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Grotto Restaurant

Shepherds’ Field, Beit Sahour
Tel. 059-904-6266
Open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight

Just when you think a small town like Beit Sahour would have enough restaurants with arguiles, another one appears. Even though the concept of this place might be common, in no way does the space resemble anything like the other eateries in the area.

Grotto Restaurant opened its doors on Easter Sunday to a full house. Upon driving up to its entrance you don’t see much. Nevertheless, when you enter, the space just overwhelms you. The restaurant is quite large and holds 30 large tables. All tables and chairs are Bedouin style, and in a corner is a small cave that contains a scene of shepherds (reminding you that the Shepherds’ Field is right next door). It’s a great spot for tourists to take pictures. Outside is an open terrace with 20 tables, and the view is quite nice - ideal for an arguile in the summertime. Although still in the works, soon there will be a small playground in the back of the restaurant where children can play while the family eats. It’s an appealing option for families with young children who want to enjoy their meals while their children are entertained.

Probably the best treat in this restaurant are the mezzes. The salads keep pouring in, and all thirty of them are remarkably tasty. The fried avocado is simply delicious. The main dishes include grilled meats, lamb, shish tawooq, fish and shrimp. There are also sandwich choices (chicken or hamburger) and chicken wings. For a more traditional meal, if you order in advance, you can have chicken or lamb filled with rice and meat, fukhara or musakhan.

With a nice Arabian-style décor, an arguile at your side, and a truly fantastic choice of mezzes, you are guaranteed to leave full and satisfied.

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