the year, and this year it has 29 days, which makes 2012 a leap year in the Gregorian calendar. The theme of this issue is Impressions, which refers to perspectives and personal experiences that have left a mark on us in one way or another. We hope you’ll enjoy the wide array of topics and viewpoints from Palestinians as well as internationals.

Among the articles in this issue, you will find “Palestinian Women in Resistance,” written by the eloquent Dr. Cairo Arafat; “Public Health and Personal Impressions,” by Rima Khalidi, a Palestinian health care professional based in Amman, Jordan, who gives us a regional outlook on public health in the Arab countries; the impressions of “A Foreigner in Palestine,” written by Kris Justice; and “Coffee for All Nations,” written by Marco Espvall, a moving story about determination and the strength of will.First impressions are only the beginning, however. You will find much more when you dig deeper. For example, what does a young Palestinian student from Gaza encounter when she meets her compatriots from the West Bank for the first time in Egypt? Yasmeen el-Khoudary tells her story.

Another special occasion in February is Valentine’s Day. Besan Staity, a young teenager from Jenin, gives her impressions of the attitudes towards this day in Palestine. In the Limelight this month highlights a personality, a book, an artist, and an exhibition. We hope that this issue leaves you with positive impressions! And, as always, we’d like to hear your thoughts, so please share them with us.

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