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´╗┐The roots of angelica archangelica, when conserved in sugar, are a good energy booster, whereas the roots of angelica sinensis are widely used in Eastern medicine. These roots find their way into many preparations that are taken to fortify the blood or to regulate the menstrual cycle. They are also beneficial for cleansing the liver of residual substances and for treating constipation that afflicts older people in particular.

The infusion of the leaves of angelica archangelica is beneficial for indigestion, while the tincture is indicated for inflammations of the lungs and for gases. The ointment that uses the leaves is used to soothe skin rashes and inflammations. The root of angelica archangelica can be turned into a tincture that can be used to treat sputum and coughs and indigestion and to activate the function of the liver. Hot pads can be soaked in the tincture and applied to joints afflicted with rheumatism or inflammation.

The oil produced from the leaves can be used for massaging the body. Ten drops of this oil can be mixed with 25 ml of almond or sunflower oil and then rubbed over inflamed joints.

The root of angelica sinensis can be boiled in water to obtain a liquid beneficial for anaemia, irregularity in the menstrual cycle or for menstrual pains, reduced liver function, or the general weakness that follows childbirth.

Pregnant mothers should avoid taking angelica regularly and in large quantities, as should persons with diabetes due to its high sugar content. The oil of angelica may increase the sensitivity to light, therefore one should avoid over exposure to the sun when using it.

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