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The term “outsider artists” refers to artists who have not studied art or worked directly in the art field. They often live on the margins of society, but they create fascinating and powerful art. These are people who at some point in their lives began to do art, which usually came from an inner compulsion and ended up “out of control.” The exhibition will show for the first time the works of classic outsider artists: Adolf Wolfli, Martin Ramirez, Bill Traylor, Henry Darger, Aloise, Hauser, Sam Doyle, William Hawkins, Minnie Evans, and Carlo Zinelli. The works have been borrowed from private collections and museums in the United States and Europe. The exhibition will also feature prominent folk artist Mohamad Fadel.

Born in 1977 in Kufer Yasif Village in Galilee, Mohamad Fadel is the eldest of eight siblings. His father moved to Haifa in 1982, creating an opportunity for Mohamad to live in one of the most beautiful and inspiring seashore cities in the Middle East. He developed an artistic style that combines elements from the past and present, from dreams and reality, and mixes grief with laughter. He turns his thoughts into paintings and exposes them for the audience to receive.

The exhibition opens on February 9, 2013, at 20:00 at the Haifa Museum of Art.

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