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Message from the Editor

There are popular ideas for what citizens have a right to expect from their government. Fairness, accountability, and progress have become buzzwords throughout a season of change in the region. In the Middle East, the chasm between the street and the ruling powers has been exposed for all to see.

With this issue we seek to bridge the divide through an examination of the role of local governance. What do municipalities and local councils do for people? How do those in public office serve their public?

 It has been heartening to discover that throughout the length and breadth of Palestine, public servants are working tirelessly to support and represent their communities. In these pages you will read about daring initiatives with great social value. We found space for critical eyes on the system and its flaws too, in the hope of providing a balanced picture.

 We have not limited the theme of local leadership to politicians. Community leaders, solidarity activists, and people who struggle to serve their neighbours are also honoured, along with institutions and forums that facilitate debate.

 Today it is people power that captures our imagination once again. A new flotilla is to sail to Gaza, with memories of the atrocities committed by the Israeli navy last year still fresh in our minds. The mission to bring relief for the besieged has faced the usual round of sabotage attempts, but Israel’s illegal blockade will come under harsh scrutiny and a spotlight it cannot bear.

 Such actions illustrate the possibilities for political involvement that we can all explore. Society functions with the active participation of its citizens at every level, working for shared ambitions. With this issue we hoped to provide a snapshot of how Palestine is governed, so that together we might improve it.

The TWIP Collective

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