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Nassar A. Nassar

Success is often achieved when a person is able to go further than most, breaking limitations imposed by his or her own economic, physical, and cultural boundaries, and creating a new reality. Nassar, the founder of Nassar Stone Group in Palestine, is a classic example of such success, having overcome his family background, growing up in a small village, and, most importantly, his country’s political and economic turmoil. In no time, he has become one of the most powerful and sought after businessmen in Palestine. For him to succeed in those early and difficult days, it took a singularity of focus and passionate leadership. He also has a predisposition toward following his own instincts, while overcoming his own fear of failure and the cynicism of all those around him who incorrectly predicted his demise.

The characteristics that set him apart the most from others were his strong will to achieve and his resourceful spirit. As a school dropout, he started working in his family’s stone quarries at the age of twelve, learning by sheer hard work and practical experience all he needed to know about a tough business from the bottom up. His restlessness and aspiration to break out of the mould prompted him to leave his small family business at an early age and set up on his own. Given his determination to succeed, he worked vigorously to save enough to start up his first stone factory at the age of twenty-two.

Nassar believed that the path to achieving massive success in business was to go in a different, or even the opposite, direction from the one everyone traditionally goes. That’s what he did, and that’s how he succeeded when others under similar circumstances failed. The seemingly ordinary jobs of extracting, cutting, and selling stone represented to Nassar windows of opportunities to create value and differentiate himself and his business.

His persistence paid off when, in ten years, his company became the largest Palestinian exporter of Jerusalem stone products to the American market, and, later on, to fifty-four other countries around the world. He later went on to expand his business by investing in other stone and marble quarries in the region, and then by buying a near-collapsing marble business in the Sultanate of Oman, and turning it around in less than three years to become one of the biggest and most successful marble producers in the region.

Since then, through the culmination of experience, exploration, technological innovation, and progressive growth, he has established Nassar Jerusalem Stone, the brand that he created and nurtured over time, as an international brand and a leader in its field. Over the years, Nassar products have graced many famous public spaces, including museums, shopping malls, and fine hotels, while also continuing to enrich the personal spaces where families around the world gather and grow.

A true success story, Nassar aimed and reached the stars through the virtues of hard work, imagination, and perseverance.

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