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Gaza Will Prevail
By Haneen Zaqout
No words can describe what’s happening. Nothing I or anyone else can say can describe the pain, the fear, and the agony felt by the people of Gaza right now. Today is 3 January 2009. It’s been eight days since the attack on Gaza began. They have been the longest eight days of my life, of the lives of all Palestinians. More than 460 people have died, and more than 2,300 have been injured. I hate how it’s just a number; because each person we count was a member of someone’s family or a close friend. Each person had a soul and a future. These 460 people included children and women; children who could’ve grown to be doctors or lawyers or the next president of Palestine. They could’ve been great people; people who could have made a difference.

What we need now is someone to make a difference. We are ALL sick and tired of talking about the situation in Gaza because we are all sick and tired of being helpless. What we need is to stop this massacre, this genocide. What Israel is aiming for is impossible. It wants to destroy an area of 364 km² which contains 1.4 million people! 1.4 MILLION PEOPLE! This means that too many people are living in a relatively small area. This means that if you throw a ROCK - a small rock - into Gaza, you have a pretty good chance of hitting someone. So aimlessly throwing tons of rockets and bombs into Gaza gives Israel a pretty good chance of killing at least a few people.

The Israelis claim that they are only killing Hamas leaders and members. But as far as I know, an infant is not a member of any political organisation. As far as I know, only a few Hamas members have been actually killed. The civilians’ only “fault,” if any, is being a Palestinian who lives in Gaza, near all the places that Israel has targeted. NOT that I want anyone dead, but why are they using excuses for their violent, sick acts? I think that they actually lie to the media and to the whole world, and end up believing their lies in order to feel better. They know who they’re killing; they just hate to admit it.
What I’d like to know, what I’d really like to know is how Livni and Barak can close their eyes in their warm beds without seeing the faces of all those innocent lives they have taken. How can they sleep at night knowing that they have taken away everything from all those people? What really makes me sick is the fact that the international organisations are focusing on feeding the people of Gaza. At this point they need to be protected, not fed. If they do not die of hunger, they will die in an airstrike. It makes me sick that countries all around the world are silent in front of this unjustified massacre, at a time when they should speak up - a time when they should condemn Israel and demand an end to the madness. Where are all the “world leaders”? It is unfortunate that until now, people have turned a blind eye and an insensitive heart to the unbearable atrocities put upon Gaza.

However, I DO know that they will never take away our will and our hope. No matter how many more people they kill, no matter how many more buildings they destroy … they will not destroy us. Our faith is a fire that will never fade but will keep on burning. It will keep on burning until someone does something; until the leaders of this world do something to end this inhumanity and these godforsaken acts. Our faith in Palestine and in God, who will not let this last long, is greater than any of Israel’s military power. Israel uses planes, tanks, and ships to destroy us … we use our undying will to survive. We use our hearts, our hope, and even our great sense of humour to get through dark times like this.

What Israel doesn’t know is that we are immortal. Yes, we are being killed, but there’s a whole new generation that will NOT be killed. There is a new generation that will live long enough to use what’s happening here today to make a difference. We have been fighting with all we’ve got for 60 years. We are not about to give up now. We are, after all, Palestinians. We are going to fight for our lives and for our freedom. We are going to scream until someone hears our pleas. We are going to cry until someone knows the pain that each tear holds. We are going to do everything that it takes to stop this; because we are all Palestinians. WE ARE ALL GAZA.

Haneen Zaqout (16 years old) lived in Gaza for 15 years and studied at the American International School, which was just recently bombed by the Israeli army. She moved to Ramallah in 2007 and now studies at the Ramallah Friends School. At a very young age, she was encouraged to write after composing her first letter to the former prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon. This article was written in order to enable people to learn the truth about what’s really happening in Gaza.

Article photos by Sareef Sarhan
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