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Mosque of Sayyed Hashim - Gaza

The existing Mosque of Sayyed Hashim was built in 1850, on the orders of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed. Some of the exquisite, very old materials used in the mosque’s construction were taken from the mosques and other buildings destroyed by Napoleon’s troops. The original Ottoman minaret was rebuilt in 1903; the north and west aisles were also built during the same period. The mausoleum of Sayyed Hashim is located in the north-western corner of the mosque.

A mosque and hostel have been located at this site since at least the 12th century. The mosque had a madrasa and was a centre for religious learning in the 19th and parts of the 20th century. The mosque was named to honour the Prophet Mohammad’s great-grandfather, Hashim, a prominent Arab trader who had died in Gaza before the advent of Islam in 637. Hashim was allegedly buried in a cave inside the city walls. The mosque was frequented by visiting traders from Egypt, Arabia and Morocco. Today it is one of Gaza’s most popular mosques and is located in the Daraj Quarter of the city.

(From Palestine: A Guide, Interlink Publishers, 2005)

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