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By Abed A. Khooli
Review date: May 18, 2013

The Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem (CCPRJ) was established in 2005 as an independent, non-profit coalition of organisations to promote and protect Palestinian rights in Jerusalem. CCPRJ’s website uses a content management system and is available in English (default) and Arabic.

The homepage is divided into a header area, a three-column content area, a right sidebar, and a three-block footer. The header has the site’s logo (also links to the main page) and title on the left side. The right side has a link to Events (marked on a calendar), user Login, RSS feed icon, a language switch, and a search box.

Next is the main menu bar. About Us explains the Coalition’s background and work and is divided into five submenus: Vision, Mission & Goals, Our Work, Employment, Internships, and Coalition Members (names and websites, indexed alphabetically).

Human Rights Resources comes next and is divided into Publications (fact sheets, reports, and submissions such as appeals and letters), External Publications (by other entities), and Links (other human rights organisations).

The third main menu, Press Releases, lists public statements about the violation of Palestinian rights in Jerusalem. A collection of news about human rights violations, from various sources, is found under Jerusalem News.

The last main menu is Monthly Report, with options for subscribing to current and past issues. No recent reports are available.

The main content area starts with an animated slideshow that features the history of the city and its current suffering. The rest of the content area has excerpts from various sections: Latest Activity, Fact Sheets, Reports, Press Releases, Jerusalem News, and a featured video clip.

The right sidebar starts with Contact Us (addresses and link to e-mail Web form) followed by a tag cloud section (most popular terms). Next is a list of Latest Video Clips, Follow Us (links to Facebook, Twitter, and RSS), Most Viewed articles, article Archive (blog-like by month), Event Calendar, and Monthly Report (subscription form).

The footer has three blocks covering the rest of the site navigation: Browse by Topic (four topics available), Miscellanea (about us, contact us, sitemap, and copyright), and Funder.

The CCPRJ website provides valuable information for both the victims of human rights violations and those who can help. It would be great if the reports and news were regularly updated and its Arabic content enriched.

Abed A. Khooli is a SharePoint, BI, and Web development specialist. He can be reached at (

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