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By Abed A. Khooli
Review date: February 22, 2013

Palestine Mixed Martial Arts (Palestine MMA) is a non-profit company that was registered in Palestine in 2012 and based in Ramallah. It is affiliated with a similar association in Australia and is supported by Rise Global, a sports development consultancy in Sydney, Australia. Palestine MMA specialises in the development and management of martial arts and Olympic sports.

The site is available in English only and follows a traditional blog layout. There is a main header with a menu bar, a content area organised in columns, and a footer. The header has the site logo and name to the left with a link to PayPal for donations to the right.

The menu bar starts with Home, which goes back to main page, and About Us, which links to the organisation’s background, mission, values, goals, and some news articles. Community Outreach explains Palestine MMA’s commitment to the local community through its work in refugee camps, free classes, and other programs like health and education, coaching, and scholarships. Olympic Programs lists the main sports practiced (wrestling, boxing, and judo), in addition to gym membership information. Train With Us contains the full list of services and benefits: foundation programs (activities like aerobics, yoga, boxing circuits, capoeira, and movement and basic grappling), martial arts programs (Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, and mixed martial arts), Olympic programs (as listed above), camps and seminars, Holy Land experience (an invitation to carry out activities in Palestine), and gym membership (benefits and how to apply). Support Now is a call to help Palestine MMA carry out its mission (donate, get involved, press and media, sponsorship, and gym membership). You can buy t-shirts, accessories, and other sports items through the Online Store menu item. The last menu item, Contact Us, links to the gym membership and explains how to get in touch with the Australia office (the Ramallah location is not available yet).

The main content area starts with an animated banner with images illustrating the mission and goals. Graphic illustrations with brief explanations follow in two columns along with a short movie. The third column has a link to the group’s Facebook site and a web form to subscribe to the newsletter, in addition to excerpts from Palestine MMA in the news.

The footer is organised in four columns: main menu items, tweets, a search box, and a list of partners (logos linking to partners’ sites). A tag line with copyright and credits concludes the page.

The Palestine MMA website could be enhanced by adding an Arabic version and localising some of the images.

Abed A. Khooli is a SharePoint, BI, and Web development specialist. He can be reached at (

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