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Carols for Palestine

The new singing group known as Duo Doloroso has just released their debut CD, Carols for Palestine. The album of beautiful songs spreads awareness of the Palestinian plight, and raises money for Palestinians this winter. Duo Doloroso have created a unique musical and poetic work whose aesthetic beauty, spirit of humanism, and urgent political message will appeal to musicians, artists, and all those interested in justice for Palestine.

These talented, classically-trained singers have recorded eight extremely poignant and hard-hitting songs that reflect the depth of suffering of the Palestinian people and the extent of the brutality of the Israeli occupation – supported by the U.S.A. and the U.K. They have taken many traditional Christmas carols and re-arranged them, so that these well-known songs can become the vehicle for widespread awareness about the unfolding genocide, ethnic cleansing and dispossession of the Palestinian people by the Zionist entity – and also to impart some understanding of the legitimate right of all Palestinians to resist.

“Now more than ever it is time to put Palestine front and centre in the minds and hearts of the world, so that this appalling and ever-worsening injustice can be stopped. Let us not sing of Bethlehem again this year without awareness of the grim and desperate plight of all Palestinians.” While a number of their songs are especially appropriate to the season, the album is designed to be enjoyed by all peoples, regardless of faith, all year round.

After their production costs are retrieved, Duo Doloroso will channel all monies to MAMA, a charitable organization that aids bereaved mothers and children in Nablus and the surrounding towns and refugee camps. Eventually, MAMA hopes to assist the many orphans and widows of murdered Palestinian men to become breadwinners for their families, but the situation this winter will be so dire and miserable that first priority must be to get money for food and heat, and to alleviate suffering. If you can help, please contact Duo Doloroso at

This CD makes an ideal gift for the holiday season. Buy this musical treasure and help support needy Palestinian children through the winter.

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