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Message from the Editor

Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and late in the evening, a salmon-pink sunset dipping over the horizon. The annual heat wave is back upon us, ladies and gentlemen - the time for basking in our gardens and complaining that it’s not raining. Peak season for ice-cream vendors, but bad news for people with pollen allergies.

It’s hotting up in the international arena too, with September’s recognition vote just around the corner. President Obama is bending over backwards to prove himself spineless to absolutely everybody. In three speeches the man has somehow subordinated himself more to Israel than any Palestinian has ever managed. Did we expect something different?

We can take encouragement from the independent steps Palestinians are taking. From the youth groups, the politicians, and our diaspora brethren who showed such magnificent defiance on Nakba day. Let us hope the unity endures and is able to give a truer picture of the conflict than the nonsense of “defensible borders” and “terrorist threats” that has been polluting the airwaves of late.

With this issue we aim to show the depth and range of Palestinian society and culture. Through the theme of colour, we celebrate the diversity which is all too often flattened in crude foreign discourse. Within these pages are thoughtful analyses of the state of socialism in Palestine, the most pressing health issues, international solidarity with London and Brazil, and a report from the Wildlife Society that will make you yearn for the days when lions roamed the Jordan Valley.

As always we recognise the inspiring efforts of Palestinians; through a beautiful collection of reader’s poetry, art, and a special focus on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign which has done so much to highlight and shame Israeli apartheid.

We’re confident that this is one of our most thought-provoking issues yet, so sip something cold, find a shady spot, and read on.

The TWIP Collective

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