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By Abed A. Khooli
Review date: August 16, 2012

Alternative News is published by the Alternative Information Centre (AIC), a bi-national organisation that was established in 1984 to promote human and national rights. The site is available in several languages, including English, Arabic, and Hebrew. The AIC homepage uses a two-column layout sandwiched between a header and footer.

The header has the organisation logo and title to the left, and a photo representing a human rights violation to the right. The second stripe has the main menu, which includes both simple and cascading menu items. Scanning from left to right, you spot Home, followed by News, which branches into several sub-menus: Economy of the Occupation, Jerusalem, West Bank, Settlers Violence, Hebron, Opinion, News, and News Updates.

The next menu, Multimedia, is divided into Videos, which has a paged listing highlighting the items being watched, and Photos, which has a few galleries.
Information about the centre is available under the AIC menu and its sub-menus. There is About The AIC, which includes background, mission and objectives; Internships, which lists available positions for activists and researchers; AIC Newsletter, which links to the Google Groups forum; Subscribe To RSS, which doesn’t work; and Contact Us, which includes addresses and a web form to send e-mail.

The AICAFE menu has a calendar of events in visual format. Next, is International Camp, which has a photo gallery of the AIC’s Bridges Instead of Walls program. The last menu, Publish On Our Website, invites media submissions from activists and provides guidelines.

The main area of the website starts with a news ticker followed by two columns. The left column is wider and has highlights from the news with a brief summary and a picture. A movie gallery is also available. The right column starts with a search box followed by selections from AICafe, opinions, pictures, and AIC Facebook content. Contact information is also available at the bottom of this column.

You can validate the styles and script, adjust the font size and direction of text, or navigate to the top of the page from the footer, which also holds the copyright notice and the framework behind the website.

The AIC website is informative and timely. A more logical organisation of the menus and a lighter homepage would be obvious improvements.

Abed A. Khooli is a SharePoint, BI, and Web development specialist. He can be reached at (

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