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By Abed A. Khooli
Review date: January 13, 2012

“Welcome to Palestine 2012” is an international initiative that encourages supporters of Palestinian rights to visit Palestine at Easter 2012 and participate in a child-education project.

The site is available in English only and has a simple layout with a header, two columns, and a footer. The header features a panoramic picture of Palestinian folk dance and music against a background of the separation Wall, partially overlaid over a dark grey banner that has the site title.

There are a few menu sections in the left column. WtP 2012 has the Home link (back to main page), Media releases (currently has one item explaining the upcoming mission and providing contact information), Key documents (initiative summary, endorsement, and participation forms), Contact us (e-mails and Web forms to contact the initiative in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic), Resources (posters and leaflets, including the initiative statement in 13 languages), and Events (there is actually a full calendar interface although there are no events listed, not even the proposed Easter event).

The next section covers the similar event in July 2011. Press coverage links to related articles in international media. There are two items under Articles introducing the event and documenting the experience. Videos has one item that did not function with the embedded player although its YouTube source is working. The last item in this section, WtP 2012 endorsements, relates to the 2012 event.

Receive news & updates is the next menu block with a Web form to subscribe to the WtP mailing list.

There is also a Facebook link to the initiative, a donation Web form (in various currencies and with several payment options) and a login form with username and password reminders.

The content area starts with three relatively large buttons: WtP 2012 Endorsements lists entities that endorsed the initiative in the United Kingdom and the United States. Endorse WtP 2012 is a Web form that can be used to express support for the initiative and to indicate the type of participation desired, and Sign up for WtP 2012 is the form to use if you intend to participate in the visit.

The rest of the content area has the initiative statement with the names and photos of the people who signed it.

The page concludes with a dark footer that has some technical information about the site template and a link to check its validity against Web standards (failed when tested).

Welcome to Palestine 2012 website serves a great cause even though the site interface and content are not up to a traditional Palestinian welcome in real space. Enhancements in content and interface are highly recommended.

Abed A. Khooli is a SharePoint and Web development specialist. He can be reached at
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