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Al-Snobar Restaurant and Swimming Pool - Ramallah

Now that summer is in full swing (although the evenings are still relatively cool) it is time to search for outdoor spots that offer some shade and entertainment for the children. Al-Snobar (Arabic for ‘pine’) is one such place. Located on a sloping hilly area in the city of Ramallah, just a few minutes away from the city centre, Al-Snobar offers spectacular views of the hills and valleys to the west of Ramallah, has a restaurant, a swimming pool and ample space for a picnic.

From the car park one walks down the terraced, wooded expanses to arrive at the main area where the restaurant and swimming pool are located. The restaurant is open daily from noon till midnight or later and serves all kinds of salads and grilled meats. The restaurant can be reserved for private functions. The swimming pool is open daily from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. and is dedicated to families.

Al-Snobar is an ideal spot that gives one the feeling of being in the mountains even though it is only a few minutes’ drive from the centre of the city. For information and directions to get there call them at 02-2965571.

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