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The Jericho Cable Car - Jaricho

Now that we are well into winter, February is a good month in which to make excursions to Jericho, which enjoys a temperate climate in winter, with temperatures a good 5-7 degrees Celsius higher than in Jerusalem and elsewhere. The Jericho cable car is the latest addition to the attractions of this famous town. Inaugurated several years ago, the cable car is a good starting point since it provides the visitor with a panoramic view of the city of Jericho and its surroundings. The cable car also provides an effortless, five-minute ride to the Greek Orthodox Monastery situated almost at the top of the Mount of Temptations. The trip starts at the ground station situated next to Ein Al-Sultan. This spring is also known as Elisha’s well, after the prophet Elisha who is said to have sweetened the water of the spring by casting a handful of salt in it. Across from the spring is Tell Al-Sultan or Old Jericho where excavations uncovered settlement dating from 9000 BC.

The station at the top has a coffee shop and a terrace that overlook Jericho, the Dead Sea, and the hills of Jordan. A short walk uphill from the station leads to the monastery, which clings precariously to the mountain.

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