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Tulul Abul Alayiq (Herodion Jericho) - Jericho

The excavators identified this site with Herodion Jericho. The settlement remains were uncovered along Wadi Qelt, among them aqueducts, pools and a mound.

The intensive excavations carried on this mound since 1973 have produced new information about the Second Temple period in Jericho. Among the most important discoveries is the winter resort of the Hasmonean and Herodian rulers who resided in Jerusalem. During the Second Temple period, the city’s houses extended throughout the entire valley of Jericho, which received its water supply from the nearby springs. The location of the winter palaces in the western part of the valley was apparently chosen because of its proximity to Jerusalem. The palaces were defended by several forts built around the city.

Herod’s three palaces in Jericho are seen as a single unit divided into stages: all three palaces probably coexisted in the last years of the reign of Herod. The first was apparently built when Cleopatra of Egypt was still the ruler of Jericho (35-30 BC). After the earthquake of 31 BC and the death of Cleopatra, Herod built his second palace on the Hasmonean Palace (30-25 BC). The third palace goes back to 15-10 BC and could perhaps be associated with Agrippa’s visit to Palestine in 15 BC.

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