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Rukab’s Ice Cream - Ramallah

Now that we are in the throes of the hot Palestinian summer, thoughts invariably turn to whatever can be had to alleviate the heat. Ice cream is a pleasurable snack that helps to cool down and offers a respite from the often suffocating heat. Ramallah has long been synonymous with its ice cream. Rukab’s ice cream has been around for generations and many of the city’s residents who have emigrated to the U.S. or elsewhere long for the special taste of their native city’s ice cream. It is often one of the first things they want to do upon their return to Ramallah: eat Rukab’s ice cream.

The original ice cream comes in the flavours of milk, lemon, strawberry and chocolate. They also have a special milk ice cream flecked with ground pistachio nuts. The taste is uniquely different from the regular ice cream that is more commonly available on the market nowadays.

For truly enjoying Rukab’s ice cream, head to their parlour which has been located at the same place on Ramallah’s Main Street since many years. For those who are unable to get to Ramallah, there are roving vendors who go around most Palestinian cities lugging the ubiquitous ice box on their backs selling an icon of the Palestinian summer. Enjoy.

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