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Summer Camps Learning and Recreation Opportunities for Children
By Mousa Abu Zaid
Working with children is a very enriching and interesting experience, tantamount to a lucrative investment for the future. We pin our hopes and dreams on children, and we care for them because we believe that caring for our Palestinian children is a noble task with sublime goals.

Throughout my long years working with children, I have always believed that teamwork in such a significant sphere can be very constructive and fruitful. In fact, cooperation between individuals and institutions leads to success, especially when matters are related to children who are looking forward to a free and secure life.

Summer camps are a vital means through which we can offer our children the opportunity to enjoy themselves and learn about culture, sports, arts, and music. Our past experience with summer camps has been extremely positive, and the national summer programmes that we at the Ministry of Youth and Sports have organised have had clear objectives and the support of the Office of the President and the Council of Ministers. We work in partnership with individuals and national organisations that spare no effort in providing various types of productive activities to delight and engage Palestinian children.

By organising summer camps we seek to instil good manners and the spirit of nationalism in Palestinian children. We strengthen their sense of belonging and self-respect. We teach them through precept and example about the importance of dialogue and tolerance in life. As we deal with children, we take into account individual differences and the specific needs of each age group. Children are our focal point, including children with special needs.

We have also devised a set of objectives, including capacity building of children, encouraging creativity and initiative, boosting self-reliance, and creating young leaders. In addition, children learn about responsibilities and rights. They engage in collective voluntary work, especially with people with special needs. Children are made aware of environmental issues and the importance of preserving local and national heritage.

Children’s programmes include cultural, art, sports, educational, scientific, and environmental activities that aim to create the best possible circumstances for our children whom we consider to be the leaders of a better future - one that is full of freedom, security, and stability.

Mousa Abu Zaid is Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. He is also the General Coordinator of the National Committee for Summer Camps.
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