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By Abed A. Khooli
Review date: January 9, 2014

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) was established in 1993 by a presidential decree as a national entity to ensure that human rights are safeguarded by the legislative and executive branches of the Palestinian Authority. ICHR’s website is available in Arabic (default) and English.

Centred on a green background, the homepage starts with a Flash-animated header that contains ICHR’s logo and name in addition to language switch in the lower right and four menu items at the top right. These are Home (links to main page), ICHR Library (online access to library catalogue that didn’t work at the time of review), Search (leads to search form and options), and Contact Us (office locations and contact information in Arabic).

The menu bar follows with seven main menus, most of which have sub-menus that require the visitor to mouse over the menu title to see the sub-levels. The first menu, About ICHR, branches into several items that give details of the historical background, scope of work, organisational structure, plans, strategies, and donors.

Cases under ICHR’s mandate and those outside it can be found under Investigation & Complaints (last two sub-menus are empty). An archive of cases and statements since 2008 is available under Statements & Positions, with an option to filter by year.

ICHR Reports provides six types of reports that cover ICHR’s activities (monthly, annual, truth seeking, legal, detention centres, and special). Other ICHR work is under the Publications menu (Al-Fasliah - a quarterly magazine since 2011, and a couple entries in 2012 under miscellaneous). The Media menu (news, media coverage, and campaigns) has a few entries in some years as well.

Related Links, the last main menu item, has an assortment of local and international human rights and other relevant sites. Similar local sites include Al-Haq (, Ad-Dameer (, Al-Mezan (, PCHR (, and B’Tselem ( The menu bar ends with icons for ICHR’s social media presence: YouTube (inactive), Twitter, and Facebook.

The main content area is arranged into three columns and starts with a news ticker and a few highlights that span the first two columns. The first column continues with excerpts from News & Activities followed by Latest Reports and the second column displays Statements & Positions then ICHR in the Media.

The third column contains several selected updates and featured items such as the magazine and annual report in addition to a sign-up form to get (or stop) the ICHR newsletter. You can ignore the login link (orange circle outside the page real estate) as this is for ICHR staff.

ICHR’s website is a valuable resource for human rights seekers and observers. The site could be enhanced by updating technology, adding missing content, and improving structure and navigation.

Abed A. Khooli is a Web development specialist. He can be reached at (

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