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The Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music (PNEAM), which was created in 2010 by its musical director, Ramzi Aburedwan, will be launching its first CD, Muashahatuna, in November 2012, with the goal of breathing new life into Arabic musical heritage. The ensemble interprets classical Arabic music, such as muashahat, samaiat, and longat, with works by Farid el Atrash, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Riyad Al-Sunbati, Mohammed el Kasabgy, Umm Kulthum, Ismahan, Leila Mourad, and Sabah Fakhri, as well as original compositions written for the ensemble.

Muashahatuna is a musical CD with 22 Arabic muashah, some of which are composed by Palestinian poets and composers. The CD also includes muashahat from other Arab countries such as Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia. The booklet contains song lyrics, information on the origins of the music, and a brief history, including music notes for academic use. It also serves to help preserve the heritage of Arab music and to highlight the authenticity of love and beauty in the Arab world.

The PNEAM, with its 50 members, is composed of the best musical talent from all over Palestine - Ramallah, Hebron, Jenin, Haifa, Nazareth, Tulkarem, and Nablus.

During the first decades of the twentieth century, explains Aburudwan, Palestinians participated freely in the great traditions of Arabic culture and music, and the Jerusalem Radio Ensemble was an important institution that carried on these traditions. Some of the greatest names in twentieth-century Arabic music were members of this ensemble, names such as Mohamed Abdelkarim, Yahia Lababidi or Rawhi Al-Khamash. This practice ceased in 1948, and Palestinians have since been cut off as active participants in these traditions. The PNEAM intends to revive this heritage, performing from the classic repertoire as well as from the repertoire of Palestinian and Arab composers that has never been performed.

All music lovers are invited to the launching tour of Muashahatuna, which will start at the Ramallah Cultural Palace on November 4, 2012 at 7pm, and at Al Najah University in Nablus on November 5, 2012, at 6 pm. On November 6, 2012, the PNEAM will perform at Isad Al-Tufula in Hebron at 6pm.

The CD will be on sale at Al Kamandjati Center in Ramallah (tel/fax: 02 297 31 01) and at Al Kamandjati Center in Jenin (tel/fax: 04 243 33 66).

The production of Muashahatuna was funded by A.M. Qattan Foundation, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, and Al Kamandjati Center.

For more information contact Al Kamandjati at
To listen to samples of the mushahat, visit any of the sites below. (Billathi askara) (Anshidi ya Saba) (Ya Harra Ma Adrama)

Courtesy of the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music.

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